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My WI Results.......


Going for Goal!
G: 13st0lb
After a few picks here and there (off all the wrong foods) and skipping shakes....This week I lost 8.5 lbs!!!!!!

I know I could have lost more if I was 100% but i'm so pleased with the weight loss that I am determined that this week NO food will touch my lips other than CD and water!

The big test will be this weekend - I'm visiting my in-laws. They are very supportive, but the house is quite open, and the smell of food.....I may have to hide while food is being eaten.

What strategies do you guys use for yourselves when you're visiting people and food is around? :confused: I'm trying to think of polite ways I can excuse myself :rolleyes:
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S: 19st4lb C: 19st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 0st4lb(1.48%)
Congrats on the loss, you've done really well. Well done! Hope that it will spur you on to try for a 100% cheat free week. I am also visiting family this weekend, my sister is graduating so its a ceremony, meal in a fave restaurant of mine and a party- plus a picnic tomorrow! Its going to be a real test for me, but I'm determined to keep strong. How much more will I enjoy all those things when I can do them in 6 months time as a slim and sexy lady?

My biggest tip for visiting would be to be open and honest about your diet, even if it comes under some negative fire. Be strong, stick to you guns and believe me you will feel amazing once you get home if you manage to stick to the diet. If you can do this, you can do anything! If meal times are a problem, try having a porridge, then you can sit with your family at the table and 'eat'. If there is constant food to graze on throughout the weekend, try splitting your packs in half and then you have 6 meals instead of 3.

The only thing that will really get you through the weekend is willpower and determination. If you want it enough, then go and get it. I have personally given up hiding away when everyone eats- I sit and scoff down my shake/porridge/bar with them. I figure if I hide away, I'm not tackling the issues I have with food, and will be likely to fail when it comes to maintenance. Be with your family, enough their company and ask yourself if a taste of that food is better than a slim, happy, healthy you? I know what I'd rather have :)

Have a nice weekend :D
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Eventually you will be able to be around food without it bothering you at all. When I first did this I was known to be the cook at a BBQ churning out stuff for people to eat and not touch a morsel. The smell was gorgeous, but even that did not make me want to eat it. The smell was enough. At the start though, it was tough to be around food and the smells it created.

I just used to take myself away from it - go for a walk or something - until I knew that they had finished eating. It was still tough going back to the house because the smell of the food lingered, but you cannot eat a smell so it was safe :D

Slowly though, the want/need to eat went away, and it was easy. I just sat with them and had my soup in a bowl, or ate my bar, and drank water.


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S: 16st2lb G: 11st0lb
Great weight loss - well done you. Once you get into ketosis you won't feel hungry anymore or the need to eat...as my CDC says you are only sabotaging yourself...and once I eat, I know I want to eat more! I'm doing it 100% this week after playing around last week..on day 3 without any food, didn't think I could do it, but am proving myself wrong and it feels great to finally be in control.

All the best for this week - keep strong and positive and remember nothing tastes as good as being slim!


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