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My weight loss diary.

S: 20st7.0lb C: 9st13.0lb BMI: 19.9 Loss: 10st8lb(51.57%)
Hi, after reading some of the great diaries here i thought i'd start one - I need to lose 1.5 stone to reach my first target weight, and then the rest of the work begins!

Here's my introductions post:

'Hi everyone, i'm new here!

I'm a man in my early 20s, about 5'10 so not too tall, and i've always been big. I'd say the last time (until the last few months) that i knew what weight I was was before going to University and I was about 15 stone.

Anway I went to university at 18 and gained a large amount of weight - our scales at home here didn't go high enough to show it, but eventually after Uni I found out I was between 20 and 21 stone.

So in the last 3 months I've finally recognised the problem and have set myself the initial goal of getting back to 15 stone, then will hopefully look at losing more! I've cut out all junk food, cut down what i'm eating by a big amount and although i've had the odd pint i've barely touched alcohol since (And feel ashamed when i do which is keeping me going) So far i'm down to 16st7lb (I think that's 234lb-ish) so have a way to go. Exercise-wise I haven't been doing as much as I should have - some walks, some on an exercise bike but if i'm being honest not even every day, so that's what i need to work on the most.

Good luck to everyone else and I wish i'd got on here sooner!'

I've been just updating my weight and targets and stuff in a word document on my computer for a bit but this seems like a good place to post.

Good luck to everyone.
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S: 18st5lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 34.3 Loss: 4st1lb(22.18%)
Yeah everyone here is really friendly and supportive, good luck for the rest of your journey I shall be following your story.
S: 20st7.0lb C: 9st13.0lb BMI: 19.9 Loss: 10st8lb(51.57%)
Thanks and good luck to you too!

Weigh in today, i'm at 230lb so have lost about 3, so fingers crossed I got away with one dodgy day where I went to my dad's and had about three pints and a big lunch... not clever. I might have lost a tiny bit more if I hadn't, but otherwise its an ok week!
S: 20st7.0lb C: 9st13.0lb BMI: 19.9 Loss: 10st8lb(51.57%)
Only lost 1lb last week (weigh in on Sunday), though have been very strict since about Saturday as i knew i'd let myself go a bit more than usual during the week, especially with a few drinks here and there.

I weighed myself today and have lost another 2 pounds so really this week is just maintaining that loss, though not life-changing its better than 1lb, obviously.

I'm trying to be harder on myself at the moment, even bought a decent shirt I liked a size smaller than i needed today.
S: 20st7.0lb C: 9st13.0lb BMI: 19.9 Loss: 10st8lb(51.57%)
I don't normally weigh myself in midweek, but I was away at my old University seeing some friends last weekend and they've barely got a functioning toilet let alone a pair of scales so left it until now!

I'm very happy! I've hit my first target of 15st, and am now ready for the hard part, I hope at least.

I need to now get down to 11st7lb, my recommended weight for my height.

So now i suppose the exercise needs to really pick up, I've had a bad time in the last few weeks with other personal-life stuff but have decided to turn it around and will be improving myself as much as I can.

Good luck to everyone else and please wish me luck!
S: 20st7.0lb C: 9st13.0lb BMI: 19.9 Loss: 10st8lb(51.57%)
13st13lb as of today, I've had a mental block, or I hit a plateau or whatever we want to call it at 14st for a few weeks.

I'm happy to be under 14st but now it feels very daunting that I have the last couple of stone to lose - I've been exercising every day but will really have to step it up soon.

If anything recently I've been eating more, but only for a few days so I'm stopping that today, and I didn't touch anything really bad (Donuts, crisps etc).
S: 20st7.0lb C: 9st13.0lb BMI: 19.9 Loss: 10st8lb(51.57%)
I went to stay with some friends, got drunk a couple of times and ate a takeaway. I gained 4lb in a few days.

Lesson learnt, it took me like two weeks to lose those 4lb.

I feel stupid. :sigh:
S: 20st7.0lb C: 9st13.0lb BMI: 19.9 Loss: 10st8lb(51.57%)
I wish time would go more quickly... I know that sounds stupid to older people but I don't mind putting the effort in, it's just how long it takes. Get up, eat, exercise, work, job hunting, exercise... That's all well and good but I wish it was a few months into the future of that routine!

Also then I can go clothes shopping (Old enough now for that to be something I actually want to do to smarten myself up a bit) and stop looking like a dodgy version of Seth Rogen, wearing old T-shirts, jeans and hoodies from before I was so big.

First time in my life I've NEEDED to go and buy clothes, and actually want to. But I'd rather it was 'last of the big spenders' than 'second last of the big spenders' when I lose a bunch more weight. My clothes look like I'm 17.

