My WI Result


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Hey everyone,

Not long had my weigh in and thought I would update you all. This was my first whole week SS since last year and I lost 10lbs. I am soooooooooo happy, and cant wait to get through week 2. I love this diet it is hard at times but well worth it when you step on the scales each week. I now have the buzz which will last me well in to next week and before I know it, it will be weigh in day again!
I used to avoid the scales like the plague now they are my best friend.

Good luck everyone on you CD journey and always remember it is worth it!!!
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Hope a lot of people read your post, it can feel like a hard diet sometimes, but fantastic results. So well done to you TINKERBELLA, you have good reason to be chuffed x


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Well done Tinkerbella, that's a fabulous loss :clap: :clap:


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Well done on your 10lbs :eek:

I'm hoping to start CD monday for first time so will remember this post and use it as my mantra when i feel i cant go


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wow well done, 10lbs is great for week 1 wi. Bet you feel so motivated now! x


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Well done to you :) amazing stuff x


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Well done! Roll of the first stone off for both of us!


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well done, keep going

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Brilliant, well done. x


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Thats a brilliant loss :D I got the same loss we both started the same time it seems haha... both of us lost 10lbs how awesome :) Let's make it a stone hopefully by next week :p


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Congrats Tinkerbella and Xypher -- the last time I lost ten pounds that fast... I had a 10lb 2 oz baby! Even my first week on LL, I only lost a whopping 6 pounds. Well done!



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Hey everyone

Thank you all for your lovely comments! - Nellyphant and Xypher lets get that first stone gone by next week - think we are all at about the same point in our journey - well done to both of you aswell.

Minnieme - thanks for your post - my little nephew is 4 weeks old and he is 10lbs - it feels so good to look at him and think I lost this much weight - really puts it in perspective. I think that sometimes people forget how much a lb is - I was explaining that to my friend and she said that anytime people think they havent lost much to put the same amount of weight that they have lost in a shopping bag (using bags of sugar) and carry it around with them all day - then they'd realise - I think she made a really good point!!! (just thought I'd share).