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My RTM Diary

I know this isn't really the place for a diary but thought this is what i wanted to read when looking into rtm.
Day 1 Having had my final total weigh in yesterday and losing 7lb, to make a total of 145lb lost in 140days, i decided to kick the day off with a treat so brought myself so new gym gear and had a toffee bar on route to try my new running shoes out. I managed a 2hour workout and then went home somewhat nervous about eating.
Well lunch was 56gram of tuna steak which was lovely, apart from a few strange noises from the old belly! I worked this evening and had 2 strawberry shakes. I felt like i was missing something maybe my body is wanting that 4th shake? Not that i was hungry just a strange feeling. Looking forward to chicken tomorrow!!!!!
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Hi Fudgie

I would personally go for a little more than 56g of fish or chicken.

I started with 100g and slowly upped it throughout the weeks. I was still doing 100g on week 4 and my LLC advised it wasn't enough.

To put it into perspective LLL is planned to still lose weight and they have 200-300g of protein with their meal.

I was shocked to find out how much food you can actually eat on RTM and not gain weight at all, in fact I lost every week and have lost in my first week being off plan completely.

I was scared to eat at the beginning too, so much so I didn't eat enough and got really dizzy (and I don't do quite as much exercise as you do ha ha). I learnt by week 6 and slowed my weighloss down a bit but I still carried on losing.

Now I feel like I eat loads but I eat 1400 a day tops which is probably why I am still losing. I don't mind losing another 7lbs though so will up it after that if I have to.
Day 2 woke up wanting to have something to eat, first time ive felt like this since i started LL, so had a cranberry bar( my new favourite), also full of energy so hit the gym. I now regret that decision as i burnt all my calories and more which resulted in me coming home having a shake and 112g of tuna, decided to up it on your kind advice. Had to work tonight and felt dizzy at times and definately feel weak. Think id better do less exercise until my body has adjusted! Im still confident of following programme just need to re-evaluate my expectations.
Day 3 decided a day off exercise was required, i worked till 5pm still not feeling great but went to the pub to watch football, stuck to drinking water and had a plain chicken breast on a bed of lettace leafs!!! Who knew lettace tasted so good also had a bit of mustard! This eating is easier than expected. Im nolonger worried about choice, im putting myself in bad situations and making the right choices:)
Day 4 ive noticed im not feeling full without 4 shakes! And actually had 4 today because i was feeling low after training. 225grams of salad seems alot to me so only having around 150g. Maybe this is why im not full. Had a full chicken breast today lovely stuff
I rarely have that much salad as I find it's the protein that fills me up not the salad.

I don't weigh my salad though so I have no idea how much I do have but I can't imagine that lettuce weighs a lot.

Try and make sure the calories of your one meal adds up to at least what a pack or bar is or you will feel hungry.

If you're feeling hungry I would up your protein, if it's fish or chicken you really wont gain weight by having 150g-200g of it. By week 4 I was having 200g minimum protein and I was still losing 3lbs a week!

You shouldn't be feeling hungry if you're eating enough as for the first couple weeks of RTM you are following pretty similar to LLL and still in ketosis.

Check how much protein are in the packs, you need to be having that much at least now as it is protein that keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

It's easy for me to say this now though, I didn't find things easy for the first 6 weeks of RTM at all as I was terrified to eat....
Thanks for the info, i think ive actually gained weight this week but i'll find out tomorrow, think i need to make sure im drinking more water.
Day 5 started at the chiropractors with me finding out my pelvis is twisted and stuck on one side, so no exercise for a week! Ive decided to up protein intake as i cant figure out what my body needs. My water intake has slipped so making a renewed effot to drink at least 3 litres. Ive all of a sudden realised im struggling, a feeling ive not had throughout the course so need to deal with that.
You are doing fantastically from the sounds of things and it is scary and a struggle at the begginging, RTM is a big big learning curve and through trial and error you will find out what your body needs so by the end of RTM you will no longer be scared

I felt like I struggled at the beginning too Fudgie, really struggled and think I have gained weight every week, I never did though.

Even now I feel like I've gained this week but I know on 1300 calories a day (on avarage) It wont be fat. I keep my calorie intake this low as I sit on my bum all day at work and don't get a lot of time to exercise, only twice a week and sometimes only once a week (I don't count all the walking I do as I have always done this). I don't feel I need more and I am never hungry apart from just before I have a meal.

The more exercise you do the more calories you need and it's better to get the calories from things like tuna and chicken than cakes etc ha ha.

I have learnt so much throughout RTM, I knew nothing before and now I feel completely confident on keeping the weight off and I know if/when I gain a few lbs it's my own fault but I also know how to get the weight off and still eat 3 meals a day with no packs.

At the beggining of RTM I had a few warnings from my LLC that I wasn't eating enough (I obviously wasn't as I was still losing 3lbs a week) and it wasn't until week 6 or 7 that I dared actually eat more than 750 calories a day and guess what I didn't gain!

There is no way you can gain weight in fat on as few calories you are on even with no exercise at all so trust me don't panic. If it's a gain it will probably be water retention.

It's easy for me to say I know but I spent so much time at the beginning of RTM worrying that I really forgot to enjoy myself for a few weeks and it wasn't worth it as I really didn't have anything to worry about.
Day 7 i didnt lose weight this week but im putting it down to a slight problem going to the toilet, im not disheartened after all and i actually feel more confident knowing that im happy where i am. Im still looking forward to the next 11 weeks and ive even been and brought some jelly and yogurt tonight ready to treat myself later on in the week. Good luck everyone with your weight loss and hopefully this is the end of the first week of my healthy new life.
You're doing great Fudgie

Going to the loo (or not) was a problem I had during a few times.

It wont be so bad when you can add fruit in week 3, just choose fruit that is rich in fibre and you will be fine.

When you can have dried fruit I found raisins help a lot in that department, but don't go overboard as they are high in sugar (I have 25g every other day)

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