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My Weight Loss Journey

I've been thinking of doing a food diary for some time, so thought I might as well start today. Hope to get some feedback as to what I should be having more/less of. Some of you may find my diaries boring, but having 3 kids running around I need to keep it simple!

Did an EE day today:

Breakfast- Shapes yougurt and 2 pears
Snack: Alpen Light
Lunch: Big bowl of vegetable soup (made from leeks, carrots, peppers, spring onions, red peppers, veg stock and fresh ground salt and pepper) and 4 crab sticks (ate on the run)
Snack: 1 Mini Milk
Dinner: Prawns, Half a pack of Super Low Fat Noodles (Sweet Thai) and half a pack of Stir fry Veg
Snack: 1 piece of ww toast, Banana
Exercise today: 20 mins exercise bike
Water intake: Only about 1 ltr today (have a sore throat and don't feel like drinking), but hope to drink some more later tonight.

Didn't use all my syns today- might save some up for the weekend as it's the time where I struggle the most!
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Well...ended up drinking about 4 more cups after my post last night, but had to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet- will avoid drinking water that late.

Another rushed morning today, so didn't get enough in for breakfast, but the rest of the day will make up for it.

Breakfast - 2 pears, 1/2 banana

Lunch - Mushy Pea curry recipe with Mung Dhal and Spinach (it's the first time I'm making it and it looks lovely) and a Quorn Fillet and 1 piece of ww Bread.

Snack- Shapes Yogurt, Alpen Light

Dinner- Veg Soup and Roasted Peri Peri Chicken with New Potatoes

Snack- Mini Milk

Exercise: 20 mins exercise bike
Water Intake- 1.5 litres
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It was the first time trying out the Quorn Fillets and I must say they were not too bad. They had a wierd taste at the beginning, but as I had curry on top I think it disguised the taste.

Was not planning on getting any exercise in yesterday (as I normally do it while watching EastEnders), but to my surprise it came on yesterday, so stuck to my 20 mins on the bike.

All the comments about loose flabby skin on the forum has made me want to do more exercise and tone up. Even looked into going to belly dancing classes. Who knows when I lose another stone or 2 may pop in and see what they are like.

Today is another rushed day as I need to do shopping for my trip coming up, so not an interesting menu for today.

Breakfast- fruit bowl
Snack: 3/4 pack of multi pack Quavers (leftover from kids)
Lunch- Leftover Dhal and Spinach mushy pea curry with a beef steak and 1 ww bread
Snack- Alpen Light and Shapes Yogurt
Dinner- Veg Soup with Leftover Peri Peri Chicken and SW Chips
Snack- Mini Milk, 5 Cadbury Buttons (my son had the rest) and 3 strawberries
Exercise: 20 mins exercise bike

Water Intake:1.5 ltrs
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Got on the scales and seems like I lost 1lb since Monday. I don't normally weigh myself, but just want to make sure I'm losing as I seem to be eating quite a bit- but I'm loving it!

I was thinking to try going back to Greens/Reds, but I think I'll stick to Extra Easy until my next WI on Monday.

Syn wise I'm struggling at the moment to get all my syns in for each day, but I'm feeling full, so not bothered too much. I'm sure that on the weekend my cravings will come back.

Breakfast- Pear/Strawberry Fruit Bowl
Lunch- Fried Egg with Mushrooms and Baked Beans and 1 ww toast
Snack- Shapes Yogurt with Alpen Light and 1 pack of Quavers
Dinner- Veg Soup and Grilled Chicken with Stir Fry Veg
Snack - Mini Milk, Strawberries

Exercise: None today- No Eastenders on today :(

Water Intake: 2 litres
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Busy Weekend ahead...need to plan what I'm going to eat already for tomorrow (Saturday), otherwise I may go off track! Have guests coming over as well, so really hope I can stick 100%, but we'll see.

Breakfast - fried egg with mushrooms, beans + 1 ww toast
Lunch- Fruit Bowl + Mini Veg Quiches
Snack- Alpen Light with Shapes Yogurt
Dinner- Veg Soup and Stuffed Baked Potatoe with Tuna/Mayo
Snack- Mini Milk + ????

Exercise- might fit some in early morning, otherwise won't have any time

Water- tbc
The menu on Saturday was supposed to be as planned above, but unfortunately it all went bad when my guests arrived for dinner. I had 2 small kebabs, 2 mini spring rolls, 1/2 naan and some chicken curry and 2 pieces of mini strawberry roll. I did enjoy it, but hope that the scales will still show a loss somehow???

