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My seven month itch...

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by StripedDaisy, 4 September 2010 Social URL.

  1. StripedDaisy

    StripedDaisy A sucker for a key change

    Slim & Save
    I've had a seven month itch and need to get back on track after a couple of months of eating what I like. I must admit (and please no one take any offence), but I have also been absent from MM, as I got a bit bored (at times). I don't mean this as any criticism as we are all here for mutual support, but I must have spent too much time on the board and it lost interest for me seeing the same questions or discussions coming up repeatedly (please take no offence as none is intended).

    This was fine for the first 5 or 6 weeks as I only gained a couple of pounds but there must be some kind of punishment delay as in the last two weeks, I have gained a few more.

    I left the class as it was clashing with a committee I have to attend for work every three weeks, so I decided to go it alone. This was fine initially as I managed to lose a further 3lbs, but (as has happened to many of us), I slipped back into old habits albeit not particularly badly. A couple of days a week I would eat bad stuff, but for the rest of the week, I have been following the spirit of the plan... ;) Anywho, I am now 4lbs heavier than my last WI and I don't want to go any further backwards.

    I also really need to look for some new recipes as although I have tried lots, there were only a few meals that my whole family were happy to eat. My youngest (4) is getting difficult with her food and claims to not like anything except pizza and spag bol at the moment, which makes having some variation difficult!! I don't have the time to make different meals for each of us!!!!!

    Well, I have posted this to share my thoughts as I hope sharing will give me a kick up the proverbial... I don't want this to sound negative as I appreciate MM very much and SW is such a good plan! That said, if I'm honest, I have enjoyed eating the synful stuff for a while though lol :cool::D.

    Back to planning meals and writing everything down I guess :eek::eek::eek:.
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  3. foodjunkie10

    foodjunkie10 Silver Member

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    Who Knows!!
    Welcome back, hope you manage to stay on track good luck :)
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  4. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

    Slimming World from home
    Welcome back!

    Have you got the new magazine? Some lovely recipes in there that am dying to try myself! And there is a pizza recipe too!!!

    Come on you know it make sense ;)
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  5. ilovelife

    ilovelife Wishing and hoping!

    Welcome back have you tried google for recipes, I get loads from that source and just adapt them to make them SW friendly. All the best with sticking with it!
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  6. soccermom

    soccermom I AM A WEMITT x

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    Blimey it sounds like I wrote that :eek:

    welcome back to the fold Mrsmc.

    To try and get more motivated I have set myself a challenge of trying to be 100% for 11 weeks when it will be the end of my first year on sw, hard i know but I am trying.

    I have started writing my food diary again, trying to incorperate more new foods into my menus and also use my syns more constructively than on crisps and chocolatey things.

    I to have missed the odd couple of classes kidding myself that all was well and I would weigh in the next day at the other class as I was far to embarrassed to show my huge weight gain to my normal class mates :eek:

    I was recently announced woman of the year at my group this has also given me a kick up the backside to restart 100% as in reality things have been slipping since april.

    So good luck with your restart I just wanted you to know you are not alone xx
  7. StripedDaisy

    StripedDaisy A sucker for a key change

    Slim & Save
    Thanks for the kind words! I'm off to write my meal plan for the week - boo hiss!!
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