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My restart for the final time

I got woken up by thunder and lightening and snow at 5am this morning. I've never seen that combination before.
Think i'm going to need a digger to get me out of the drive!!!
Looks like another day stuck in the house, not great as this tends to lead to boredom which in the old days would lead to eating anything that was in the house.
I've tried to persuade the wee one to go out and build a snowman but she's having none of it. She was out in it yesterday and complained of being cold, lol. You'd have thought she'd have got used to the Scottish weather by now.
Well i'll go and have my first tea of the day and get gulping that water. :D
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Awesome goals there - you are much more structured than me!! I must write down all my goals actually so I can tick through the list as I go - makes a huge difference.

Am sorry to hear you are stuck in again - although we are too, but due to my poorly princess. However, the sun is shining and we are all in good spirits, so today is Christmas decorations day! Husband is home tomorrow so we'll make the house look lovely today - it is the first year my little girl understands (she is 2 and a half) and it is so much fun already!

How are you finding everything? Stay with it - know it is hard, but it will so be worth it on Thursday, And besides, only one more day to go and the hard weekend time will be over!

Have a good day x
Well day 9 today and i'm definately now in the CD zone. :D
I'm feeling fab, loads of energy (in fact too much, I can't get to sleep, lol), no hunger, no cravings and feeling myself getting slimmer everyday. HOORAY!!!!
Wish my life was this is easy, lol.
My ex has been stranded up in Inverness so i'm still at his looking after the animals and due to the snow the nursery's shut so i've got another day of being stuck indoors with the wee one.
I tried to venture out earlier on only to have the embarrassment of getting my car stuck and blocking the whole cul-de-sac. I could hear the shouts of "bloomin women drivers" ringing in my head, lol.
That's my fill of snow driving for the year anyway.
Hope everyone else is feeling good on this freezing cold Monday. :D
LOL, us women drivers, hey!? Luckily we have no such snow here, just a little dusting a few times a day.

So happy to hear you are in the zone now! It makes it so much easier :) Keep up the good work. Do you think you will still get your weigh in OK on Thursday if the snow is that bad?
Finger's crossed I still get my wi on Thursday. It already feels like a lifetime, lol. My CDC lives out in the sticks so i'm really hoping she can make it.
The snow's been so bad up here that the school's have been off all week. It doesn't look like it will be improving anytime soon either.
On a plus side my OH said he's already starting to notice a difference in what I look like. Although he asked me today what will be my celebratory meal once I finish CD. I'm only on day 10. Think he's getting a bit ahead of himself, especially as I plan on doing this for around 5 months, lol.
LOL, bless your OH, it is awesome when they notice a difference though :)

So much luck for tomorrow, I hope your CDC can make it!
Well panic over.
I was due my first wi today and had run out of shakes and it was looking like my CDC wasn't going to be able to make it due to the snow.
However, her lovely husband is going to bring her through tonight in his 4X4. Woohoo, I will finally know what my weight loss has been.
Fingers crossed.
Oh how exciting, I can't wait to hear how you have done! Best of luck honey, let us know how you get on x
Wk1 and i've lost 12lbs. I'm over the moon especially as it was an evening weigh in and I was full of water.
This diet really is the best. :D
Well done, so proud of you! x
Well day 16 and things are still going great. Had a really bad craving for food over the weekend, so I had 4 king prawns. I don't feel bad about it though as I know that would have been ok if i'd been doing ss+. It also stopped me from going for something alot worse.
I've been so busy recently that i'm struggling to fit in any minimins time, but it also means I don't have time to think too much about food. :D
So second weigh in and i've lost 3lbs. It's not a fantastic loss but i'll take it.
My cdc seems to think it might be to do with the fibre tablets i'm taking, however, i'd rather have smaller losses than be in pain.
So i'll crack onto my 3rd week and write my letter to Santa asking for 4lbs :D
It's a good loss for 2 weeks combined though! Well done :)

Thanks for your message. Was in hospital with contractions at the weekend, was discharged on Sunday, then ended up back in there again on Tuesday as my waters broke! Baby Oscar was born at 10.39am by C/S weighing 11lbs 6oz at 36+5 :) He's gorgeous and I am besotted with him!

Well tomorrow is my 3rd wi and i'm not feeling overly confident about having a good loss.
Ive stuck with ss 100% but haven't been too great with the old water intake and I really feel this helps with the weight loss.
I had a bit of a shock today when I tried on the dress that I wore for my sister's wedding a couple of years ago.
At the time I had been ss for around 3 months and had lost about 3.5 stone. It's a size 16 and I can't get it zipped up :(.
I hadn't realised I had lapsed so badly and i'm really annoyed.
I know the weight will come off again, but I should never have let it go back on in the first place.
Even worse I have a wedding on the 8th of January and had banked on wearing that dress. Its my OH's cousin's wedding and although we've been together for well over a year i've only met 2 of his sister's.
I'm so ashamed of the way I look right now that i've just avoided meeting any of his family. I don't want them thinking what the hell is he doing with her!!!
Now that I can't fit into that dress I really do know I look terrible. Grrr if only the wedding was in March!!!!
Good luck for your weigh honey, how did you get on??

You are stunning, you don't need to worry about what size dress you will be wearing to the wedding. People will like you for YOU, not for how slim or fat you are. They will be much more likely to notice nicely done eyebrows/hair or a nice hair clip as opposed to your size!!!

I know how horrid it is, all of my husband's friends met me as slim. Now they see me as fat and I HATE it. I haven't seen some of them since our wedding and we are seeing them the week after Christmas... dreading it much!

Keep going - all the weight will come off again and the important thing is that you have taken control again.

Please try not to worry and go to the wedding with your head held high, proud that you are now doing something about it. x
Woohoo in the 100lbs!!!!


I've just had my wi and lost 6lbs, I can't believe it as I had been gearing myself up for another low number. :D
Not only that but I am now in the 100lbs. That was a huge milestone for me to achieve so i'm thrilled to bits.
I've got my work night out tonight but no food will pass my lips. :D

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