Today I have been extra good and only had loads of fruits and veg to make up for my bad day yesterday:

Breakfast: Fruit Bowl with Yougurt
Lunch: Roasted Vegetables with Egg
Snack: Fruit
Dinner: Big Bowl of Vegetable Puree

Water: 1.5 litres
Exercise: Walking around the Shopping Centre and Primark :)

Tomorrow it is back to normal eating and my WI day....Gosh we'll see what the scales say!


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Monday and it's WI day! Even though I had 1 naughty meal, still feel confident that I've lost something. I'm doing my last Extra Easy day today and will continue with Red/Greens the rest of the week.

So menu today is:

Breakfast: Scrambled Egg with Mushrooms, Tomatoes + 1 ww toast
Snack: Alpen Light and Yogurt
Lunch: Vegetable Soup + 4 crabsticks
Dinner: Mushrooms, Baked Beans and Chicken Breast

Exercise: 20 mins exercise bike
Water: 2 ltrs
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You are doing really well Meli, especially recovering after the nice extras you had :D a girl after my own heart.

Its great to enjoy a break, as long as we can get straight back on :D

Good luck with WI mine is also today x


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Thanks Soccermom! I even gave my guests some food to take with them, so I wouldn't have much around, but I still went for it. Oh well, like you said, at least we get back on track.

Good Luck on your WI- can't wait to read your good results :)


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Feeling good after the 2lb loss yesterday, so it's good that I did a fruit and veg day the next day after having my naughty meal. I'm trying for a 100% week, so really hoping that I can do it. Have more guests coming at the weekend, so really will have to plan and just try to resist.

Today I'm opting for a Red day as I need to get rid of some of the meat/fish in the freezer before going away.

Here's my menu for today:

Breakfast- Mushrooms with fried egg (with 1/2 tsp ketchup) and 1 Warburtons wholemeal toast

Lunch- Veg soup and Small Baked Potatoe with Tuna and 1 tbsp Extra Light Mayo

Snack: 2 Alpen Lights and Shapes Yogurt

Dinner: Chicken Breast with Stir fry Veg

Snack: Mini Milk and Quavers

Exercise: None

Water: 2ltrs
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Didn't get any exercise done yesterday as I was feeling a bit lazy. Think I got exercise walking around looking at the bargains at Matalan though (if that counts)?

Having another Red day today:

Breakfast: Magic Porridge (Shapes Yogurt with 1 packet of Oats So Simple - marinated since yesterday)

Lunch: Veg Soup, 8 Crabsticks and an apple

Snack: 2 Alpen Lights + 1 frozen Curly Wurly (delicious)

Dinner: 3 big Tandoori Chicken Drumsticks with Mushrooms and Veg

Snack: Mini Milk

Exercise: None (another lazy day)

Water: 1.5 ltrs
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Tried the Magic Porridge yesterday and it was okay...a bit too thick for my liking and felt dry. It also didn't fill me up as much as I thought it would.

My hard days of sticking to SW begin today as I have guests today through Sunday. Really hope I can stick to plan.

I'm switching to Green for the rest of the week until WI as I'm craving the pasta, potatoes, rice :)

Green Day-

Breakfast- Mushrooms and Fried Egg with 1 tsp ketchup and 1 wholemeal bread

Lunch: Vegetable Stir Fry with 1/2 pack of Super Noodles

Snack: Shapes Yogurt and 1 Alpen Light

Dinner: Small bowl of Veg Soup and a Baked Potatoe with Baked Beans + 1/2 diet coke can

Snack: Alpen Light, 1 Mini Milk, 3 pieces of sweet Jalebi (loads of syns probably)

Exercise: Housework
Water: 1 litre
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A great feeling yesterday as half the conversation with the guests was about my weight loss and how great I looked. That really does give me more motivation to keep going, but didn't keep me away from having 3 pieces of jalebi (sweet). Didn't have many syns yesterday, so hope that sweet didn't do too much damage.

Have different guests coming today and tomorrow, so let's see how it goes. Not getting almost any exercise this week, unless vacuming, mopping up, general housework is considered as my exercise.

Having another Green Day today:

Breakfast- 2 pears + 1 Alpen Light
Lunch: Egg/Baked Beans and SW chips
Snack: Shapes Yogurt + banana + Alpen Light
Dinner: Veg Soup + Quorn Lasagna
Snack: 1 slice of pound cake (no idea of syns)
Exercise: dancing and cleaning like mad!
Water: 1.5 litres
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Not sure how many syns were in that slice of pound cake yesterday but I loved it! Hopefully still within my syns for the week.

