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My Xmas day - lost temper, but stuck to LL!!

I went to my mum's house today with DH and our four kids, 18, 10, 7 and six months old, and my sister was there with her two and her DH and my brother and his wife and their two children, and finally my aunty.

The smell when I got there was tremendous and I have to admit that it was the hardest day of LL yet! I walked in the kitchen to torment myself I think! I looked at the steaming turkey and thought to myself that I could have a slice, as it probably wouldn't bring me out of ketosis!! But I'm such a perfectionist that I would have been so, so disappointed in myself if I had, so I walked away and took my bar and sat in the other room while they all went to eat. The thing that made it easier was that I can't bear all the noise with so many people/kids, so instead I sat and watched TOTP while the baby had a sleep and sipped my black coffee, so it was quite pleasant in the end. My dad came in and brought me a cracker to pull (bless!) and in it was a little tiny silver salt and pepper shaker - perfect for my handbag for soups!! LOL! My mum also said that she was going to do me a Xmas lunch when I am able to eat it, and would do the full works!

Anyway, I got through the day and even managed to avoid the Pringles, cake, etc!

I did, however, get really upset and angry at one point when my brother came back in the room with my brother-in-law and started telling me that I'm not eating properly, how am I going to keep any weight off because as soon as I started eating properly again I'd put it all on. My brother said that a girl in work lost loads on LL then put the lot back on as soon as she finished. I told him he knew nothing about it, to which he replied that he'd "lived it" for 12 weeks. I replied that she couldn't have done it properly then, as she would have had another 12 weeks following that learning a lot more about food and herself before she had finished. Then my brother-in-law starts saying that I'm going to be bulimic next, that he'd bet on it, and then started mouthing off about how stupid the diet is and that I need to play squash to lose weight!! WTF!! :mad::mad::mad: At this point I snapped that I wasn't getting into an argument about LL on Xmas day when I'd just missed my Xmas dinner and they knew nothing about LL and that I was I told them that I was really p'd off, and I think I threw in a few more swear words (whoops!), started to get really angry, then I got upset because I'd let them get to me, as I can usually take it more or less in my stride! Anyway, they just looked at me in complete and utter shock and shut up! My sister-in-law who had also been saying exactly the same things then realised how much they'd got to me and said "each to their own, if it works for you then good on you".

Anyway, despite the stress, I got through it. I was a little snappy or a little quiet in equal measures but it was fine as it went.

Hope you all had a good day of abstinence! Would love to hear your experience of your Xmas!
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*sigh* People really annoy me especially when they know nothing. This is how prejudices are formed. It really makes me angry! I bet not one of them have ever had to battle their weight - right? What makes them health experts ...? Play squash my arse!

Anyway well done you! xx :hug99:


nearly there!! :)
ok firstly congrats on getting through it, thats the main thing out of the way!

also i too was getting that bout putting it all back on, im currently in week 3 of rtm, ive lost as of wi 1 4lbs and wont have another wi untill mon or tues but so far ive def lost more. im learning so much bout me and what i used to eat and now WANT to eat.
people who are so against this either havent a clue or have done ll but not thr rtm piece and put back on!

sorry u had to loose ur temper with them but maybe its what they need to finally shut up...and any ways just let them eat their words when u DONT put it all back on xxx
Oh, well done Catz! How fab that you've lost while on RTM! That's really good to know - as for the earache about how cr*p the diet is and why are we bothering, my DH said exactly the same as you - he said that I just had to show them and he knows that I can do it as I've been really committed.

I told my sister-in-law that I'd tried every other diet and they hadn't worked long term, and if LL doesn't then so be it, but I was going to give it 100% and do my absolute best to succeed!

Most of the family were very supportive, and I expected it from my brother and brother-in-law anyway!

Hope you had a really good day Catz!


nearly there!! :)
its so weird im out of ketosis since sunday and i thought id be hungry etc and stop loosing...def not the case!! i had a fab day was really nice thank u :)

im the same im going to prove people wrong, i love ll ive never been as small as i am now and its the best thing iv ever tried!!xxx
Wow, how positive you are - I love it! I've been worrying a little about RTM, but you've made me relax and take it as it comes!

It's funny though, each one of the people who was giving me a hard time today could do themselves a favour by doing LL too!!! ;-)

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
I hope you dont mind me posting here, I'm doing lipotrim diet.

