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My so called great new councellor!


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Well I have fallen at the first hurdle and I am getting so frustrated!

My "new" councellor, who I havent actually met just had text and phone conversation with seems a little bit mardy to me!

When I first spoke to her she didnt say about me going to her at all, she simply said she passed through my area on a Wednesday and would be happy to see me then. I thought that she just preferred doing home visits (maybe lives in a hole who knows?!) then she told me about the councelling was 50 quid, fair enough.

Now she tells me that she cant store my number in her phone so I have to put my name at the end of every text - I thought ooook.....and then she tells me actually she charges for home visits and you can only actually buy 2 weeks from her at a time!

I just text back saying no worries you should have said! :) I will try my old councellor I cant afford that in one hit.

Didnt get a reply - she might not have liked my tone but surely if you are a professional you would cut the text convs and just call instead? Obv not interested in my situation/money as she first seemed to.

So now i have contacted my old councellor who is so lovely, but her life is so hectic, she no longer does evening appointments just in the day and she is going away for 3 weeks next Thursday!!! I dont mind doing the diet on my own just get the stuff from her but would be nice to have some sort of support from her, shes always so stressed and busy with her life! So feeling a bit lost now, not many more in my area and feeling a bit dubious about other councellors and the way they do things after this other woman was a bit sneaky with me not telling me about charges!

I may have to stick with my old councellor and go and see her at lunchtimes, it may be the only way. Unless I just give some of the others a call to feel them out?

How do you all find your councellors and have you ever come across any rude ones or ones that have funny ways about them!?

(frustrated because i want to start!):mad::sigh:
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Hi Lauren, I would say that you need a different CDC that either of these 2.
Even if the old one is lovely, if she can't help to get you to goal, all the loveliness in the world won't help!
The other one sounds dire. If she is passing through anyway, why charge? My CDC came to me last week when my car broke down and I'm sure wouldn't dream of charging.
If she wanted to do this she should have made that clear at the start so that you could make a decision.

I changed recently as didn't find mine particularly motivating and she talked about food alot! Not good when I was on SS.

Have a look on the CD website and it lists all those in the local area. Perhaps there will be one on here near to you. My advice would be to write a list of questions down and then call a few, get a feel for them and then go with whoever you feel comfortable with.
It can be a long journey and having got someone good now I would say never underestimate the amount of strength and support a good CDC can give you. It can be the difference between staying the course or giving up if you're having a rough time.

Good luck.


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find someone new. my CDC is fantastic, i love her. i would never ever have gotten this far without her support. a good cdc is defo worth their weight in gold!


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I would definitely look around for another CDC - I am sure they are meant to give you a telephone review before signing you up anyway (might be wrong about that tho)

With the first one, are you saying she charges for a home visit when you have a private counselling session with her? Surely not for the CD part of the visit??

You need to have someone who can fit in with you, after all even though they are your counsellor you are their customer and making money for them.

My CDC visits me every two weeks, and I buy two weeks at a time but I can split the cost over 2 cheques as she banks every Friday. If I want to see her on the other week I can arrange to visit her at home. Whilst she hasn't experience of loosing a large amount of weight and wasn't on SS for that long I get that support and advice from here and she is friendly and flexible which I like.

What area are you in? Perhaps there is someone on here who is the same area who could advise?

Good luck x


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Oh dear, it sounds like you are having an awful time of it hun.

I have had good experiences with CDC's and can't imagine them ever being rude. At the end of the day, if you cheat and put on weight, surely that's a good thing for them as it's an extra week or two payment for them!!!

I would give your next to nearest CDC a call. It might be worth travelling out that little further of an evening if you get the support you need and can pay weekly?

I hope you find someone soon sweet.

HUgs x x x


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Hi girls thanks for all of your help.

