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my sweet tooth!

WW do some really tasty little cakes which are perfect to have with a cup of tea (their carrot cake is delicious!!!!) - unfortunately I can't buy them, because I can never have just one or two :eek:
I know Ill probably get shot for posting this but.....

Aero (46g)5Aero Honeycomb (40g) 4Aero Peppermint (48g)5.5Boost (55g)6.5Bounty (57g)5.5Bounty Dark (57g)6Bournville (50g)5Cadbury's Mint Crisp, per square (5g)0.5Caramac bar (30g)4Caramel (50g)5Chocolate Buttons (33g)3.5Chocolate Orange Bar (40g)5Chomp bar (26g)2.5Creme Egg (40g)3.5Crunchie (42g)3.5Curly Wurly (26g)2Dairy Milk (49g)5.5Dime Bar (28g)3.5Double Decker (50g)4.5Dream Bar (45g)5.5Drifter 6Flake (34g)4Flyte (2 pack - 46g)3.5Flyte (per bar)2Freddo bar2Fry's Chocolate bars (51g)4Fruit & Nut (49g)7Fudge bar (27g)2.5Fuse bar (50g5Galaxy (47g) 5.5Galaxy Caramel (49g) 5Giant Buttons (48g)5.5Green & Black's Organic Bars (20g)2.5Kinder Bueno (43g) 5.5Kit Kat (2 finger, 24g)2.5Kit Kat (4 finger, 48g)5Kit Kat Chunky (55g)6Lion Bar (55g)5.5Little Rolos (40g)4Marble (46g)5.5Mini Eggs, 3 (9g)1M&Ms Chocolate (45g)4.5M&M's Crispy (36g)3.5M&Ms mini (36g)3.5M&Ms Peanut (45g)5Maltesers (37g)3.5Mars Bar (65g)5.5Milky Way (26g)2Milky Way (twinpack, 52g)4.5Milky Way Magic Stars (31g)4Milkybar (34g)4Milkybar Choo (23g)2Milkybar Chunky (37g)4.5Minstrels (42g)4Nestle Double Cream5.5Penguin3Picnic (48g)4.5Revels (35g)3.5Ripple (33g)3.5Rolos (57g)5.5Smarties (43g)4Snickers (64g)7Snickers Cruncher (40g)4.5Snowflake (32g)3.5Taz Bar 2Terry's Chocolate Orange segment1Time Out (per finger)2Time Out Chunky 6Toblerone (100g)12Toffee Crisp (48g)5Topic (47g)5Turkish Delight (50g)3Twirl5Twix (per finger, 29g)3Wispa4.5Yorkie6.5
FunsizePointsAero funsize1Boost treat size (24g)2.5Bounty funsize (24g)2.5Caramel treat size (16g)1.5Chocolate Buttons treat size (14g)1.5Crunchie treat size (17g) 1.51.5Flake treat size (15g)1.5Fudge treat size (14g)1Fuse treat size (22g)2Galaxy funsize (22g)2.5M&Ms funsize2Maltesers funsize (22g)2Mars funsize (20g)1.5Milky Way funsize (17g)1.5Mini Crème Egg (11g)1Mini Kit Kat Chunky (15g)1.5Smarties mini box2Snickers funsize (20g)2Time Out snack size (2 fingers)2.5Twix funsize (22g)2Wispa treat size2Mars Celebrations (each)1Cadburys Heroes (each1...except Heroes TimeOut0.5
Oh no that was all in a table! It came out funny.....the points are after the name of the bar of chocolate.....if anyone wants it on an excel spreadsheet I can email it to you ..... I have the eating out guide on it too..... just PM me!


Going From Flab to FAB!
OOOO Im fancying oats with yoghurt! ... what oats do you use and what yoghurt?! .. sorry im a thicky when it comes to food!

Delia im not ! lol


Going From Flab to FAB!
Sounds lovely im going to try this ! Shopping friday so ill definatly buy some! .... maybe get some of the ww yogs!

ill let ya know what theyre like xxx


Going From Flab to FAB!
MMmm im thinking strawberries !!!!!! ........ but im happy to try apples

Cant wait for shopping now! xx

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