I look stupid a lot at the moment. lol!

Roll on a few weeks' time.
S: 20st7.0lb C: 9st13.0lb BMI: 19.9 Loss: 10st8lb(51.57%)
Since getting a new job I've lost a bunch more weight with no changes to my diet or exercise (Chef - always moving, then lots of cleaning up etc so long hours). No doubt this will come to a halt at some point but I lost half a stone in a few weeks, which was great.

I'm now 12st7lb, one more pound lost and I'll have a healthy BMI. While I look averageish weight now I'd like to lose another stone, which would basically make me dead on average for my height, I think.

So we'll see if I have to step up with a load of exercise or - hopefully - if I can squeeze another couple of pounds out of it as it is!

Feeling pretty good about it at the moment! But there's more to lose. :)

PS. I took a massive selection of my clothes (almost everything) to a charity shop today... leaving me with a few t-shirts, like 3 shirts, a jumper a pair of jeans and a pair of smart trousers that fit! So now I have to let myself buy stuff, especially with a paycheck coming in for the first time in a month (Lost my last job in staff cuts)!
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S: 20st7.0lb C: 9st13.0lb BMI: 19.9 Loss: 10st8lb(51.57%)
I now have a month to lose a stone... thinking of it like that it's pretty unlikely, but it won't be for lack of effort if I don't make it :)P). Although in this case the target date is just a gig I'm going to so nothing important, the last one was my birthday.

Because my sleeping pattern is a shambles at the moment, I ate 'dinner' with my friend today but it was basically like having a massive brunch for me, so since have not eaten anything else.

I feel a bit bad that today I haven't done much, just a little bit of extra walking... but after a 12 hour shift without a break on Sunday my body's aching and the day off was much-needed.

I'm PROMISING myself that I'm going to do a ton of exercise tomorrow after work, since I'm looking at having to shift 4 or so pounds a week!


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S: 18st2lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 2st1lb(11.42%)
Congratulations and well done on your fantastic weight loss and on your new Century Badge:happy096:

I hope you enjoy yourself out buying new clothes and please don't be so hard on yourself as you have achieved so much already.
S: 20st7.0lb C: 9st13.0lb BMI: 19.9 Loss: 10st8lb(51.57%)
Thankyou Mini, and thanks also for the heads-up on the badge and for... well the site :p

I'll get some pictures up when I've lost this last stone, I have some truly terrible ones of me at my biggest and find that part of the site really inspirational.

Thanks again!
S: 20st7.0lb C: 9st13.0lb BMI: 19.9 Loss: 10st8lb(51.57%)
I've been super-good this week, and done some extra exercise. Also have extra hours this week at work on top of normal shifts every day, and will be sweating like a mofo.

I feel lighter (First time this has happened actually) than i did on Monday, so I'm putting that here so I look like a real idiot if I don't get a few pounds off by my newish weigh-in day of Monday. Chef's whites are feeling pretty loose, and they're a medium! Good times.

Oh man I hope Monday isn't a letdown!
S: 20st7.0lb C: 9st13.0lb BMI: 19.9 Loss: 10st8lb(51.57%)
Lost 3 pounds as of last monday's weigh-in, not quite the 4 I wanted but a good result!

Don't think It'll be quite that many this week to be honest!
S: 20st7.0lb C: 9st13.0lb BMI: 19.9 Loss: 10st8lb(51.57%)
Work hard, play hard at the moment... lots of 'exercise' at work but plenty of drinking to make up for it. I've told my friends the minute I gain even a pound the fun's stopping for me and they're on tenterhooks! :p

So far I weigh the same, 12st, so happy days :)


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S: 18st8lb C: 13st10lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 31 Loss: 4st12lb(26.15%)
Hey buzz welldone on your great weight loss.
I had a little grin when you said you had bought a shirt a size smaller than you are (snap) i been buying smaller clothes that i like and would never have fitted into and gradually there fitting. :0)
Good luck on ya weight loss.


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S: 17st8lb C: 17st0.4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st7.6lb(3.09%)
you have done so well.keep up the good work and enjoy buying new smaller clothes.
S: 20st7.0lb C: 9st13.0lb BMI: 19.9 Loss: 10st8lb(51.57%)
Thanks for the kind comments guys! They're much appreciated. :)

I can't believe that I wrote that last update just two weeks ago, I've lost almost half a stone since then!

I wouldn't advise anyone quits their job/gets fired for a more physical one but... well it's sorted me out in terms of losing weight, a stone and a half in a couple of months. Even my manager at work commented on it :eek:

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