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My skin has gone to pot!


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S: 22st1lb C: 13st0lb Loss: 9st1lb(41.1%)
Has anyone else's skin misbehaved whilst on LL?

The skin on my face has been really dry recently, and over the weekend I developed a little of what seems like itchy excema around my eyes. Yet at the same time, I've also got quite a few really hard painful spots on my face.

I've not changed any products that I've been using, so my husband wondered if it could be the diet.

The spots do feel like hormonal spots, perhaps I've lost enough weight so far to affect my PCOS and hormone levels? but maybe I'm just clutching at straws.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Or does anyone have any miracle skin treatments that don't cost the earth?
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LL had the opposite effect on me. My Eczma disappeared completely and my skin was never better.
I also have PCOS and it seemed to make the symptoms much better in the long run.
It could just be hormonal? I hope things balance out again in the next few days xx


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S: 22st1lb C: 13st0lb Loss: 9st1lb(41.1%)
the itchy patches around my eyes were almost like an allergic reaction to something - obviously not anything I ate though LOL! I am just coming through a throat infection so maybe it was a post-viral thing, or perhaps I'm just a bit run-down.

Re the PCOS, It's one of the reasons I decided to do LL so am hoping that I will see a reduction in the symptoms (and get pregnant!! :-D)


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Don't forget that oestrogen is stored in fat and so the more you burn off the more hormone you are releasing.

The first time I did the diet the very first LL Mag I read had a woman in it who just exploded in spots, nearly put me off the whole thing! Anyway, she persisted and came out the otherside with a lot less weight and a glowing complexion. Hang in there.
I did find it dried my skin out a bit, so upped the moisturiser, I remember being very surprised considering how much water I was getting through. But it goes away. Hope it settles down for you
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got hard painful lumps (bigger than spots) really badly on face, arms and back. At first thought it was just liver detoxing but has not improved, saw my GP who has had to give me a course of erythromycin and thankfully they are nearly cleared. I sympathise, as mine were so painful I nearly stopped the diet!


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Hi Snorks, I have to say my skin is much improved since LL,and I look much heathier.Sounds like it could be post viral to me.Hope it gets better soon xx


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S: 22st1lb C: 13st0lb Loss: 9st1lb(41.1%)
thanks everyone, hopefully it'll calm down soon. If it doesn't then I'll definitley see the Dr or at least go and have alook in the Chemist for something to put on the spots.

I didn't know that about oestrogen being stored in fat, that's really interesting!

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