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My Thinspirational Diary!

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Hi Shrinki,

yeah i'm hoping its going to keep me focused, the other reason is to keep me coming back to hang out with other S/W members who i have already found to be
enriching, supportive and empowering!
I'm sitting here wondering what it is that clicks in your head so that you have the level of motivation and commitment to lose weight, how on earth does it click when the wanting to lose weight never really changes!??

Any how im very grateful for the click, as i am very focused and very much on plan.

My previous attempts at losing weight with slimming world have always been really good (that's why i came back!)
The first time in 1999 i lost all my baby weight 3.5 stone which i carried for years after the births! and was even featured in the magazine!
second time around 2009 i had 1.5 stone to get back in target i had slowly crept up over a course of 10 years. i managed a stone but felt quite happy to call it target.
And now my 3rd attempt! 2011, I'm heavier now than my first ever weigh in! to get back to my original target weight i need to lose 3 stone! how did i get here? :cry:

I've had a very challenging year. 2 operations, i gave up my job because of the horrific hours, getting up at 4.00am mon - sat, getting home at 2.00pm & juggling the demands of family with depression. I have gained 2.5 stone in just over a year.
I'm still not 100% there health wise but mentally feeling better! im enjoying being a stay at home mum and having more time to put myself first.
I've been putting off losing weight until my health was better so i could do it properly 'diet & exercise' but it got to the point where none of my clothes fit anymore and i refused to go out and buy a dress size up!
so here i am! i reasoned with myself that i didn't need the exercise to lose it before with SW! after a few false starts trying to go it alone at home and revisiting the tweaked version of SW in my head, i joined a brand new group with a great consultant, and a new plan (for me) EE.
I know i will get there, i can see myself back there!! and if it takes a 1lb a week then so be it, if its any faster even better!!:D
Awww, I know exactly what you mean. The main thing is you have the motivation now! I have also had a lot of health problems and had two major operations in the last year. It's tough - especially when you have kids! I hope you get back to 100% health as soon as possible and continue to stay on track xx
Thanks shrinki :)

I find it funny how we've both had a similar year & struggle with the scales too!:D
Are they patronising me?:cool:

Soooo family members know i've rejoined slimming world.

I took all my vital statistics on day one and i have had the tape out and so far no major changes but a 4lb weight loss

The first time i got.... "oh my god you've lost weight"!!! :eek: that was after a 2lb loss and the second time it was... "you've lost weight sis its really noticeable!! after my 4lb loss. :(

I know they mean well but paaalease!

I'm embarrassed to say... "yes I've lost 2lb or 4lb:eek:
I cant help but feel patronised, i cant see ANY difference just yet, so why the need for excited praise from them i do not know its not warranted!

am i being horrible for thinking this way?:eek:
Today was WI day, i lost 1.5lb but was quietly hoping for 3lb off to get my 1/2 stone award! but hey ho there's next week for that now! I'm still really happy im moving in the right direction!

I've decided to do a weekly analysis after WI to see where i can improve my chances of a bigger weight loss the following week or to make my life easier!

So after last weeks analysis i decided i had to change the guess-timating of my HE allowance, and also plan for difficult days as i don't really plan my days at all, i had a trip to Bristol and i as so hungry all day as all i could see was the dreaded petrol station or drive through!

I went out and bought some proper digital scales and weighed my milk and B's all week!
I had a trip to london on friday, i bought some batchelors savoury rice the day before, cooked it up that morning, added lots of super free veg (fried off in fry light) my 3rd super free. I took lots of fruit to snack on, and enjoyed a huge lunch i was full & stuck to plan all day...Yay!

so this week, whats the analysis?

I need to include more super free into my lunches, i'm ending up grabbing a mugshot, then snacking on fruit, when i could be having speed foods in my lunch and feeling a lot fuller!
sooo my plan of action is to plan my lunches for the week! maybe look on this forum for some lunch ideas!
that's enough to get on with for now!
Ok i have my lunches sorted for the week!

Friday - Jacket potato with tuna & red onion. side salad.
Saturday - Salmon & prawn quiche. side salad
Sunday - Spanish omelette. Lots of mixed veg. side salad.
Monday - Salad nicoise.
Tuesday - Batchelors savoury rice (cheese & broccoli) with added fresh steamed broccoli.
Wednesday - Butternut squash soup. 57g wholemeal roll HE
Thursday - Brunch. 2 eggs (frylight) mushrooms, tomatoes, b.beans.

I've shopped, all is in place! hopefully this will make a difference to my week!
Hi hun, how are you getting on? Did you stick to your lunch plans? I love jacket potatoes with tuna and red onion - yum!

I doubt your family are patrionising you. I find that in the first few days of a diet, you lose weight on your face so it is noticeable. They are also wanting to encourage you :)

I hope you're having a good week. Xx
just wanted to say hi and well done on your losses so far. Like Shrink above, i dont think your family were being patronising, perhaps just supportive.
I didnt tell anyone about my diet until people actually noticed i lost weight (which took to about half a stone) just over a stone gone now and some people still haven't noticed! Lol!

Don't forget to have some syns in your day! between 5-15! Could be a nice curly wurly with an evening cuppa for 6syns! one of my favourite treats! (besides alcohol) :)
Thanks for your kind words girls VERY much appreciated.
Hey Shrinki! long time no see! :eek: i think i have found another root to my problems! i put myself at the back of the queue every single time! :(

I've had a busy few weeks with my 2 younger children having birthdays 5 days apart, my eldest taking me around the country on 'uni open days'! and my husbands niece has come to stay with us from overseas to study English, all of this broke my daily routine and chaos ensued! :sigh:

I have been extremely lucky to get away with a 1/2lb weight gain over the last 2 weeks as i deserved alot worse than that
i actually lost a 1lb the first week which was just ridiculous! :eek:

It actually scared me how quickly i went from being totally obsessed and focused with the plan to complete abandonment!

Why my diet went out of the window to accommodate everyone else i don't know, but it made me realise why i am where i am.

Ok for the positive things,
I kept going to class through the chaos even if it was to weigh and run!
I went to class this week feeling more in control and things have settled down because my routine is back to near normal, so hopefully i can get back on track especially with the focus! not forgetting 1lb off this week too so back to losing again.
I did no real damage thankfully.

I need to PLAN! I know it is the key to this problem but try telling myself that! :rolleyes:

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