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My SW Diary :)

Well ill introduce myself first :) My name is Linzi, aged 24, I have 2 beautiful daughters, one who is 3years and one who is 1 month old :family2:. I have a gorgeous partner who I have been with for 7 years now, not married yet but working on it ;).

I have been up and down with my weight since my teens putting a bit on then losing it but its gradually crept up and up. Im at my heaviest now after having my 2nd child a month ago, and really need to get back into shape to feel good about myself again and be the yummy mummy I used to be :D.

I've tried weightwatchers before and have lost weight when I've gone but gradually put it back on, I also done well just before I got pregnant with 2nd child by just healthy eating and exercise but obviously now Ive put it back on again.

Im joining slimming world tonight cz I want a change of diet and a few friends have recommended it to me, also I cant do as much exercise as I want to at the minute as my daughter isnt at nursery until October and its hard work trying to exercise with 2 kiddies!!

Anyone wants to comment feel free I dont bite :)
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Hi Linzi,

Welcome and good luck I am sure you will do great with the weight loss. Keep focused and let us know how you are doing along the way.
Well ive been to my first class tonight and I weigh in at 11st 12lb, which is a bit less than I thought I was so happy with that :D

The diet looks easy enough to follow, Im going to do the extra easy one, but I just cant see how can eat that many carbs and stuff and lose weight :confused: but Im gonna stick it out and see how I go. Fingers crossed itll work!
Breakfast:- Bacon, scrambled egg and grilled tomatoes
Dinner:- Melon and Pineapple
Tea:- Slimming World Chicken Tikka Masala with Mushrooms, SW Chips and Rice
Drinks:- Milk and Diet Coke

Walked 30 minutes gently to get my shopping. Spent a fortune lol.
Oh yeah I feel like I never stop some days lol, Im starting to get into some kind of routine now though.

Tillymax - I seem to have done okay today I feel satisfied and havent had any syns, I feel like iv eat lots so shouldnt have my syns? Perhaps that because Im still in weightwatchers mode tho? I need to change my way of thinking.

Snacked on a mullerlight tonight and a handful of grapes with a black coffee.


Proud to be a LOSER :)
Hi Linzi,

Hope you're enjoying SW... and I hope it's fitting in with your lifestyle (probably the best thing about the diet is that everyone else can eat what you're eating without feeling like they're even on a diet!)

They say you 'have to' eat your syns, to stop you feeling deprived. But if you personally don't feel like it then don't. They're there so you don't feel deprived but I find you can easily eat free/superfree/healthy extras all day and use your syns for sauces etc like ketchup/mayo.

Keep up the good work :)
Thanks Danni :) Im thinking of using my syns tomoro with butter on toast in the morning and things like that, maybe having a bag of crisps or something. The only thing Im finding a bit hard to adjust to is the eating 3 meals and snacking, because of having the kiddies I tended to snack on rubbish in day then have one big meal on night which wasnt very healthy. I feel like Im eating all the time lol, Im sure I'll be used to it tho in a few days! x


Proud to be a LOSER :)
I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel like I should be starving myself or only eating salad if I'm telling people I'm on a 'diet' lol! But that's the beauty of it I guess hehe!

I think with SW, sometimes I might not have a set breakfast & lunch, but I will have snacks that replace it like yoghurts or fruit or ryvitas as a HE. Then I plan my day around what I'm having for dinner and make sure dinner is nice :)
Ahh right I might try doing that then. How long have you been doing SW for? Sorry if it's on your profile Im new to the site :confused: not had chance to look through things properly yet.

Breakfast: - Bacon, Egg, Beans and Wholemeal Toast with Butter 2syns, Bowl of Melon and Grapes


Proud to be a LOSER :)
That's okay, I've only ever really used this forum for finding out syns... but now have started to take advantage of the great benefits of having such a good dieting community to turn to for advice & encouragement! :)

I've been doing SW since about 2009 after I gained lots of weight in my first term at University (plus xmas!) and lost about 1.5st! Though I didn't stick to it 100%, but I did walk alot at the time!

Then I did it again in 2011 from about jan-march, but stil didnt attend groups, and i lost about half a stone.

