My tastes are changing for the better :)


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Hey all,

Well, a while ago (when i was doing weight watchers) i had fish and chips from the shop...i hated it. WAY too oily and bleh! was ill afterwards. Soooo much prefer home baked fish and oven chips! or cous cous!
Then, this weekend we had my OH's m8 and his gf down for the weekend. We had Nandos....i had a plain salad (only ate half) and a plain chicken breast...i was STUFFED! infact...i was soo stuffed i forgot (for the first time) to have my last pack! :s but anyway. Yesterday we went into town and they went to burger OH and i sat with them after we met up to wait for them to finish....I NEVER realised how DISGUSTING burgerking smells!! ergh! i had to go look in the shops cos i couldnt stand the smell. I wanted to be sick!

Im glad tho cos it makes me think...hey i wont want these things which will help me alot when i start eating properly again.

Anyone else had this experience?
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YES! I felt like that last time i was on CD and feel like it now. People i work with are great fast food lovers and i sit with them eating McDonalds and kebabs etc and feel totally happy with my shake.
I must admit that sometimes i miss picking at things because im not hungry being on SS, but picking at things got me in the mess im in now lol!


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My hubby went out for a chinese take out last night, it smelled yuk and even he said it wasnt that good. The left overs are sitting in the fridge, but I am not tempted one bit.