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My WK 1 weign in


No longer a redhead though!
:):)Am excited and nervous this morning. My first weigh in happens around lunch time.

I am feeling a bit constipated so am worried that'll add weight, (duclax here I come) and am reluctant to drink lots of water this morning and even googled how much water weighs!!? Silly isn't it.

See you all when I get home from work
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Size 14 here i come!
I am exactly the same weigh in day, i get weighed at 11.30 and i am nil by mouth till after,lol
Good luck hun i'm sure you will have done great, let us know how you get on!!


Having a mid-life crisis
Good luck!


No longer a redhead though!

I felt like i'd lost a lot more than 4.8lbs! I stuck to LT all the time and haven't cheated once. Was expecting more like 7lbs! :(:confused::(:confused::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh:
dont be disheartened xxI know its really difficult , but look on it this way, some of us have huge store of the g..... thingy, you had a little store of it... first week does odd things to different people, A good 4lbs loss is over half a stone!!! get some tins out of the cupboard put them in a carrier bag and make sure its 4lbs, carry them up and down the stairs twice, now put them down.... You have just recycled 4lbs of tinned tomatoes lol


I will be skinny again!!!
Well done lisa!!!

Dont be disheartened at all!! thats a fantastic loss

and if you were dieting before hand, then your loss will be pure fat and not glycogen and water!! xxx


No longer a redhead though!
Hi Samonamission, with the best will in the world 4lbs is never going to be half a stone - 7lbs is half a stone...but hey, by next week it will be half a stone fingers crossed.

Hi Chelly, I wasn't dieting at all before so don't know whats happening. Was hoping for more considering I am used to eating a rather heavy breakfast from the sandwich van, a big lunch and then a snack at night going to no food at all for a week (insert sad face).

I used to think that I retained water and then realised that that could have been because I never drank water. I've been averaging on about 3 litres a day this last week - so who knows!


No longer a redhead though!
oh, and I used to drink 2 to 3 glasses of wine of an evening too!


Eyes on the Prize!!
Hi Lisa well done on your loss. 4lbs is still a great loss.

Did you stick to the diet 100% and not add anything to your shakes and teas? Even having mints can effect some people. Some can whizz through having the odd variation but some need to stick to it 100%.

I'm in week three now and I can honestly say it does get easier. I am not tempted to add anything to the shakes anymore. In the begining I was desperate for something like curry powder anything to take the bland taste away.


No longer a redhead though!
Hi Lisa Did you stick to the diet 100% and not add anything to your shakes and teas? Even having mints can effect some people. Some can whizz through having the odd variation but some need to stick to it 100%.
Hi Crunchy, yes I reckon 100% as I only add pepper to the soup, curry once and drink green tea with peppermint. Drink lots of water too. Considering the amount of calories that I would have been taking in this 4.8lbs still seems meagre.

To be honest I haven't found it particularly hard at all so I'll just plod on!

Having only added what has been okay'd on here surely I shouldn't feel guilty?


Size 14 here i come!
You know what, i totally understand and i would feel the same at losing 4lb hun, it's hard when everyone else is going on about 7 and 8lb losses. BUT!!!! Please don't give in now, you will have a good wi next week i bet you, are you near totm?

I could ask loads of questions to try and work out why it was a 4lb loss but nothing will make it better i know.
You sound like your head is in the right place for this diet which is excellent, alot of people would have thrown the towel in but you are stronger than that.
You did mention that you were constipated, have you had any luck with that?lol
You are the same height as me and your goal weight is similar to mine, we can both do it.
I have had weeks where i didn't lose much and it's rubbish but just think that's 4lb you will NEVER see again!
Good luck for your 2nd week and keep that motivation going!


Don't Worry Be Happy
a lose is a lose :)chin up keep smiling and good luck for next weigh in:)


No longer a redhead though!
Yes... weigh in day over now and..

and yes, will soldier on. Not my totm, never have those. Not constipated any more either.

Anyhow, I've lost 4.8lb so will build upon that and move on. Weighing day is over and I am now onto my second week.

Thank you for your support and I did just need someone to understand that I was feeling a little let down, I had raised my expectations having read about all the other week 1 losses.

This morning didn't help either, after dreaming that I'd eaten pizza (relief to realise I hadn't when I woke up) but I really messed up my first vanilla shake this morning and it was warm and lumpy so was gross to get down. But I got it down! Won't get distracted in the work kitchen again yuk.

Roll on next Wednesday. Weigh in wk2


Size 14 here i come!
Fantastic attitude, you will do great!!


No longer a redhead though!
Thank you stinky and yes am feeling much better now. Just had my chicken soup with a little pepper and a little chilli flake - has warmed me up lovely.

Tis 6.40pm and have done 2.5 litres of water, so will easily be three by bedtime. So my water intake is good still - my biggest expected hurdle x

Thank you (can't work out how to thank via forum)


Size 14 here i come!
If you want to thank someone look at the bottom of your post in right hand corner hun, it has Quote and thanks with a thumbs up. By the way you're welcome, it's good to see someone getting along fine as we have had alot of unlucky people really struggling lately. You like the soup? again you are in the minority,lol


No longer a redhead though!
Chicken soup is my saviour!

And thanks for the heads up on how to thank, I kept looking in my own message box doh!!


No longer a redhead though!
Wk2 was good for me. Lost 6lb's so 11lbs over the two weeks. Feeling better - thanks everyone

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