I think you've done really well to get through xmas without eating, like you say they know nothing. Ok some people do not suceed but by being on this site you can see that it does work for some people and we've got to believe that its going to work for us!!

I've dabbled in diets before now but was so worried that I'd put the weight back on that they've been short lived. I had every excuse under the sun such as I'm missing some nutrients. On LT I knew I was getting everything I needed so that was no excuse and because the weight came off so well, I dont know I just felt in control and not hungry. I am half way through my weight lose and have had a couple of weeks off since 12/12/08 and coming back off my hols. I wish I could have done like you and continued on it, heres hoping to restarting 27/12/08. I think I've only put a couple of pounds on I havent been stupid but it has been building up. I'll stop rambling now.

Keep it up. Well done.XX


Likes to lurk
Well done to everyone who got through the day. :) I'm pleased to say I got through xmas without eating too. Sheesh it was tough. I was soooooooooooo close at one point. Closest I've ever been to lapsing but I came back from the brink! Just! Hardest day so far without a doubt. The weird thing was is that cooking and carving the turkey took my mind off it.....

Another big test tomorrow. I've got a house full!
Hey Blue Eyes, thanks for the kind words - you will get back on it I'm sure! You've done really well too - it's been a couple of months of hard work abstaining so I'm sure you won't let this opportunity slip by you!

Andy, thanks - I'm actually very proud of myself!! As you are too I assume, as you were so good too!

Guy, I know what you mean, but I have no idea how you carved that turkey!! WOW, is all I can say to that! You must have an iron will! I think that one thing that kept me going was thinking of coming here and hearing how you had all managed to see the day through without having eaten, and I knew I was strong enough too!

We are brilliant! ;-)
well done to all that got through the day, it must have been so hard for you all!!!!! as for people telling you you will gain when you eat, thats what ive been told, but i think it just makes me more determind to do this, and ive not even started yet!!!

well done guys xx
Thanks Gary Girl! I was rewarded this morning when I got on my scales by being 1lb lighter than I was on Xmas morning!! How many people have lost weight on Boxing Day??!! LOL!

I bet you can't wait to get on LL! I know that I was so impatient to start! It'll be the best thing you ever did! I actually let people take photos of me yesterday, something that I NEVER do, and I have about two photos from my fat times, but although I'm still not happy with my flabby arms, I feel I look more 'normal' at last, and my DH says I take up less room on the couch!! I actually posted a photo of myself on another forum I use - unheard of!

Hope you all have a happy Boxing Day!
Good for you poppy! It is a shame that people, particularly friends and family, can push us to that point. To me, there is sort of an unwritten law: you support your friends/family. Unless they get silly stupid. You help them acheive THEIR goals - you don't knock 'em back for it.

Its good you spoke up! Perhaps they will think twice next time, not only with you but with others as well. And its also a sign of growing confidence. So yay!

Keep at it!! :)

Well done every one for getting thru a really difficult day! Whatever the result - you all gave it your best - and thats all you can do. :)
Well done Poppy

I've had a look at your photos. Fab result and you look great, but the baby steals the show!
I bet your family got a shock when you acted out of your old character.
See the extra confidence that doing LL is giving you. Go girl!
I had cooked the dinner for my family. Was just finishing off the potatoes and carving the turkey when my Mum asked me "are we going to change into our long dresses for dinner (shake for me!).
I tld her it was not my top priority at this precise moment (she is 86 so no swear words from me at this point. There has always been pressure on me from her to look good, which is partly why I rebelled and put on weight in the first place). Her face looked so hurt so I said Okay - let's take 20mins out and go and get changed.It made her happy - didn't cost me anything.
She did look fabulous for her age and it made her feel better - see below.........



Aww, Brenda, she looks fabulous!!!! I hope I still look after myself like that when I'm her age! You are a lovely daughter doing that for her!

Thanks for the comments on the photos, it's true, I do have more confidence. I was coming out of LL last Monday when three men around my age came out a house as I was walking to my car. I walked almost bang into one of them as we tried to avoid each other, he said "I thought you were dancing with me!", at which point I'd usually have put my head down and scurried to my car, but instead I said "are you asking?!" Oh....my....god!! Where did that come from?!! So corny too, I need to learn some new lines (not that my DH would be very happy to hear that!).

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