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My Weight Loss Journey

Or lack of it.....

I joined Slimming World on 17th September 2008 and by Christmas '08 I had lost 1 stone 10 lbs. Today 16 LONG MONTHS later I have only lost an additional 6lbs.

I am very close to calling it a day. It isn't SW, it's me.

There was a time when losing weight won and now the chocolate is winning. I can sit there and plough my way through bar after bar after bar. Knowing it will make me put on weight and I don't even want it. :break_diet:
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honey, since being on SW you have still LOST 2 stone 2lbs! would you have lost that if you hadn't done it at all?! you've done really really well!

i'm sorry you feel rubbish, maybe you need to do something to spruce up your diet, new reciepes, new group etc etc, but honestly, it's not SW that's not working, it's eating the things you shouldn't be.

I hope that doesn't sound harsh, it's not meant to! i think you should be really proud of yourself!


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It's hard once you've lost a bit and feel better about yourself, but if your head isn't in the right place its a struggle. Just think about how much better you'll feel and look when you lose more weight. Just take it half a stone at a time and set youself some goals with non food rewards when you reach them such as new clothes or perfume. Do you go to group? If not, maybe you need the support a group can offer. I know from personal experience, once I give up altogether the weight I've lost soon comes back as I go back to my old ways. Chocolate is evil and bad for you and the corporations that make it want to take all your money!


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Need to get your motivation back. You have lost before so you know that it works. Set yourself small goals. Just think how much better you will feel with getting rid of that extra weight. How many more things you will be able to do without all the extra effort and feeling tired all the time. Try to find a recipe that will satisfy your sweet cravings - like the .5 syn roulade, options with quark and others people have posted on here. Whenever you have that urge to reach for the chocolate just get up and have a glass of water or have a diet coke instead. Go out and have walks and try to focus on something else. Try to start fresh from today one meal at a time and don't buy more chocolates until you have reached a point where you can control yourself and have them as syns.
Obviously the choice is absolutely yours, but you must accept that when you say "I'm going to give up, the chocolate has won" you are also saying "I am not in control of my own life and am now accepting that I will stay obese and my health and lifestyle and self-esteem will suffer as a result"

I'm really sorry to sound harsh, but unless you face this battle head on every day you will fail. Failure can feel appealing sometimes because with it comes the ability to eat all that lovely food we have not had for so long BUT this is all at a massive cost to our entire life.

I miss eating everything in abundance- I really do, but I LOVE the fact that I feel fit, and can wear lovely clothes, and get whistled at in the street and go on days out without worrying if I will fit in the chair of if my thighs will bleed from rubbing together or if I will get red and sweaty from the slightest exersion.

Mate, no food on earth is worth the misery of being overweight- losing weight is not for wimps, but it is SO worth it.

Good luck xxxxxxxxx


Will be thin god dammit!!
God I agree with every thing cocktailprincess just said, Ive got a long way to go but you have to WANT to do it!
Good luck and don't give up
CocktailPrincess has given you some very wise words and I'm not sure that any of us could add anything to a fantastic post.
Please don't give up Miss_Williams.
Go back to the reasons why you joined SW in the first place - are they still valid for you? If so, you owe it to yourself to carry on.
Take care.

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