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My story =)

Hey all...Im a 22 year old english teacher living and working in the beautiful city of Istanbul...I have always been overweight, as when my mum left my dad at the age of 10 I used food as comfort and have always been the 'cute chubby' one..Anyway my weight ballooned in 2008 where I peeked at 99kg, which is big for my 5'1 frame..
Anyway I have been on the road to losing the rest of my weight, and being an acceptable weight and healthy BMI since February of this year...I initially used Xenical but that didnt really work for me and managed to lose a lot of weight through the 'cabbage soup diet' to boost my weight loss..I am now starting Dukkan tomorrow!! I have bought the oat bran and have practiced the gaulettes (I think that is how you spell them) and thought they were lovely...looking forward to getting to know you all better :D
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** Chief WITCH **
Lovely to meet you Sarah. Hope you've got your planning done (cupboards emptied, none of those delicious honey and nut pastries lurking, diary pretty empty for the next few days, menus planned etc etc.)

What's on the cards for tomorrow? Always good to have someone check your attack menus cos it's a shame to make a mistake with them.

How many days' attack are you planning? Have you checked out the official Dukan website to see how many days it advises?

Questions, questions! but welcome and GOOD LUCK!


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Hi there sarah, best of luck on the Dukan plan. It sounds like you're good to go!

I'm only relatively new here on the dukan board but I have to say everyone has been so welcoming and so full of advice, it's great!

One of the nicest little bits of the internet I've found!
Hey...I need all of the advice I get and especially now that I dont have the book, Im almost blind you could say! Here is my plan of action for tomorrow =)
Breakfast - galette with sweetner and lemon juice and a cup of tea with skimmed milk and sweetner
Lunch - can of tuna in spring water and a boiled egg
Dinner - Big steak with lots of spices

Lots of water and tomorrow I will begin my exercise routine again I promise :D
How does this sound?
I will probably stick to the same boring menus and not vary it much as I like to stick to what I know best..

Also I was wondering I have bought some 'Light Yoghurt' from over here which has virtually no fat but 6g of carbs per 100g..I am planning to only stick to around 2 tablespoons per day.
The fruit yoghurts as well here contain around 3g of fat..is this going to be too much?


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delicious honey and nut pastries lurking,
Jo!!! Blaspheming and muckying up this poor newbies diary!!!!! :D

Best of luck Sarah, you may get hungry so maybe have some eggs hard boiled at the ready :D
If the light yogurt dosent have any sugar then its fine, yogurt is higher in labelled carbs than other dukan friendly foods.

I'd skip the fruit ones for now though - they need to be smooth with no fruit pieces, no sugar and as low fat as poss. Are there any vanilla, toffee, lemon ones that might be suitable?

You might need more food than that tomorrow, hunger is higher at the start of attack.

Best of luck!
Yea you are right....I have a cooked half a chicken in the fridge for tomorrow just in case..
there are no vanilla yoghurts or toffee ones here unfortunately! actually it is so difficult to get any different flavour yoghurts except for strawberry, rasberry and chocolate! i plan to do attack for at least 7 days, so i might alternate the days and just have 1 rasberry yoghurt every other day? thinking of maybe having a chicken leg as well as my tuna at lunch..will let you all know how my first day goes tomorrow :D feeling really positive


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Good luck, Sarah. Sounds as though you're pretty well prepared.

I wouldn't recommend going over 7 days for you Attack Phase though. It's really not necessary and it's not so good for your body to be on such a restrictive diet for so long. Plus you'll probably get sick of not eating any veg.


** Chief WITCH **
3 days of attack is plenty at your weight... (you may otherwise never go to the loo again ;) - see your other thread!).

Definitely no chocolate yoghurt ever. Hold the others until Cruise, then sparingly.

When you go online for your oatbran (referring to your other thread, where you've noticed you've mistakenly bought wheatbran - which I advise also to hold for now), see whether they've sugar free jelly sachets (or have someone mail you some from Blighty? that's what I do! They cost nothing and are light!).
Day One is done and has been amazing...I am so full and satisfied :D

Breakfast - 2 eggs scrambled
Lunch- chicken leg and galette (made with wheat bran instead of oat bran but have fixed that and will use oat bran tomorrow) with lemon juice and sweetener
Dinner - steak

Drinks- water and 4 cups of tea with skimmed milk and sweetener..

How does this sound ladies?


grammar police
looks good to me - did you manage to find some oatbran then? glad you're not feeling hungry - make sure if you do feel peckish then fill up on protein!
Day 2 is off to a flying start even though I have just woken up (starting work late today).
Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs
Lunch - Chicken breast with some light natural yoghurt and garlic
Dinner - Steak
Snack - galette with oatbran and lemon juice :D

Can I just double check..there is no limit on the amount of sweetener to use, I am using it sparingly though but just doubling check.

Yesterday my start weight was 67.9 kg and today I am 68.kg...I must admit I do check my weight on a daily basis so will keep daily updates on my weight :D sooo glad I started this diet


** Chief WITCH **
No worries on sweetener. Watch the lemon juice cos citric acid "can" cause stalling for some, and in any event only a squirt allowed for flavour.


** Chief WITCH **
Day 2 isn't the best one... are you hungry? (if so eat some protein...). Have you had chance to get a walk in? Great for lifting your spirits... Perhaps an early night, relaxing bath, and hopefully tomorrow the ketosis fairy will take you to Euphoria Land... :D

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