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My Xenical Diary

Im hoping to keep a diary to track my journey on Xenical, heres a bit about me:

January this year after a Xmas of stuffing everything in sight my weight hit its all time high!! since then I have lost and kept of 12lbs through SW and CD but I need to loose about 4-5 stone more to be healthy!!

Iv been trying to diet for as long as i can remember, in fact i dont think iv ever not bn on a diet!! I've tried most diets available, SW, WW, CD the lot, my only real success was with CD but I just find it too restrictive to loose the amount I need to on.

Since a holiday in July I have lost and regained the same 7lbs more times than I can remember, so after a bit of thought I braved asking the doctor for Xenical, its something I havent tried, i do eat generally healthy but I snack (or pig out) far too often!! so I am hoping with the aid of Xenical I will avoid the snacks through shear fear of the dreaded side effects!! and the tablets will help with the general weight loss too!
I am going to try and increase my fitness by using my Wii fit more and I go to Zumba once a week too!!

I started the tablets yesterday at lunch, and so far have had no adverse results, tonight my partner has also been to the doctors and been prescribed the same drug, so together we can stick to this and get slim!! we both have close friends weddings next summer, hes best man at one and I'm bridesmaid at another so lots of motivation for us, then hopefully a lovely holiday after to relax!! I'm certain tho that I dont want to feel as self concious as i did this year whilst away again!!

I havent used Xenical before so I appreciate any help/advice you may have to offer, heres hoping to a sucessful result!!

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Hi miss-HJ, suggest you read the Xenical leaflet so you don't go over the fat allowance or you may get the side effects. Drink 2 litres of water a day, green tea is also good. Good luck on your weight loss journey.
Thanks Petal1951, i have read the leaflets in the packet and reasearched lots, however my doctor didnt really go into the details, from reasearching i believe i should consume no more than 40-50g of fat per day, some say 30-40g tho?

am i right that if its 3g of fat per 100g then if i consume 200g its 6g of fat i record? and likewise if i only have 50g its 1.5g? this is the only bit confusing me atm.

No side effects yet thank god!!


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the general rule is to have no more than 5g of fat per 100g in any foods.
and no more than 15g of fat per meal.
i suggest you read the sticky in the main part of the xenical section... its a great source of info and you will get loads of tips and ideas from there...

welcome, and keep posting... post your foods, that you eat and then we can let you know how things are going, and also will allow us to see if you are trying things that people are not.. :)
thanks i will have a look there.

my partner started on the tablets friday, tho hes bn away so not following the guidelines properly, much to my moaning at him!! he has already had the leakage problem, on our lovely cream sofa too!! that should teach him for not listening!!!
Hi im just starting xenical to I started 6/10/10 and have found this site great for help so hopefully we wil be getting healthy and losing the pounds at the same time x
Hi Mrs R, how are you finding it? i dont feel any different atm, I am conciously eating good and no side effects yet luckily.

How much are u looking to loose?
If you stick to the rules you shouldn't get side affects. I never had any side affects. That's typical of men, they just don't listen do they?!! Well hopefully that will keep him on the straight and narrow from now on. xx
hi i love diamonds, yea its typical of a man, his attitude at first was well at least it will flush it out, tho i have to say the lil accident of seepage this morning made him think 2ice, so hoping he'll listen in future, if not he knows the effects!!

you seem to be doing well on it, so hoping its as good to me as i am following the rules etc, with no ill effects!!
Hi well i have a way to go lol got weighed at the doctors last week and it was 16 stone have set myself mini goals cause looking at it in a whole is to much lol. I would love to get down to 9st 7lbs but firstly i wanna get down to 14st. I am the same as you havent had any side effects and i am actually feeling great dont know if its the diet or knowing I am actually doing something about it but long may it continue. Gonna give myself my first weigh in at lloyds tomorrow so ill let you know how i go lol Hope your still finding it ok x Oh and good luck for your weigh in at weight watchers x x
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i was very dissapointed Tues with my WW WI +1lb!!! not sure whats happened as i hav been good, spoke to the WW lady n she has said to reduce my points, i should have 26, this is not including any for exercise as in my job i dont move lots, and exercise is extra loss as far as im concerned!! so im down to 24 this week, im 2lbs away from the next stone down and dropping a point anyway so will try that tho if i dont c a loss next week i think im guna drop ww and stick to just the 5% rule. with WW some are slightly over the 5% per 100g so this could be why??

I have now been taking the tablets a week and can feel they have changed my insides, the first 5 days i felt no different, even toilet function, now its looser and more frequent but not what id consider to be a side effect, just that the tabs are now removing the fat.

Ive read before they can take up to 7 days to get into the system and feel i must have been in this catogory, I have missed the odd tablet due to not having them on me and now even if this happens i still feel like bowels react to meals.

fingers crossed for a loss for Tues, i am also increasing exercise now too, went for a long walk yest, Zumba tonight and am going to get back into the Wii fit for cold nights!!


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oh what a pain... it could also be that your not drinking enough, or that its that time of the month.. i hold more water in the middle of my cycle rather than the actualy aunt flow. so it could be that...

i really hope that you see a loss in your next weigh in...
good luck with your zumba class to. that sounds fun, but i have no one to go with. so i dont wanna go on my own.

are you doing anything nice over the weekend? can you get in some extra wii sessions or more walks?
Hey im sure you will find the right balance and you will see a change on tue when you weigh in. You will need to let me know how you get on at zumba ive heard about it but dont know what it is I might give it a go to.
I need to get myself a wii everyone says they use it but with not having kids I never bought one so think I might treat myself to one or drop enough hints for the OH to get me one lol :)
Hope you get on better this week


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they are great fun!! we dont have kids either, and hubby and i have a blast when we get time to do it... :)
hi ladies thanks for the comments, i think it could be the water, iv never bn a big drinker and some days i have 2 cups of tea and a glass of juice with dinner!! not enough really!!! plan for this week then is to upp the water!!

Zumba is brilliant, you dont need to go with anyone really, there are loads of people and i chat to everyone there too lol its a really good workout, the aim is to have fun n sweat, there are optional movements but the lady just says as long as ur moving its fine!! its usually a 6 week course so if u dont enjoy it (tho sure u wld) u dont have to continue, its £15 for the 6 weeks. iv got loads of people to join, all have loved it, mums joining us on the next session!!

not much exercise this weekend, had a course assignment to get in!! but zumba tues again so maybe a walk or wii monday.
Think ill give it a try lol going swimming 2 morrow after work aslong as i dont drown it will be a successful excerise :p not been swimming in years but think its time I took it up again :) Hope your doing well x x

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