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MyPartyIz- CD Diary - HELP! BBQ

This morning was a bit of a disaster.

Woke up at 5 (16 pints of water's catchin up on me), and as i came out of the bathroom my sister called me from her room. So I went downstairs (her rooms in a garage conversion bodge job) and had a chat with her, just as i wan going into the kitchen to get a drink, my head went VERY light and i felt VERY sick (like when you drink waaaaay too much for your body to handle, right befor your sick for hours on end lol) so i sat down for a bit, felt better and got back up.
As i got through the dining room bit and close to the kitchen sink, every thing went really fuzzy and sort of dissapeared. I thought it would pass so i turned my tap on and reached towards the glass cupboard... nothin.

Next thing I knew, I hit my head on something bloody hard, and was on the cold slate floor of my kitchen. As you do, I woke up, Felt a massive pain in my head, and screamed, very, very, VERY loud. lol. My sister came running in, then ran straight upstairs to try wake my mum up... forgot to tell her mum sleeps with earplugs in because we have a noisey dog.

So mum gets woken up by panic stricken Sarah and all she can hear is me screaming like a five year old! lol.

Then theres all the fuss of getting me to the hospital, which i HATE.

Hospitals are horrible, every time you go everyones too busy and theyr always full of sick people. And I think they have a funny smell, like old peoples home kind of smell.

We sit around and I do a load of tests, none of which are explained to me why I'm doing them. And I'm told to wait for the doctor, who is outside the room im in having a nice little nap. I understand that it cant be an easy job, but ya no, if the doctors need to sleep while theyr at work then they're obviously being worked too hard (a real comfort).

Eventually after a load of tests and even more waiting, I'm told exactly what I knew before i got there. That i fainted and hit my head. Wow. lol.

So I'm sent home with a smile and a 'if it hurts take a paracetamol'.

Plus I'm sure that when i went in when i was little I used to get a nice sheet of interesting things to do when you hit your head. Do you not get them as you get older? Gutted.

So that was my morning berfor 8 even arrived.

What a way to get a day off college ay! lol.

But I'm not breaking the diet just because I had one hiccup, be it a bloody painful hiccup, but just a hiccup none the less.

I'm only just awake really, I've jus made myself my first very own muffin, and it was a lovely butterscotch one! And I like them, a lot. lol. Am on pint 2 of the day so far and my head hurts, along with my knee and my right knuckles (somehow they got grazed a long with my sexy bump on the head).

Any other challenges this diet has to throw at me, I say, bring it on! ... but please no more bumps to the head, this one nearly got my face lol.

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you poor thing try and drink more water i felt a bit light headed at first (never fainted though) but i did find more water helps i try to drink around 5-6 litres a day it does cost me alot in toilet roll though.
thanks :D I've had a muffin so far and i think i'll go and have another! ha ha.



somebody shrink me
Wow, you're a better woman than me- I would have used that as an excude to eat so a big round of applause to you!! :clap:

And if you can stick with the diet after that, then nothing will get in your way, go girl!!!


finding my way again !
G: 11st7lb
Hi Zoe,
glad you are feeling a bit better now, what a shock this morning - to you & all concerned.
in the first couple of weeks i had dizzy spells, you just need to do things at a slightly slower pace till you get used to the diet.
glad your ok hun
Day Three...

Well today has been going well so far. No fainting, little headache but I think that might just be the great bump on my head.

I'm yet to experience this achey armness that I'm hearing a bout but it's stil early days!

I feel like I've got loads of energy! I really crave for a massive bike ride or jog or something. lol. But I know I'm supposed to be taking it easy. Next week I think I'm allowed to go back to my yoga so can't wait for that!

In three weeks time I got back to college, and with a bit of luck by then I'll have lost around about a stone! :D N I swear, if no one notices I'll be gutted lol. Saying that, my chef whites are quite baggy so you can't really see my shape while I wear them...maybe that's why I love them so much. ha, hadn't thought of that!

I'm really looking forward to my first weigh in on monday with my mum!

Was anyone else this excited about weigh ins or am I just a weirdo? lol.

I love this site. You get to rant on about stuff no one I know wants to listen to. And you get to learn all about other people and how they handle the diet. It's so helpful, I understand why my mum got so addicted to it! hehe.

Looking forward to chatting to people even more and sharing this experience with others :D:D:D !!!



