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My Transformation!!!


Getting married in July!!
S: 15st4lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 3st13lb(25.7%)
Hi everyone!!
I have been on Lipotrim for one month today so I am a wee bit late in starting this but I am only now really getting settled into it.
I'll give a quick back story and hopefully from now on I'll keep it nice and up to date.

Well I am 24years old and getting married next summer. All my life i have never been skinny. I have gone through various degrees of being a little to a lot overweight and have gone up and down often.

I joined weight watchers a few years ago unhappy that i was in my twelve stones, a year or two later i joined WW again, absulutly disgraced with myself that i was 13.5 stone.

This time i was really in the weight loss zone and got down to 12.2 and could really notice the difference in my clothes and confidence. I was totally in the zone. I was running a few times a week, walking for a few hours a day and swimming for more than an hour about three times a wee. I also had no heed in fatty food. Then i was in a very bad car crash which has made this past year hell!! i severly damaged my back and it took nearly the full year to figure out exactly what was wrong. in that time i was unknowingly causing more damage to my spine by pushing myself to hard (eg even straightening my hair or carrying shopping). i suffered panic attacks after the accident and my whole world was turned upside down. i couldnt do anything....bar eat! and boy did i eat!! in the last few months in particular i just got totally out of hand and was eating way way too much!!! I didnt even realise how much weight i had put on because i put it on so fast.

At the start of August my uncle died and i went home for a few days for the wake. it really hit me when my selection of black clothes were limited to 2 selections which i would just about get on. (1 of which was stretchy tracksuit bottoms!!). not even my very forgiving, fit any size style black dresses would fit. it really annoyed me!! out at the house my 28 year ols sister was wearing a coast dress looking very hot and getting loads of attention from everyone while i seemed invisable. thats when i realised that it wasnt right, I am the younger sister, i should be the fun, trendy, sexy one. i love fashion but you could never tell it by looking at me! i decided that i wasnt doing myself justice and that i needed to make a big change and cop myself on.

I talked to my brother in law at lenght at the wake, knowing that he had done lipotrim before his wedding. I was at rock bottom and I knew that this was a huge oppertunity for me to actually do something about it. I discussed it with him and my sister who is a doctor and they answered all my questions and said they would support me. he had great things to say about it. I didnt really understand when they said they would support me, i thought, 'sur what do i need support for, if im going to do it ill just do it' but on my first two weeks i understand what they ment!! their daily texts got me through the first week and supported me when i was in need of motivation.

the next week i went and got the dvd from my pharmacy, ate every single one of my favourite foods so i wouldnt crave them when i started, picked the stuff up on the saturday and started lipotrim on Monday August 16th.

... and so the story begins!!!!!
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Getting married in July!!
S: 15st4lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 3st13lb(25.7%)
first month

Ok so i had put on three stone in 11 months!!!! I didnt even think that was possible but given the way i was eating and the fact that i wouldnt really exercise because of the accident i wasnt surprised. I weighted in at 15stone 4lbs. I have never known myself to be this weight before (although there was 1year in my teens wheni put on a lot of weight but i still wouldnt think i was in the 15stones but i dont know what weight i was then).

I was excited about starting!!! and a little nervous. i was looking forward to my first weigh in before i even started lipotrim!! wondering how much i might loose. it was exciting to think that i'd probably loose more than 7lbs in one week!!!!!!! ive never done that before. how exciting!!! I rembered one week on weight watchers that i really really busted my ass and lost 5lbs and this time i wouldnt be busting myself at all. how easy is that!!...

...well it turns out not very easy at all!! when my fiance came home from work on that first day he found me shaking in bed, i just hadnt the energy to even sit up and watch tv. i started crying and saying i didnt think i could do it. but he was full of praise and so supportive and we just when for a really early night and said to take it day by day. the next day wasnt so bad at all. on day five or six i entered keytosis. i didnt have testing sticks but i could taste and feel the difference. we had agreed that for the first week my fiance wouldnt eat in the house at all. this really really helped because at that stge the smell of food was driving me crazy!!

on thursday (in keytosis i think) i went out with my fiance for his dinner. i want to challange myself and i knew that i could leave if it was too much and wouldnt be left with the smells lingering in the house. it went fine. it was a bit hard when the food actually came out but only for a second and then it was fine. i felt i had crossed a bridge and it was great! that first week was tough because for most of it i was still hungry and thought non stop that i wasnt going to be able to last. then i noticed stretch marks on my tummy from shrinking and i was (strangely) thrilled!!! it was working. i was of course weighing myself flat out during the first week cos i couldnt stop myself. i thouhgt id have 8 or 9 lbs off and was thrilled when i found out i had lost 10lbs!!! that really motivated me. i could be a difference around my face, neck and chest.

week two was very tough!!! on the tuesday i had a meating with a horrible man. he was the more disgracefull person i have ever met!!!! he was so so rude and i cried for about an hour! i went home and i was on my own as my fiance wasnt coming home. all i wanted was wine and a takeaway!! i was so so tough! but i bought some bridal mags and smoked my way through the night. i realised how much i eat to cover my emotions and comfort me but that no matter what i ate or drank it wasnt going to have made my day any easier. i was going to be hurt and sad for as long as i was wounded, eating wouldnt have helped this; just made me feel fat when i put on more weigh and so the cycle would continue!! the incedent made the next few day so tough. i had so many ups and downs in week two that it was like a mountain!!! really tough. and to top it all when i was weighing myself i didnt seem to have lost anything!! so i went into the pharmacy on friday and she gave me a wee weigh in, i had lost a pound and just told me to keep at it and we'd see on monday. i went in and monday and see said i'd lost 3lbs, i was a bit upset that i had put in sooo much work and only lost 3lbs but then when i checked my sheet i realised that that was only from my weigh in on the friday weigh in so id actually lost four lbs!!!yeagh!!!! thrilled!!!!

