My restart Challenge to get below 200lbs


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I decided that my restart is going to be broken down as much as possible and my first challenge is to get to 199lbs, it will feel amazing to get below the 200lb mark.

So as of today's WI (on my own scales) i have 42lbs to go.

If anyone else if on a restart and wants to join me on the getting below 200lbs challenge then feel free.
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good luck on your first goal, I'd like to complete a week on ss 100% as well not done that in a long time


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We can do it Trisha, i'm sure this time. I feel so good out the diet at the moment so i'm going to hang onto that feeling and i hope it will see me through as much as possible.


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I sure will join you!! I've got 35lbs to go to make it. Do you have like a rough date to get to this goal?