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My weightloss diaery

S: 17st3lb C: 16st10lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 31.7 Loss: 0st7lb(2.9%)
Started off today full of renewed excitement. Have finally made the decision to start lighter life and husband has agreed at last that we can afford it. I really can't wait to start now and have left a message on the LLC's home and mobile phone but that was this morning and I'm not feeling very patient. I just want to get started, straight away!! Been sitting by the phone most of the day, and I know that it may be a few weeks before I can start but really hope not as this will mean I am on foundation while on holiday which isn't great as we are going with lots of family and they just won't understand if I eat nothing . ( also we have not been away for 4 years so want to be able to join in a bit with everyone). So.............decided that I would only tell hubby and then told my Mum on the phone today. I love my Mum sooo much, she is really great but sometimes I get so pissed off! I knew she wouldn't think it was a good idea so don't know why I told her. She has been on a diet foe as long as I can remember although has always been supportive of me telling me not to worry about my weight. Even so I have been dieting since I was 12, weight watchers, slimming world bla bla bla and looking back I wasn't even over weight. My Mum is doing well on ww at the mo and so was saying, just have this for lunch and this for tea......but knowone seems to understand that I can't! When I start eating i can't stop! I think about food all the time, it masks every emotion I have and every diet I have been on I have come out the otherside a few pounds heavier. I knoe full well that I need help and it isn't someone telling me what to eat, it goes far deeper than that hance why I chose LL. Mum said don't you think it might have a neg. effect on your children not eating proper food?(this cuts deep) but I actually think me skipping from one diet to another, eating healthily in front of them because mummy wants to be slimmer to be healthy and then binging when no one is looking and just getting bigger is having a worse effect. Anyway I could rant all day and no one wants to be negative, they just care about me and I feel bad for moaning so will stop now. Oh come on damn phone, ring will you!!! I want to start my journey to the thin me:wave_cry:
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It'll happen and you'll be up and skinny in no time. :)

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