I made a weight loss chart going down in half pounds and stuck it inside my wardrope to motivate me. i also wrote out loads of questions on a4 sheets, like why am i doing this, what will happen if i dont do this, what diet would i do if i dont stick this?, how much would i loose on it?, why do i eat? what do i need to change? how do i feel now? why? etc. i wrote really long and honest answers that were just for myself and as i was writing them it became clear to me that i really deep down wanted to stick lipotrim and that i was just trying to make excuses to come off it. but really any other diet i could do would actually be harder than this and it would take twice as long so i would probably get bored and quit like i noramally do. my path was clear, but very very hard.

the first part of week three wasnt too bad but mid week i hit a major hurdle at the end of week three.i lost 4lbs in week three but i just felt that i couldnt do it any more!!! i wanted food!!!! i didnt care what but i just didnt think i could go without food any more. i was really really grumpy and moody and had a fight with my fiance. i was just reaelly emotional and lathargic. i felt that it wasnt right to be putting myself and my fiance through this so i came on here and posted and gor loads of help and support. i wanted to at least stick it a month but thought id have to come off then because it was making me so moody and sensitive and frustrated. but i put my head down and got through the week.

during week four i found it a million times easier!!!!!!! it just didnt seem so tough any more!!!! i wasnt as emotional or moody. i wasnt as hungry, i wasnt as frustrated, and i was a lot happier. i could feel the difference in my trousers and i was all around happier and more used to it!! it seems like im getting into the swing of it now and i know what to expect from it and from myself.

i have finished my first month now and have my next weeks of stuff now. i am well on my way and delighted that i have lost 1 stone 9lbs which takes me to 13 stone 9lbs and out of the super obese !!!!!!that really made me happy because i was shocked that i was super obese in the first place. i never thought of myself in that way.

i know that i am doing the right thing and creating a better, fitter, happier, healithier, more fashionable future for myself!!! im very excited and delighted that i have made it this far!!!!

thankyou to everyone on here for the great support and help. id never have gotten through it without you!!!!! it hasnt been easy to get here but i feel much stronger now, both physically and mentally.
S: 16st4lb G: 10st0lb
Well done on your weight loss differentusername,and your posts are so inspiring and honest. I can identify with the first week and the start of week2,
Thank You for such an honest opinion


Fighting for My Health
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Really enjoyed reading that :) You are doing so well and it's very inspiring. Well done! :)

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Great blog, you are doing brilliant :) looking forward to keeping up with ur journey xx


Getting married in July!!
S: 15st4lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 3st13lb(25.7%)
Thank you missy3, skinnychickinside and janye33!! Iv never done a blogg or anything like this before but its something to look back on on the tough days and when im finished the diet it hopefully will inspire me not to put the weight on.

Yea a lot of people on here say they are finding the diet easy which is great for them, but i know i sure havent found it easy!!!! I mean its easier than other diets in that you dont have to make choices over food or bust yourself excercising and you still loose weight but its very hard emotionally its a learning curve though and i do feel that im getting better at being on tfr and im learning loads about myself. Ive ordered books on low gi and low gl diets to try and educate myself about food and how i should be eating for the rest of my life. Theres a lot of talk on the forum today of atkins so ill pick up a book on that too and try and become more informed. The way i see it is the more information about food i have the more chance i have of surviving whenever i come off this. I may as well use this time to change my attitude and learn more. I love fatty food so i know i have to change that and i may as well try now when i have the chance to break the habits i have.

I hope its going to be fun writing on here because i find that one day on this diet can be very very different to the next!!! Heres looking forward to looks more good days. Xxx


Getting married in July!!
S: 15st4lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 3st13lb(25.7%)
Ok so i had physiotheraphy in d swimming pool today and stayed on after for a wee swim and to meet my sister and her kids. I havent done ANY exercise at all lately so even the little bit that i did do feals actually nicely refreshing. There was lots of bending and lifting with her kids but hopefully i didnt strain my back.

I had my first shake at 9am and didnt get my nex one untill 7pm. I also only had one bottle of water during that time. Iv had my three shakes and all my water now but it hasnt been very spaced out. I hate when this happens as im afraid it'll effect my weight loss/ health. It seems to b happening me more and more lately with being a bit busier and now that im not starving for the shakes ( some days i have to remind myself to have the third) anyway im sure one day wont make too much difference because by the sounds of some people they often dont drink the water. I think its important though so i must get better at drinking in the morning ( water that is!!!)

