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My two week trial x

Ladies I will be joining you today :D as some of you know I just can't face cd at the moment.. I was diagnosed with m.e./chronic fatigue and I have been off work for five months :eek: I have stuck to cd but due to my medications my loss's are so very small.. since returning from my holiday I have felt the normal tiredness return and I feel now I am back to square one.

I'm due to go back to work PT in two weeks, its a demanding job and I need brain power. Yesterday I went out to the woods and even that could not lift my mood.

I have decided to give it a go for two weeks and see what happens.. if all ok I will then offically be a Juddder :D

Thanks to all of you who have answered my endless questions and offerred support.

So off I go on my DD :D

Stirky I am indeed a fairie fan.. I have tinkerbell etched on my car.. yesterday while I was at the traffic lights a little girl shouted oh... Mummy its tinkerbell :D alot of people look and smile.. which makes my day :)

I look forward to chatting to you all. thank you Broxi ;)
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Oh good luck Sarah Lou, and it's great to welcome another juddderer! Yay, make sure you get our little angel/devil mascot in your sig :D

Wow, lucky you have tinkerbell on your car! Oh my little girl would love me to have a car with tink on it!!! Have you got any pics of it? Must look awesome! There's just something about fairies isn't there?! I love Amy Brown's work :)

Really hope it all goes well for you, and we're all here for support x


Mad as a Hatter
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Welcome Sarah Lou..

I have given myself 4 weeks on this diet to see how things go ...

Fingers crossed for you that you have found something that will work for you with your medication...

Keep us posted on how you are getting on

Thanks ladies x :) good luck to you all as well.

Stirky I will take a pic of my car and let you see it. The pic of tinkerbell in my signature is the pic I have on my car in black, it looks nice against the silver.

I like Amy Brown as well.. soo much in common.
Going off to the supermarket later, feels weird x
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I've been to the supermarket/food shop on every dd so far, have surprised myslef with my will power since being on juddd, wasn't even tempted once :D Hope you have a good shopping trip!

Yes please, car sounds lovely excited about seeing a pic! I have Amy Brown fairies tattoed on my arm and plans for another Amy Brown fairy on the other arm under my unicorn. Have pic of them in my album if you want a look :)
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Hi Sarah lou, hope you are doing well. It is a million times easier than CD. I'm ravenous right now but I'm consoling myself with what I'll eat tomorrow! On CD I was always ravenous! My mood is good now too. Still not losing but Lady B said it was my glycogen stores, whatever that means so you might be the same cos you've been on CD. I'm giving it a 2 week trial too. I've ordered a week of Diet Chef before I made up my mind to do this and it has come in today but I'm not doing it cos have no money to order more until get paid at end of month so will keep this going until then anyway and see if I manage to lose anything.
What were your weekly losses on CD?
How are you feeling today?
Just tell yourself you can eat what you want tomorrow. Even on DD it is still better cos you can still eat something tiny other than CD.

How is everyone else today? xxx
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Yes Sarah Lou, they are naughty and nice, lol! Bit like me hehehe :D

Broxi - So glad you're feeling better and your mood is good. That is great hun, no diet is worth feeling terrible for. Glad this one is suiting you better x

Karen are we going to have to call you Mrs Elf from now on hehe, at least you understand the fairie ways :D
Stirky we are not very far from each other here in sunny Devon :D

Hi Broxi I'm good thanks I feel the weight of the world has lifted.. I started on a DD today and I have just done my shopping.. felt very strange.. can you believe my normal week loss on CD was a pound.. the most ever was three and that was on my 810 week. It has taken me all this year to loose 28 pounds.. I've put abit more info on the introduce yourself thread :)

Thank you for the welcome KarenLou :D
S: 12st5lb C: 11st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 30 Loss: 1st0lb(8.09%)
Hi I'm going for dog walk now will read the info thread later xxx
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Yes just saw that Sarah on your other post :D
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LOL. It's a standing joke at home because I have pointed ears and I don't understand human beings a lot of the time ;)
:rotflmao: I bet you must get really busy the weeks leading up to Christmas too! Teeheehehe!
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Maybe you were an elf in your previous life?! I love Christmas too, great fun now with the kids :D I get more excited then they do tho!

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