But my real wake up call was on 23rd May this year. I saw pictures of a girl from school who used to be overweight... and she looked... fabulous. I realised that only I could make that happen for myself and started going to a slimming world group to weigh in. I lost 11lbs by July. Then got a job for 4 weeks at a summer camp where the food was university canteen shlop and it was either "eat a plate of chips... or don't eat!" so I gained 7.5lbs! But today I had my first weigh in since being back on SW and lost 3.5lbs. I've been doing it so long now - and my older sister does it too (we weigh in together!) and my mum had done it before with great results - that it's kind of second nature. Even when i wasn't ''on'' the diet, i would still think "hmm i'll have bran flakes instead of bread today" or "i'll have baked beans not spaghetti, because BB are super speed food..." lol soon it will be second nature :) xx
I seem to be getting in the swing of it today, I like how its giving me the balance of food groups so I feel like Im being healthy lol. Do you do any exercise aswell? Ive found with diets in the past if I havent gone to the gym 3-4 times a week I struggle to lose weight :confused: I used to be able to do it easy when I was younger but not so much nowdays.x

Lunch - Ham Salad (Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, Spring Onion, Carrot, Beetroot) Vinagerette Dressing - Crisps 61/2 syns.


Proud to be a LOSER :)
Do you do any exercise aswell? Ive found with diets in the past if I havent gone to the gym 3-4 times a week I struggle to lose weight
I know what you mean. I think if I was to not be on a diet and tell myself to eat so much fruit & veg, i'd think i'd have gone nuts! but on SW, it feels natural to pile up your dinner with veg, and snack on fruit, i think :)

I don't exercise. Well, not like some people have. I try to walk most places if I can. But I have no time (or money!) to go to a gym. Eventually I will get back onto my wii fit. And am contemplating these kettleball thingy majigys!? But my sister rides for hours on her bike around the town, often with friends or her kids, and she says it's brilliant. So may have to join her :) at least its exercise AND a good mode of transport lol!

My sister also used to go to the gym, and found she actually didn't lose that much weight (not when you think of how much she was burning at the gym..) but i personally think everyone is different, and everyone's body reacts differently.

But I honestly believe, even without exercise, you will always be able to lose weight with SW (ooh look at me, I sound like an ad poster hehe!! ;p)
Lol well it seems to be doing the job for you so that makes me feel better about it. I think I won't really believe it until Ive been to first weigh in and they tell me I've lost weight, even though I know a few people myself who have done it successfully.
Its funny you say that about the wii, Ive been looking about today for one, Im gonna get the zumba workout I think for it, Im going to a class next Wednesday day before my weigh in to hopefully help me along a bit :D

Dinner:- SW Chips, Egg and Beans - Banana

Snacks:- 2 Dairylea Light Triangles, Diet Coke
I feel fatter than ever this morning, I dont know why? Cant wait to be able to feel good about myself again.

Breakfast:- Bacon, Scrambles Egg and Mushrooms - Bowl of Pineapple
Snack:- Alpen bar and Diet Coke
Breakfast - Bacon, Egg and Tomatoes
Snack - Alpen Bar
Lunch - Ham and Mushroom Omelette with dairylea triangles, Peach and Mullerlight Yoghurt
Snack - Alpen Bar
Dinner - SW Chilli Con Carne with Rice

Played on Just Dance on the wii with dd :) gonna start Wii fit tonight when both kiddies are in bed, gonna have a crack at Zumba too over next few days, try and get a bit of exercise in ready for weigh in Thursday.
Did a 100 calorie workout on personal trainer on the wii, never got chance to do the Wii fit.
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Aching today from the personal trainer. Gonna go shopping again today and then do my workout for today later.

Breakfast:- 28g Porridge with Banana - Multigrain Ryvita with 1 Dairylea Light Triangle
Snack - Mullerlight Yoghurt
Lunch - Bacon, Egg, Tomatoes and Mushrooms
Snack - Crisps 6.5 syns
Dinner - SW Chicken Kiev, Paprika Wedges and Beans 2.5 syns
Drinks - Diet Coke

Did my personal trainer workout and played about for a bit on the Wii.
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