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My Vegetarian Atkins Diary

Hi everyone,

I've posted a bit on the low GI boards before as I was following the food doctor plan to loose weight for my wedding. Well, I got there and I enjoyed the plan but by the end of it I was reducing my carbs to a level where I was basically following a diluted version of Atkins. I'm back from my honeymoon now and two weeks after my wedding I had gained 6 lbs, which I was pretty pleased with actually seeing as it was all inclusive and I really embraced the cocktails!

Anywho, I got back and did generally low carbish for a week while I bought and read the Atkins book. Lost 1.5lbs this week but that included a few weekend slip-ups, so pretty good.

My cupboards are stocked and I'm really to get started! I'm starting on OWL at 30g carbs p/d as I'm veggie (as per the new book). If anyone has any tips or advice then please feel free to hijack this!

Looking forward to getting to know you,

Y2T xxx
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Hi Y2T and welcome to Atkins, do you have the book? have you read the stickies? Good luck and I hope this works for you.
Hi Jim,

Thanks for your reply. Yes I have the book and have spent a good few hours going through various posts on here, so I think I'm getting it!

I'm using myfitnesspal to record my food - seems useful!

One thing that has worried me a bit though is looking at the atkins official forum. I was reading a post yesterday that said that it should be total carbs you could rather than net carbs???? I assumed from here and the book that it was net carbs (I realise we don't take off fibre like in US). I'll try to find the link and post it.

So in essence, does everyone else count net carbs and keep these at the levels, e.g 25g, 30g, 35g etc? Hope so!!

Yesterdays food diary


2 scrambled eggs (1)
Realeat vege bacon (2)
Decaf coffee (0)
Splenda (1)
15ml single cream (0)

HM Broccoli + Stilton Soup (7)

Feta Stuffed Peppers (10)
30g romaine lettuce (1)
18g radish (1)
31g cucumber (1)
Dressing of olive oil and rice vinegar (0)

Atkins Caramel Peanut Bar (3)
3 coffees with single cream (1 for cream)

Total - 28grams
16.5 from foundation veg

What does everyone think??? xxx

There is no such thing as net carbs on uk food labels.

In the US net carbs = carb total minus 'of which fibre...'

In the UK just go by the carb count on the label.

Do not subtract fibre, sugars or anything else.

Edit: ok have read the link - polyols can affect your loss, like the ones in the Atkins bars, a lot of people can't eat them and still lose well. I've never heard of anyone adding the fibre back on to their total though - it's not something Atkins recommends. Americans will even do fibre washes, eating pure fibre foods to get their systems moving.
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Yes, it's as greendress says above. I've just noticed you are doing it veggie, I'll be interested to see how it goes for you


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Welcome - your menus sound good! :D


This is for life
Welcome:). I will also be perusing your food menus - sounds yummy:D
Thanks all!

Jim - are you unsure that it'll work being veggie? The NANY book does say that Atkins is fine for veggies, and even vegans!

I don't think I'm going to put my food diaries on here from each day, as I do use myfitnesspal and it's a bit of a faff transferring it over, unless anyone knows a quick way??

Instead, I'll just use this to track progress/add good recipes etc.

Good luck all! xxx
I don't know whether it'll work or not Y2T, I am interested though, I just wondered about the "Eat Fat T0 Burn Fat" that's so often quoted in Atkins, where will your fat be coming from?
Well this is what it says on the atkins website (easier to copy than the book, which obv I do have!).

Atkins for Vegetarians

It’s perfectly possible to be a vegetarian—or simply minimize your intake of animal protein, add variety to your meals and trim your food budget—and still do Atkins

To adapt Atkins to your needs as a ovo-lacto vegetarian:

  1. Start in Phase 2, Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL), at 30 grams of Net Carbs and introduce nuts and seeds and all unsweetened dairy products except milk (whether whole, skim, low fat, or no fat) and buttermilk before berries.
  2. Or, if you have no more than 20 pounds to shed and are willing to swap slower weight loss for more food variety, you may start in Phase 3, Pre-Maintenance, at 50 grams of Net Carbs.
  3. Make sure to get sufficient protein in eggs, cheese and soy products. Aim for no more than 6 grams of Net Carbs per serving of protein foods in OWL.
  4. Meat substitutes may be made from textured vegetable protein (TVP), soy protein (tofu and tempeh), wheat gluten (seitan), and even fungi (Quorn) among other ingredients. See Acceptable Induction Foods: Soy and Vegetarian Products for a more comprehensive list. Some of these products contain added sugars and starches and some are breaded, so read the list of ingredients carefully.
  5. Get most of your carbs from foundation vegetables.
  6. Most nonanimal protein sources (except for tofu and nut butters) are low in fat. Continue to get enough healthy oils in other dishes by dressing vegetables and salads with olive oil, canola oil, high-oleic safflower, walnut, flaxseed and other oils so as not to interfere with fat metabolism Also enjoy high-fat snacks such as half a Haas avocado or some olives.
  7. Add back nuts and seeds before berries. Nuts and seeds contain fat and protein that will make Atkins easier to do and more effective.
  8. Or, if you choose, add back legumes before other OWL-acceptable foods. But do so in extreme moderation (2-tablespoon servings), using them as garnishes on soups or salads.
  9. Tempeh, made with fermented soybeans, is higher in protein than tofu and more flavorful. Sauté tempeh with veggies in a stir-fry, crumble it into chili, soup, or sauces or marinate and grill it. Avoid tempeh products that include rice or another grain until you’re in Pre-Maintenance.
  10. Shakes made with plain unsweetened soymilk (or almond milk), soy (or hemp) protein, berries and a little sweetener can make a tasty breakfast.
  11. Purée silken tofu with berries and other fruit in shakes, adding peanut or almond butter for added protein; or sauté firm tofu with vegetables for lunch or dinner.
So basically I am adding fat to things I cook, using olive oil in dressings. I will also get fat from eggs and dairy products allowed in Atkins.

So I think I should be fine seeing as this is what Atkins recommends!!! Thanks for your concern though Jim :)
OK, let's hope it works for yoou then :)

We used to have a poster "GirlyGirl" who was a veggie, haven't seen her post in a while though.

Morning! :)
I don't think I'm going to put my food diaries on here from each day, as I do use myfitnesspal and it's a bit of a faff transferring it over, unless anyone knows a quick way??

Good luck all! xxx
I'm really interested in your veggie diary year2teacher. Here's a link on how to let others view your food diary if your interested.

Share your diaries with others

I really struggle with the low carb/high carb ways of eating and switch between the 2 as I'm so fickle. I really miss carbs when I can't have them and fats when I can't have them. Everyone on the Atkins minimins is lovely and I felt such a failure every time I switched diets so stopped posting.

I tried to be a low carb veggie recently but failed after 3 weeks so I guess it wasn't for me. I've decided to do low carb but for meat I'm only having poultry and fish. I've complied a few ideas for veggie low carb meals and am happy to share them if your interested. Good luck to you. :)

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