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lol......:silly: well Zoe I must be a bigger weirdo than you I get excited anytime I see a scales:scale: . Glad your feeling better after your fainting spell. I'm now looking forward to your first weigh too :giggle:
:D he he I'll keep you updated then!

I was just sittin in my study and I could hear my cat (jasper) meowing but I couldnt find him. So I went into the old garage conversion bit and he was in my loft! lol.

Had a right mission getting him back down and as i grabbed him he stuck his claws in my bump! (where i hit my head lol)

It bloody hurts now! :cry: I hope its not bleeding again, I can't be doin with it ha ha.



Have a serene day!!
Glad to hear you are feeling better, shame about the cat, hope its not sore still.

I know what you mean about waiting to be weighed, I get all excited as well, it will be two weeks when I go and see Madam Dotty for my weigh in next week, so a big one is hoped for.

Good Luck with your weigh in, please please let us know how you get on.

It's stil a bit painful but it fades as I find something to distract me lol.

The cat's fine too, lol, think he's finally got all the fibreglass off himself (afterrubbing it all over my head). But he's off now to sunbathe in the sun, as it is such a hard life for him lol.

Will definitly keep you up to date :) I have to see if I'm in ketosis today and my cdc is ringin me tonight to see how I'm getting on, bless her lol. I think it's really nice that its all so personal, you don't feel like your just another customer, i like it :D



Have a serene day!!
We are lucky I think on CD to have people that we can turn to for support, and its good that they have the T shirts too.

I know what you mean by cold hands, I have my own office but the door is open to the main one, the girls in the main one like it cool and I am sitting in my office with a oil filled radiator on full and a fan heater also on full and I am still bloody cold, my hands def are.

Am looking forward to getting home later and once all the jobs are done having a good chill.

Will keep watching your diary thread, good luck for Monday, and watch out for loose cats!!

Day Four - Ketosis ... ?

Today I'm supposed to...ya know... to see if I'm in ketosis. I'm not sure I even understand what ketosis is, or if I'm even spelling it right! lol. I know it's something to do with balloons of fat but that's about it. Is it that simple?? And is there a certain time I have to...do it ? lol.

I'm doing well so far. I've had a vanilla muffin this morning and I've got to say I love em! lol. I really enjoy all this testiing and playing around with packs and seeing what happens (maybe from the chef within lol), like on wednesday, I had a wack at a strawberry muffin! lol. IT was really nice, but then later I decided it was a bit sickly to smell more then once so think I'm keeping away from strawberry for a little while :p .

Bump on the head is still quite painful but only at times. And it's really come up now. AND IT'S ON MY FACE!!! :mad: It's like three inches long now (inc under my hair), I'm glad I havn't got college for a while, although I do wear a hat all day in the kitchens so could be disguised. lol. My boyfriend keeps calling me egg head lol. Bugger. ha ha.

Apart from that, I'm really happy with the diet, and even happier with this site! :D When I feel weaker and like giving up, a little read and a chat soon swings me back on course! It's wonderful, whoever thought of it should be even more happy then the people who use it!

Two thumbs way way up :D

We are lucky I think on CD to have people that we can turn to for support, and its good that they have the T shirts too.

Will keep watching your diary thread, good luck for Monday, and watch out for loose cats!!


Where is my T shirt and why was I not informed! lol.

Definitly on crazy cat alert :hide:

he he! :D

Hiya Zoe

Just come across your thread and thought I'd pop in and say hello :wavey:

Best of luck with your CD journey, looking forward to seeing how you get on at your first weigh-in, and no, you're definately not weird getting excited about your weigh in, you've just got a touch of CD fever :p It sounds like you're doing brilliantly and you've got Jennie to inspire & motivate you.

Hope your "egg" goes down soon, good job you haven't got college at the moment .

All the best

Today was my firsrt weigh in and I was well chuffed!

I lost 8.1 lbs!!!

Now i know full well not to expect my second week to be as successful but my cdc said i can exercise again this week and i can't wait!! lol. This may sound a little odd but I've been waiting for a whole week to do something with all my time off, and I wasn't allowed to exercise!! Now I've got something to do with all my time and it wont make me faint! :D :D :D

Looking forward to next weeks now!

Well done Zoe - that's a brilliant start, more than half a stone gone already.

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