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  1. melissaanne88

    melissaanne88 Full Member

    Hi all!

    Well after piling on the pounds during and after pregnancy its time I bloody did something about it!

    My daughter is now 1 and I really want to be a fit and healthy young mum and with very little time on my hands I figured SF would be easy to follow! So hear it goes I guess!

    2 shakes a day and a meal under 600 cals shouldnt be too hard right? As I'm new to all of this i'd be keen to know what sort of rate I can expect the weight to drop off? I have around 4-5 stone to lose :(

    I also bought a cross trainer and a personal trainer game for hubbies xbox kinect as planning to exercise as much as poss to help the weight drop! Does anyone else here exercise regularly whilst on this diet?!

    Oops anyway, how rude of me!! My name is Melissa and I'm 24 and a stay at home mum to a gorgeous little girl!

    SF time as of tomorrow - bring it on!!

    Any tips, advice and encouragement is of course welcome! ;) xxx
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  3. Clare7dd

    Clare7dd Full Member

    Good luck! I'm also trying to shed the baby weight! I have an almost 2 and a half year old girl and a three week old girl. I gained lots of weight both pregnancies, but managed to lose it all in between - just annoyed that I did it a second time!

    so we are in a pretty similar situation, at home all day, surrounded by temptations with very little time on our hand!

    clare x
  4. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    Best of luck!!

    I am gonna be starting this tomorrow aswell - I am working allllllllllllllll day so I have already made my shakes & they are in the fridge.

    Will give them wee shake about tomorrow before I drink them.

    I got loads of the 12 shake tubs in boots today cos they where half price - love a bargain me!

    Anyway you fancy having a wee buddy?!?!?

    I need as much support as I can get LOL

    Oh yeah I am Dolly, 29, no kids - just chubby cos I love food haha

  5. Andrea1823

    Andrea1823 Full Member

    Hello ladies! Good luck on your losses!

    The first week loss is always the highest because you lose water weight. I am 4 weeks in and 10lbs lighter. I do weight training every day.

    I have managed to lose my baby weight but as i was a fatty when I got pregnant i still have a long way to go! I was tipping the scales at 17st just after my daughter was born and I find SF just fits in with my lifestyle. I am back to work and hubby is in the forces so a lot of the time its just me and the baby! Usually around in the evenings if anyone needs anything xxx
  6. melissaanne88

    melissaanne88 Full Member

    Hi ladies!

    Lovely to hear from you all!

    Dolly I'd love a buddy! Need as much encouragement and support as we can get when it comes to weight loss!

    I'm about to have my first chocolate shake for the day but first have to make my little girl her breakfast....this is what is going to be the hard part feeding her and cooking for hubbie because be refuses to eat anything 'diety' as he would say grrr!

    When my little missy decides to nap i'm going to aim to do atleast 30 mins on the cross trainer on a high level to hopefully kick start the calorie burning!

    Good luck everyone and I hope to hear of some great losses this time next week! Xxx
  7. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    Yayyyyyyyyy well done you.

    My OH is the same he refuses to eat anything diet or light!

    I had a choclate shake this morning & I have to say it wasnt very nice!

    I have a strawberry one for lunch so hopefully that will be better.

    Might try mixing the vanilla with the chocolate to see if thats any better - a SF cocktail LOL

    Excellent we are now officially buddies

  8. melissaanne88

    melissaanne88 Full Member

    I agree with the chocolate flavour! Unfortunately its the only flavour I have until I go shopping tomorrow boo! Oh well never mind! Looking forward to a low cal dinner tonight! Having a light choices carbonara and a weight watchers little ciabatta garlic bread! Been looking online for some low cal dinner recipes so hoping to try some new yummy things! As long as I have a yummy healthy dinner to look forward to I think I'll be fine! :) Let me know how the strawberry shake goes so I know if it is one worth buying!