Another Green day today, but the morning started off naughty already, but lunch and dinner I'm hoping to stick to plan and going to try to have a bit less today to make up for it.

Breakfast: Pratha with chicken curry (guests were having and I couldn't resist)
Lunch- Veg soup, bowl of grapes
Dinner- Stir Fry Veg with Rice
Snack- Alpen Light and Shapes Yogurt
Exercise: Going on the bike now that my guests have gone out shopping, so 20 mins


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Not going to update what I had yesterday for dinner....just to say it was nice and very naughty. The only good thing (besides how nice the food was) is that I went to empty my bowels.
Not sure why that seems to happen to me when I have my unhealthy food I need to go to the toilet, but when I have the healthy stuff I struggle to go as often.

Today I am just having fruits and veg and my Healthy Extras to make up for it!

Monday Night Weigh In- just hope to be lucky to STS. Gosh it's been a hard weekend and more guests to come today and next weekend.


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Guests are gone now....so hoping to be good for the rest of the week. WI day today and really fearing a gain, but if I do at least I know why. Really couldn't resist much this weekend.

Today having a light breakfast and lunch before my weighin tonight:

Breakfast: Shapes Yogurt with Pear
Lunch: Veg Soup with 1 piece of ww bread
Snack: 2 Alpen Lights
Dinner: Egg and SW Chips (after WI) + 2 homemade Samosas (syns)
Snack: Mini Milk
Exercise: Definately doing 20 mins today
Water: 1 litre
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Was really nervous at WI yesterday, but fortunately lost 1lb. I can't take that for granted and will try to be good this week and save my syns up for my dangerous weekend.

Instead of taking the car to take my son to school decided to go walking as it's nice and sunny outside (although still a bit chilly). As I take the pushchair for the little one I'm going at a good speed, so think if I can keep this up all week I'll get myself a good workout!

Green Day today:

Breakfast- Egg, baked beans and 1 Warburtons wholemeal toast (.5 HEB)
Snack- Pear
Lunch- Stir Fry Veg with Noodles and Prawns (HEB)
Snack- Shapes Yogurt
Dinner- Rice with Quorn Curry and Salad
Snack- Alpen Light (.5 HEB) + some Syns (tbd)
Exercise: 25 min brisk walk + 20 mins bike
Water: 1 litre Diet Coke: 3 glasses
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Danger day again today as I have some friends coming over, but hope I can stay under control. Did not manage to get on the bike yesterday, but did do the brisk walk instead. Had a few cups of diet coke yesterday, but don't want to get into a habit of drinking sodas instead of having water, so will try to limit it today.

I requested some blood tests from the doctor( as I've lost almost 3 stone from starting SW ) and wanted to make sure that my iron, cholesterol, glucose levels were fine and all the tests came back normal- really happy about that! They also tested for underactive thyroid- but that also came back fine. So looks like everything is in balance :)

Today I'm having a Green Day:

Breakfast-Banana and a Scrambled Egg with Baked Beans

Lunch- Veg Soup with a baked potatoe with tuna (HEB) and 1 tbsp extra lite mayo.

Snack- Shapes Yogurt and 1 Alpen Light (.5 HEB)

Dinner- Good ole...spaghetti with homemade tomatoe sauce and 1 slice Warburton wm bread (.5 HEB)

Snack- Mini Milk ice cream

Exercise- 10 min brisk walk + 15 min bike

Water: 1.5 litres


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Had such a busy day today that didn't get time to sit properly and eat.

It was going to be a Green Day, but turned into a Red Day.

Breakfast on the Run while shopping: 2 Alpen Lights + banana
Lunch- Veg Soup with Crab Sticks
Dinner- Chicken Curry with 1 Chapati (syn)
Snack- 4 Mikados

Awful day of not planning any of my meals. Really need to plan ahead for the next 3 days as my guests are arriving tomorrow night and staying until Sunday!


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Didn't get to update my food intake the last 3 days as have been super busy with guests. I was good though for Friday and most of Saturday, but Sunday really didn't do too well. Not sure if it's because of all the junk I ate yesterday, but when I woke up this morning I had really bad stomach pains and diarrohea, so think this helped clear my system and knock down 2lbs weight this week. Just kicking myself as I probably could have lost the 3.5lbs to reach the 3 stone target before going on holiday. Oh well...will sleep on it and try to be good all this week before I'm off for 3 weeks.

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