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My Slimming Diary on Lipotrim

I am so glad I found this forum. I am new to Lipotrim having tried the 'healthy lifestyle change route'. I am a binger and this was not working for me. I lost and stone in three months and the weight was starting to creep back as I was off the wagon for the past three weeks. This was very depressing so I started on Lipotrim today. I liked the chocolate in the morning and was surprised and how full i felt. Only had the second packet for lunch around 14.30hr vanilla which i mixed with coffee and hated. Have been very gassy and it smells awful. My stomach has been rumbling and I am starting to feel perkish. I weighed in yesterday at 97.05kg. Am sufficiently motivated to want to really try this and stick to it till I loose the 37kg I need to loose. This seems a lot but I have decided I really need to redifine my relationship with food and not eating will help me start well. I am so indebted to all who have posted their experience coz I am less afraid and more motivated than when I started. There seems to be more information here than on the official Lipotrim website. I also called the helpline ad the guy at the other end was not very helpful. Have decided I will take 30 minutes out of my day to post this diary in the hope it keeps me motivated and helps someone else. I will also post pictures each week so u all can see how well I am doing..howz that for confidence
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Hey hun well done on starting your diary, look forward to seeing how you get on.
I have asked a senior mod to move it into the lipotrim forum for you as its currently in the cambridge thread. But well done on getting straight into posting.


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My tip for when you have a rumbly tum, or feel hungry is to have a hot water, boiled then left to cool down until you can drink it. By the end of the cup/mug you will no longer be hungry.


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Hi and welcome!! Glad to have another one along for the LT ride!

You'll soon get used to LT - and the hunger pangs will go once you are into ketosis. I never thought I would be able to stick to this but I'm in my 5th week and loving every minute of it!

Look forward to reading your daily updates too :)
My Lipotrim Diary Sat 14 July

My Lipotrim Diary Sat 14 July

Thank you all I feel so welcome. Still technical hidges here and there. Like I can figure out how to post a picture etc.

Yesterday was actually great. I managed to go through my first day and was so proud of myself. I was looking for any sign of headache but none thank God. Then today. Morning strawberry am liking it. Did the ice blender and had to fight my seven year old for it coz when she tasted it she liked it. Was on WW so went for my meeting anyway and was happy I had not put on since last week's weigh in. Went shopping for groceries for my daughter and was telling myself I will get her quick to make foods as I wont be eating with her..so the pizza and sausage rolls...big big mistake. Warmed two sausage rolls for her and ended up eating half a really fatty pork sausage roll which I did not even enjoy...whatamistaketomake... it played tricks with my tummy and I am also really made at myself for being so weak. I am learning a lot about myself and yes I am a food junky I really have to acknowdge this.. On WW I could have a really good day and then just go on a midnight bidge. I am going to work on my will power and while not everyone who is overweight has an eating problem I certainly do.
Practical things that might help others on Lipotrim. The chicken is nice as a thicker soup. Mint tea is really great to break the monotony of water. Wish me luck for the rest of the day and tomorrow...oh I was expecting not to have any energy but I am doing good. Going for a long walk in the woods with my daughter...
p/s can someone tell me how i can post pictures and if green tea is kosha on Lipotrim


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Good afternoon!! Well done on getting through your first day! Never mind about the sausage roll - the good thing is you didnt enjoy it so you can remember that experience if you feel the food cravings coming on.

Planning to do things and to get out of the house also helps! If you are out walking etc you dont think so much about food lol!

Green tea - well I drink it but only very weak, in case there is any bud in it - basically tea made from the leaf only is fine, but tea with any kind of flower isnt! Oolong tea is fine too I believe, as are nettle and dandelion. Peppermint is lovely cold too with lots of ice... mmmmmm I want some now, best go make it!

Remember if you do get carb and caffeine withdrawal headaches you can take paracetamol! You need to make the first week as easy as possible.

I havent tried posting photos, but I would imagine that if you use Photobucket you can add one to your signature (go into User CP).

Hope you have a good rest of the day!
Always remember you didnt like that sausage roll !
its not worth cheating on lipotrim you will only cheat urself !

well done on making the first step thou on getting on to lipotrim it is a whole new way of getting to grips with bingeing ....which is not an easy thing to get out of .

The first few days are hard , get to day 3 and you should reach ketosis which will help you feel more full and rather chilly !!!

but at least your burning fat !

you should find you have lots of energy too by day 3-4 ! make the most of it as next week you will ache but it wont last very long !!!!!

its just your body getting used to ketosis .
good luck and keep us posted on your progress x
Hi there!!

I hope you don't mind me joining in, I am new to the site but I have just registered, I have been on LT for 8 days now, currently in day 9 and apart from having extreme cravings for food, even though I am not hungry, I am doing alright!!

Although my husband is very supportive I just wanted to find somewhere that people are going through the same as me!:)
Hi there!!

I hope you don't mind me joining in, I am new to the site but I have just registered, I have been on LT for 8 days now, currently in day 9 and apart from having extreme cravings for food, even though I am not hungry, I am doing alright!!

Although my husband is very supportive I just wanted to find somewhere that people are going through the same as me!:)
Hi Heffalumpy welcome on board! Minimins is a good place to be :D

Congrats on getting through the first 8 days! Not being hungry is weird but kinda cool isnt it?! :cool:


Back on the wagon!
Great to have another "LTer" on the forum.....you will great support and advice here...and as Sonkie says ....great for a giggle too! By the way I live in Ireland too....
annoyed with myself :(

hi there i started lipotrim thursday did a full day den friday evening i ate :mad::cry:so i started again today(sat) and now i ate again :cry::cry::break_diet:i think its cuz its easter and im away visiting for the weekend but i feel really guilty now n kicking myself..SO IM GOING START properly monday .... can i do that ??? or do i have t wait a wk after starting im not really sure any advice wud me great :)


Eyes on the Prize!!

I am the worst procrastinator in the world!!

But you never have to "start again" just hop back on the shakes as if you missed a pill or something. I try and see them like antibiotics. Not something I would choose normally but they do the trick to make me better!!

I had a rather embarrasing incident with some ham and cheese and if it was filmed then I am sure it would take the top spot on you tubes most mental moments!!

I was like a mad zombie devouring a huge chunk of cheese wrapped in ham and feverishly looking around as if I was gonna get caught!! A moment I'd rather forget! But I hold onto that image of that mad women just to remind me of how I felt and how it didnt work to make me feel better. :eek:

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