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My traumatic experience


She's me in a few months
Never had a tetra tum,but do not like them,far too sweet and concentrated. Wish they would make larger cartons containing more diluted shake.
Hope you are feeling better. x


One day at a time!
lol, I felt the same with the strawberry one - revolting! I do love the chocolate one though, but I add more water and make it up to about 400mls.
I find the tetra's bitter in taste, not sure whether they are off but I know from the date on the carton they arent....Some of them are actually really lovely in taste but a few I've had, I have had to return them to my consultant.....

I think they are really good for when your on the go but I must admit I find them too concentrated....I might add water the next time I have one!!! x


please try again
i had a chocolate one that had turned, put me right off, not had a choc one since, dont have tetras at all now
I like strawberry tetras as handy for work. I have the chocolate ones with hot water added to make a hot chocolate and they are yummy as not as sweet


Laugh in the face of food
Did you tell your CDC because she should refund you for that one and I'd check the expiry dates on your others of the same flavour, if they're the same return them too, it could just be a bad batch. xxx

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