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My Saturday Night Dress

Well I have been to every shop ! And all I could find was a dress in Warehouse Size 14!!!

It is the 3rd pic in my album, opinions please !

The first pic is my new holiday dress and I love it !

2nd pic, loved this dress but it is too short for me (shift) and I hate my knees so I like to cover them a bit.

So if anyone wants a peek and let me know what they think of the 3rd pic I would be grateful !

My friend is shorter than me, hope that's why I have a bit of a chin hahahaha !!
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Very nice dress, you look fab and have done so well. Have a great time.


needs a real kick in the
all the dresses are nice, 1st and 3rd flatter your shape best, 1st maybe a little long, 2nd lovely dress but doesnt give you enough curve, 3rd, perfect length, beautiful dress and flatters you in every way, but you do look nice in all of them, just 3rd is the best xxxx
Thank you so much !!!
The 1st dress is just for holiday for going out to eat ! The problem with the 3rd is the colour, would have liked something a bit brighter, I may pop into town in the morning for a last look about, just to be 100% sure, it's a lot to spend on a dress if I am not really sure !
I want a red one !!!


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I love dress 2 Charley. Like others have posted in the picture comments, you could wear leggings or tights to hide your knees (which I don't think are bad at all by the way!)

All the dresses look lovely. Hope you feel confident and glamorous whatever you decide to wear :0)
I think it looks lovely and I so wish I would wear a dress ith such short sleeves. My arms are definitely the worst part of my body! You look FAB!

I'm so with you on wanting to wear colour, if you're like me you have lived in black as it's more slimming but now the weight has come off/is coming off all I really want are nice bright colours. I would LOVE a fab dress in cobalt blue!!!!

I love the first and the third dress! You look gorgeous in all 3 though.

I'm experimenting with dresses as I've not worn a lot of dresses before. I often wear skirts but didn't used to like fitted dresses, but now have a wardrobe full of them LOL. Many of them wrap dresses as they can be adjusted to fit so last longer when losing weight quickly.

I've just ordered a dress from Boden and got 15% + 20% off on special offer so paid around £50 for an £80 dress. Oh and I bought it in a 12!! I giggled hysterically as I placed the order as I didn't think that I would ever order a size 12 from Boden :D. Hopefully it'll fit.

Must check Warehouse out next time I go shopping!


needs a real kick in the

<LI class="product_description prod_lister_description li_2">Raspberry Waisted Java Dress <LI class="price product_price prod_lister_price li_3">£35.00
  • how about this, from miss selfridge, xxx
Sorry charley, I'm not very good at advising people on clothes, thankfully my best friend is reknowned for her good taste and helps me out.
Being a complete technophobe I had not previously known how to access photos until recently so have just seen your pictorial CD journey and can't believe how much you have changed. Wow, well done!
Thanks ladies for your comments and support, and I love that red dress !!!!
I am in 2 minds this morning about nipping back to shops for a last look...............I really like the 3rd dress but the colours put me off !
Having a cuppa and going to decide whether to go and have another look in town !

I am nervous about tonight and of course weigh in, gonna try and be good but just a bit scared that I may put on a few pounds (beleive me I do so quick you wouldn't beleive it...........will report back later !


WILL be Slim!
im loving the 2nd one hun....you have the legs for it so i wouldnt worry too much!
think its more "going out" than the other 2 hun!
hope you have a fabulous time whatever you decide on xxx
Love them all and you look fantastic in all of them.... even the short one, there isn't owt wrong with your knees!



needs a real kick in the
good luck hope you find something, and good luck with your weigh in xx

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