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MyPartyIz CD Diary ~x~ Day 3


Today is my first day back on CD. I only tried it for about a week and a half last time as it led to me feeling VERY VERY sick.

But im feeling very confident this time that it wont have the same affect for lots of reasons. My life has changed so drasticly since i last tried it i feel it can only make it easier.
  • I am no longer a chef, so no dealing with food all day.
  • I no longer have my boyfriend:cry:, and though this may sound like a bad thing its not:D. When we were together he used to want to eat rubbish all the time and so i would eat it with him. Him also telling me i was perfect how i was meant i had less motivation.
  • I work normal hours now so no strange eating patterns and i can actually get into a routine.
  • Christmas is over and my birthday isnt 'til october so nothing massive to celebrate in-between :D
Really looking forward to seeing some results and feeling super fabulous lol.

I know i'll always have support from you lovely people on here as i did before. plus living with your CDC cant be a bad thing can it?! he he.

Looking forward to helping every1 else on their journeys :D

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Day 2 CD 12th Jan

Day 2 begins with lovely weather! :D

Glad day 1 is over now though feeling pretty good about it still.

Went to a friends flat last night and everyone was drinking but i managed to keep away and told them all i couldnt because i was driving + had to have water coz i felt ill. Was easy after a while.

Yesterday i had a choc mint shake for breakfast, a banana tetra for lunch and a brocolli & cheese soup for dinner.

LOVE the banana tetra, choc mint not so bad but b + c soup wasnt as nice as id hoped and could only eat half of it then was full! so think im goin 2 split the soups in half and have 2 small dinners a day.

Not feeling rough at all :D Felt a little bit hungry last night when i got in but not hungry enough 2 not ignore and fall asleep.

Having a choc tetra as i type this now, its quite nice but nowhere near as nice as the banana lol.

Hope today goes as well as yesterday did with no affects on how im feeling except great! :party0049:



Taking Back Control...!!!
Good luck Zoe.... I'm sure you'll do great ..... espec with a CDC practically on tap....lol..... can I come and move in with you ;)

Sounds like your doing great.....:D


jelly belly
S: 20st5lb C: 18st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 49.2 Loss: 2st5lb(11.58%)
hi zoe
wanted to wish you all the best and good luck on your cd journey
you will get to your goal and succeed
stay strong and remember when it gets tough come on here for inspiration

Day 3

Aww thanks everyone! :grouphugg:

Last night was HARD! I went out at about half 3 this mornin to go meet a friend after work and he bought one of those MASSIVE bars of cadburys milk choc!! :drool:
I can't really blame him though, every time we see each other we pig out on junk so how was he to know i was on a diet if i didnt tell him. But he was very nice and didnt even open it once i'd told him and said he felt very bad.

SO STIL NO CHEATIN!! :D:):p:D:):p:D:):p

I know its stil early days but for me, but every day that i dont cheat is a massive success lol.

Still feeling pretty good too. No side affects seem to be taking any affect, not even so much as a headache :D so not complaining about that!

Today i promised my friend that i'd go to her hen party on the 26th of jan, she then told me about all the alcohol and buffet food she was putting out (shes having an ann summers party at her house). So hopefully by then i'll have had 2 good weeks of loss to motivate me from touching any of it and be really good.

Anyone got any ideas how to make it easier? Would be very greatly appreciated, please :)

Ketosis 13th Jan


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thats brill being in ketosis,i to am struggling to get back to ss,been picking at bits since after xmas,wish i had never eaten at xmas now grr...good luck u can do it

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