Well I had a look on the website and from my home post code not a lot came up, so I put my work post code in and found a lady called Gill, she sounded nice and down to earth - dont you find that your weight is such a sensitive issue that you need someone with that warmth to their voice? I spoke to one lady who charged 45 a week - sorry far too much in my opinion! And she sounded really cold, not someone I want to go and see weekly to get a bit of support from! I was explaining to her that my old councellor has such a hectic life with her young children there is no time for that "im all yours" when i get there like she used to - she was like "well i have young children blah blah..." i was like yes i love kids i understand that you cant devote 2 hours of your time to weighing someone but still when you are there you want to feel like you are being listened to! So i struck her off of the list she was really disagreeable.

I found a nice sounding lady who I am going to see on Tuesday after work, arrrgh i want to start noooowww! She charges 1.70 per pack and 2.00 per bar, which apparently is quite normal.

Can only try her cant i, there isnt much else about in my area.

I feel quite nervous now, my old councellor was like a comfy pair of slippers now i dont know what to expect with this lady!



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Good luck! My CDC charges £1.70 a pack and extra for bars/tetras so that sounds about right!


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She sounds nice. It is nervewracking and I felt the same. You get used to the same one, but seriously if you get a good one you'll not look back.
My old CDC was a nice person, but very demotivating as she was always blipping herself and used to talk about it. Think she'd grown to see me as a friend and I felt I was more supportive than her towards the end.
Best of luck with this lady.


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Hope you get on with your new one okay.

I'm not sure about mine as she saw me and someone else at the same time last week for our initial weigh in and has booked a half hour slot for us both tomorrow! I thought I'd get a bit more time with her 121. Hey ho!


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You should also email the CD website as not all CDCs are listed on there. My current one isn't.
You could also phone CD Head Office and ask them too.

The CD website has recently been updated and not all CDCs are listed on it nor list all the postcodes they cover. My own listing had to be updated as it didn't cover all my neighbouring postcodes.

I checked it myself and emailed the website administrator to get her to do it which took about a week so not every counsellor may be listed accurately yet.

Good luck with your new CDC. We're really quite a friendly bunch when you get to know us :)
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Gill sounds better and my CDC also charges individual prices for the items as per the above posts. I got to her. We are both flexible as in one week she needed a doctor's appointment so I went early and another, her daughter's sports day had been rearranged so I again went early. I know though that if I need to change like when I overslept one week and today was a few minutes late she is perfectly ok with it. Maybe it would be different if I visited her in evenings but daytimes suit us both at the moment. She is very supportive and I can text her anytime (although I rarely do) and we are also linked on Facebook. She never tells me off, she is always encouraging and praises me. She always comments on how good I am looking each week which really helps. All in all I think she's great and I was lucky to find her.


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Glad you found someone, hope your appointment goes well.
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best of luck with Gill. I wasn't even aware that some CDC's charge for visits... outrageous. I pay for packs... the same prices that have already been quoted. It's just as well I like my CDC as there's not so much choice here in Norn Iron! I hope Gill givesd you the support and flexibility you need.


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Thanks girls, I hope it goes well too!

So glad I bought Sims 3 to keep me occupied!



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hi shug good luck with new cdc i saw three and tried 3 times unsuccesfully before i met my new lady whose fab keep trying you'll find the one x


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Haha I've got Sims 3 too!!! :D


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Yeh def don't use her as a CD, I would image that she wouldn't be much support for you! xx


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Aww hun sounds like just the frustration you don't need! I was frustrated that I had to go to the dr before I could start, especially since I saw my cdc on the day I phoned her! Fingers crossed for you that Gill is as supportive in person as she is on the phone.

My cdc is currently away for 3 weeks and because of when I see her it will be exactly 4 weeks between visits, she took post dated cheques so I didn't have to pay all at once, she was happy to split 4 payments but I gave her 2 as it didn't really matter to me! She did, however, tell me that she would be picking up her emails every day and if I emailed and asked her to, she would phone me! Every time I visit her she gives me little tips to keep going! Also, she charges £1.68 per pack, she said its going up to £1.70 soon but thats ok, I don't have bars or tetras so not sure on price of those but I know its not much more, I think its rubbish that some cdc charge so much more, surely there should be a set price?

Hopefully you will get started soon hun, with a nice cdc :) x