One of my best friends is getting married in early december and her hen is the oct bank holiday weekend for two nights. Iv been dementing myself tossing over all my options of what i could do about eating/ drinking at it. I dont mind not doing either but im worried about the other hen goers reaction. I know they'd try and make me drink and when i explain the diet they prob will think its not normal and wont understand. They are all very skinny so its not really something they could relate to. Im so emotional that i dont know how id cope with them going on at me about the diet and drinking. I had planned to come off tfr for the two nights and go straight back on, but i had such a hard first three weeks starting off and the thoughts of going through that again r unbearable. I know in my heart of hearts i wouldnt be able to do that again!!! At the minute my friend doesnt know im on this diet ( i only told family as i wasnt sure how long id stick it), she saw me last week and didnt notice my weight loss. So shes hasnt a clue what iv gone through to get this far. I love her to bits and really dont want to let her down. I would hate for her to b offended but id also hate to go and have all her cousins and other guests at me all weekend to drink. Also i think i have pretty much rulled out coming off tfr for it because i know i wouldnt start again and this is my one serious chance to change my life and become healthy. I just cant sacrifice all that just because of peer pressure to drink. Im going to sit down with her this week and tell her all about lipotrim and take it from there. I really hope that her and d rest of d hens will be understanding but im not confident that they will. Wish me luck!!
S: 13st12lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 1st5lb(9.79%)
I can seriously understand your dilemma, this really is make or break for you isn't it?

Ok, so your friends haven't noticed your weight loss just yet but they certainly will in the coming weeks and by the hen do you will have lost a serious amount and, boy, will it show! If they're your real friends they will just encourage you to stick to it but I appreciate that you won't know everyone and are worried by what the others might think, but who cares what they think? After a while they'll be off their faces anyway so they're not even going to notice that you're sipping fizzy water! And by the time the wedding comes round you are going to look so good that they'll be biting their tongues!

My view, for what is worth, is stick to your guns, anybody who cares about you and whose opinion you value should stand by you and the rest simply don't matter! You are what's important no- one else!


Getting married in July!!
S: 15st4lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 3st13lb(25.7%)
Your right sandra. Im pretty sure the bride to be will undersatand. Its just the rest of the bridal party being at me that im afraid of but ive decided that honesty is always the best pollicy and i really need to take this oppertunity to change my life, so iv invited her around tomorrow and ill talk it out with her and see how it goes.

Today was ok. My back was sore because of yesterday which was a total bummer. Could hardly move my neck but on a good front i didnt want to eat because of it at all. I step in the right direction.

Iv gotten into the bad habit of not drinking much water during the day and then drinking most of it in the evening. Im sure thats not good so from tomorrow im going to change this. Also did a good bit of walking today. I feel i have more spring in my step since loosing the weight. It can only get better. Woho!!
S: 13st12lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 1st5lb(9.79%)
That's that spirit! I've noticed that you've also got your wedding coming up next year so you should focus on being gorgeous for that, stuff anyone else's wedding!
S: 13st12lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 1st5lb(9.79%)


Getting married in July!!
S: 15st4lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 3st13lb(25.7%)
Very nice profile pic alex!!! I had a look at your before and afters and its amazing!!! Fair play to you!!


Getting married in July!!
S: 15st4lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 3st13lb(25.7%)
so i had my friend around and we got talking about the hen and how much we are both looking forward to it. then later i brought up the diet and discribed in great detail all about it. i could see her face when she realised that i wouldnt be able to eat or drink on her hen but she was really great about it and really supportive. she said she'll go along with whatever i want to tell the other people on the hen night and back me up. im thinking ill prob say i cant drink cos im on strong pain killers for my back and when it comes time for food ill just say that the drugs are making me queasy or something like that. ill need to figure it out exactly before i go but its great to know how supportive she is. she was brilliant. shocked but brilliant.

I have bought the weight that ive lost in cooking flour, i top it up each week when i loose more. so far i have 5 bags of 2kg flour= 10 kg in a bag. its amazing to lift it and think that a month ago i was carrying that around everywhere with me!! i can bearlly carry it across the kitchen. its a great motivator and really helps to visualise the weight loss. it makes it seem real.

my sister and brother and law were in today and they were full of compliments. its hard to know if peoples compilments are real or if they are just being supportive because they know im on this. i cant really see the weight loss too much yet. a bit around my face, neck and sholders but not over all. either way its always good to hear kind words and hopefully in a few more weeks ill really look differant!! fingers crossed!!

i cant stop thinking about food today and yesterday. i even checked that im still in keytosis. im not really tempted to eat, im just thinking about food non stop and feel afraid that i might eat but i know im not going to. ive given too much to it to mess it all up now. ive still a long way to go.

also i ordered my wedding dress from hong hong before i started the diet and i know most people would be mad if their dress came and it didnt fit but im REALLY looking forward to getting it and seeing how big it is for me!!!! i have loads of time to get a new one made and because im getting it from hong hong its less than €200 so im more than happy to have it swimming on me and have to order a new one!!!! i really hope that by when it comes its swimming on me. its due around christmas.
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