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My Road To Slim City

Time To Change My Life

I have finally given in to those nagging things in my head that I have known for a long time. I am not blind and when I look in the mirror (which I try not to!) I do see a fat stranger staring back at me. I know I am fat, people who see me in the street know I am fat, my family know I am fat but the worst part of this for me is that my children’s friends know I am fat and I am the biggest Mum of all of my son’s parents…

That is it I have to do something about my weight and my life! I am unhealthy and I always feel ill or tired… I lack motivation to get up and go out of the house because it takes over an hour and several changes of clothes to feel anywhere near ‘suitable’ enough to be seen in public.
My weight has been up and down all of my life. At the age of 17 I joined a Slimming Club with my Mum and Sister and I lost a total of 3 ½ stone within weeks of getting to my target weight I became pregnant and put on 5 ½ stone during my pregnancy. I took pregnancy as an excuse to eat all of the crap I ever wanted because obviously I was eating for two and my life has continued that way ever since. I now have 3 boys and for the last 3 years I have weighed over 16 stone (224lbs). I am 5ft 3 and look about as wide as I am tall.

I started my weight loss journey in October of 2010 and after losing 20lbs my Mum became very ill and passed away in January this year. As you can probably imagine my diet went out of the window as did going out of the house or anything else where I had to be sociable. I have now come to a place where I know I HAVE to do this and I also know my Mum is watching over me supporting me through every part of my journey.

So here it is the start of my dieting journal. The diet/changing my life begins right here…
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One day at a time, one step at a time
Can totally relate to all you've said. My weight and confidence were all over the place when I lost my lovely Dad.

Well you've taken the first step and we're all friendly and supportive on here :) Goodluck and I look forward to reading how you are getting on

Hi Tillymax
thanks for your reply. I have noticed on this site that everyone supports each other and it is fantastic!
My Mum looking over me is willing me on now as she struggled all of her life with yo yo dieting as well and I don't want to be like it any more.

Watch this space... :D


Gold Member
Hi mini mum,
I've recently started sw and only started my diary on Minimins today, just wanted to wish you good luck and I'm sure your mum will be looking down proudly at you.xx


Plodding on.......
Welcome to this forum. It's hardly surprising that things haven't been good when you've had such a bad start to the year.

However, think of this as a journey not a diet, don't rush it and make some lifelong sustainable changes and you will see the results. I started this heavier than you and never ever thought that I'd see the day that I am as 'light' as I am (and blatantly I am still overweight). It has helped me never to look at how much (in total) I had to lose but only to look at the next half stone marker. Now the amount that I have to lose really doesn't seem that daunting compared to where I started but I think had I looked at how much I had to lose when I started, I don't think I could have done this.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Gail x

@pinkie I have noticed how supportive everyone here is and I think it is wonderful because even when you are not at your meeting and you are at home and feeling low, all you need to do is turn on your computer and you have all the support and back up you need :D

@gl12282 you have done brilliantly and I bet you are really proud of yourself as is your family and friends :) Thank you for the advice on never looking at the whole weight and only ever look at your next half stone... That is a brilliant idea and seems so much more achievable than the 5 1/2 stone I need to lose! I am thinking of this as a lifestyle change and not a diet because I am determined to change my life from here on in :)
I officially start tomorrow and go to my sw meeting! I have to say that I am really excited about this as I feel very positive that my life is about to change forever!
I am worried however because I have felt this way before when starting a diet and I don't want to tell my family that I am starting because I know they will be watching and waiting for me to fail (again)! The one thing that is different this time is that usually I go into a diet and I go in fully and start exercising for at leats 1 1/2 hrs everyday and I become obsessed by it all but this time slow and steady is going to be the way I do it. I will still exercise and go swimming twice a week to start with rather than everyday like I was doing.
Watch this space because I AM going to do and complete this journey :D


Trying - very!
Mini Mum - You first post is fantastic. Refreshingly honest - and with that mindset YOU CAN DO IT. You've lost loads already even having a pants year, and yes your mum is there with you.

Like Gail, I set set myself mini- targets too. Mine aren't even as big as 1/2 stone - usually just 3 or 4 pounds.
I'm a slow and steady loser - mostly a pound a week - so it helps me focus.

Good luck - we are all here to help you. Minis is fantastic for that so if you are having a bad day (and we ALL have them) get on here and shout. Someone will be around to give you a hug - or possibly kick you a**e too! LOL. We all need those at times too!!!!!!


is not so little
Well done you! It's not the easiest of things to admit that you need to change your life. We've all been there, and this forum is an excellent space for venting, writing down what you can't/don't want to say out loud and for getting support. Remember, everyone here is in the same boat! Gail is quite right when she says think of this more as a journey/lifestyle change, the lessons of which you will learn and be able to keep up, rather than a diet which lacks the permanence needed for sustaining your loss when you get to where you want to be.

Good luck! x


Starting Again
Wow - you seem really motivated and eager to get started, welcome to the forum we're all friends on here, I can relate to a lot of your first post and being the biggest dad at my sons school certainly keeps me motivated.

Go canny with the exercise though - you don't want to show off straight away! haha :D

Let is all know how tomorrow night goes, class is great for motivation and ideas I would really struggle without my consultant and class friends.
Morning hun

Don't think of it as a diet. Psychologically we all think of diets as lettuce leaves. Slimming world is so much more than that.

On the exercise front - I would die if I did that much exercise. I am so unfit. I'm doing a little bit everyday and will increase the amounts whenever I feel capable.

Can't wait for you to get started. I will be able to look at your menus and steal some :D
Hi All, Thank you for all of your kind words it really does help to keep you motivated.
I am trying not to think of it as a diet and I am hoping I get on really well at the metting because when I was previously going to another slimming club where I lost 2 stoneI was NEVER praised for my weight loss but one week when I put on 2lbs (which was the only week I put on or sts) the group leader said "Oh dear looks like you still have the mindset of a fatty!" that is the day I decided to leave as I was disgusted that I was never told "Well done" or even so much as a "Good week!"...

Slimming World here we come and I am determined to change my life and with everyone's support I know WE can all do it :D
lol no I didn't... I was so shocked that she said it! If you have ever seen Little Britain and the fat fighters club... It was exactly like that there!

I have just got off the phone with the consultant of the sw meeting that I am going to join tmrw night and she is lovely. We were talking for about 15 minutes and we had a good laugh so I definately feel very positive about this group and my lifestyle change :D


Starting Again
lol no I didn't... I was so shocked that she said it! If you have ever seen Little Britain and the fat fighters club... It was exactly like that there!

I have just got off the phone with the consultant of the sw meeting that I am going to join tmrw night and she is lovely. We were talking for about 15 minutes and we had a good laugh so I definately feel very positive about this group and my lifestyle change :D
If your consultant is anything like mine you'll find that she understands exactly where you are and how you feel and refuses to put pressure on even when you ask for it!
Group is great for ideas and motivation (especially on weeks which are poor) - you're going to love it!

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