    Did 15 mins on the cross trainer so not quite half hour but burned 160 cals! I'm so unfit! I'm hoping the more i use it the more I build up my stamina! Also have a personal trainer game thing for hubbies xbox kinect going to try that out tomorrow!

    The SF cocktail sounds like a good idea - choc & vanilla! Yum! Lol :) What are you planning on having for your dinner this eve? Would be nice to share ideas and recipes oh & how much r u hoping to lose?x
  9. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    I am hoping to lose around 3 stone.

    I am gonna have a nice baked tattie with beans & some salad when I get home tonight.

    I am sooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to actually eating something LOL

    Think this will take a bit of getting used to cos I love my grub haha.

    Well I am just about to have my strawberry shake so will let you know later how I get on.

    Was gonn go for a walk but the weather is atrocious out there so I am staying firmly in the nice warm office.

  10. melissaanne88

    melissaanne88 Full Member

    How was the strawberry shake?

    Well very pleased with myself, day 1 down and I found it quite easy if I'm honest roll on day two!!
  11. melissaanne88

    melissaanne88 Full Member

    Day two!

    1 chocolate shake down, might jazz things up and have a meal bar for lunch. Been drinking loads of water and finding that helps a lot with hunger pains!

    Well i'm off to docs to take my 1 year old for her injections :(

    Have a lovely day all!
  12. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    Oh the strawberry one was great!!! Still get that little after taste but was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than the chocolate!!

    I haven't had anything today was at the dentist this morning so I'm still all numb will have my first one in a little bit.

    I have mixed chocolate with banana for breakfast today - for lunch I will have a vanilla.

    Hope you get on ok at the Drs with your little one.

  13. melissaanne88

    melissaanne88 Full Member

    Oo definately going to purchase the strawberry one then!

    It says i have a private message from you but won't let me view it says I don't have permission?! I think I havent posted enough on here to gain access yet?? Not sure how it works! Annoying!
  14. melissaanne88

    melissaanne88 Full Member

    And onto day three!

    Had a meal bar this morning for breakfast and halfway through a 75cl bottle of Evian! I'm finding where I am drinking so much water I never really feel hungry and its nice to always have a dinner to look forward to! :) Going to aim to do at least 20-30 mins on the cross trainer when my little one goes down for her nap and then have a nice bath and reward myself with a chocolate shake and an under 100 cal snack ;)

    I REALLY need some new scales, my weight watchers ones are rubbish! According to them i can fluctuate by almost half a stone in a matter of minutes :s -can anyone recommend any good ones?xx
  15. missgalaxy

    missgalaxy Yummy Mummy! xx

    I have salter digital scales (about £10 In Argos) and I've never had a problem with them. Best advice is to buy a set and stick with them only. We have scales at work that are calibrated regularly (I work at the hospital) but I don't weigh on them because they will alter slightly to those at home x
  16. melissaanne88

    melissaanne88 Full Member

    Thanks hun!!

    I may have to invest in some new ones and stick to them!

    Well day three down and still 100% managed to grab 20mins on the cross trainer also! Determined to lose my first stone by easter! Eeek!
  17. melissaanne88

    melissaanne88 Full Member

    Now on day 5!! Finding this easy to stick to if i am honest! Today I am going for lunch with a friend so going to keep an eye on my calorie intake and cut out snacks/or a shake if necessary although whatever I eat out I want to be as good as I possibly can!

    Hope everyone elses SF journey is going well! :)
  18. Hi guys, I'm 21 and a former carer but now a stay at home mam to my four month old boy. I done my first day of SF today, I had a shake for breakfast, A cup a soup for a snack, another shake around 2pm. A small bowl of spaghetti bolog (extra lean mince). and I had a WW chicken hotpot just before (235 calories). Tomorrow I aim for just 2 shakes and a meal under 600.

    Last time I tried SF I lost 9lb in 2 weeks with no exercise. I have about 29 pound to lose this time though.

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