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My turtles!


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Just love these little mischievous fellas, had them for coming upto 3 years now, when I first got them, they all had shells the size of a 20p coin, now look at them! ;o

The tiny turtle is actually younger than the other three, and the biggest two are actually older than the yellowy turtle, confusing, I still don't know their sex!
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You have some very pretty turtles there gorgeous wee faces.


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Aw they're so cute! I always wante turtles when I was younger. My friend's got a tortoise. He's pretty cool!!
Aw how cute and them being the size of a 20p when you got them!! Just so adoreable! How are they to look after? Kirsty xx


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Aww thanks ladies, I absolutely adore them, sounds pretty sad but seriously they are everything to me! lol, they are pretty tough to look after in a way Kirsty because they are pretty messy! I spent £300 on a filter and it kinda helps ;)
Yeah, must take a lot of dedication for you Aaron, they are so cute though, what made you decide to get turtles? I can't imagine them being so small to start with, I would have just fallen in love with them that size lol. xx


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Hahaha, I don't know Kirst honestly, it's so weird when I think back, they were just such a cute appealing pet, and once I'd looked em up on the tinternet I'd just made my mind up about em! :D

honestly they were so small it sounds so weird now!!! Back then I could hold them on a single finger, now it takes two hands, they are getting to be such beasts!! XD
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Aw Aaron, turtles are soo sweet I am very jealous of you lol xxx

Do you have any other pets? xx


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nahhh I don't have any other pets, we look after stray cats though sometimes! lol, so I guess they are kinda like unofficial pets as we stuck collars on them aswell :)

You got any pets Kirsty? xxx


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what size of tank do you keep them in or are they out in a pond


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nah they aren't in a pond, not really sure what tank they are in, it's the tank in my piccies, it's quite big, getting a larger one eventually, I'd love to slap more stones in because one turtle absolutely loves to dig, the other 3 aren't as enthusiastic about it X)
No Aaron, I wish I had pets, always wanted a dog when I was wee but my mum wouldn't let us have one too much responsibility I think. I did have a gold fish though which I won at the shows lol I honestly had it for about 4-5 years funnily enough it was called goldy! lol My friends Sarah and Russell had a huuge fish tank full of tropical fish and tiny frogs it was well cool! xx


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LOL! thats funny Kirst I had a goldfish called Goldy aswell, although mine lasted about 2 weeks, you was lucky having your lasting that long, no joke when my little goldy died I cried and cried and cried for about 4 days straight!!!!

gawd that sounds awesome, fish and frogs in a tropical tanks, GIEF! xxx
Hahah! Are you joking Aaron? I though I was the only saddo to name a goldfish goldie, I was only like 7 when I got him! lol

Yeah their tank is pretty cool, is practically the size of their bedroom wall! lol really smart! xxx

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