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hey :) I actually find the opposite , when i am on CD my nails become much stronger and really white !!
There is a great supplement that you can take from Holland and Barrta called 'Hair and nails ' and its really good :)


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Hiya, I've also found exactly the opposite to be honest. Before CD my nails were really weak and brittle, but with all the nutrients, vitamins, etc in CD, my nails have actually grown and don't break as easily now. :D
There are a couple of places that do hair and nail supplements as Determinator has said. :)


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I've been a chronic nail biter up until now so looking after my nails is a new experience. I am finding all the water helping but I have also started buffing using a nail oil. It's in a little bag behind the sofa so in the evenings I get it out and spend 5 minutes on my nails. Olive oil is great for nails and it creates a waterproof seal that stops water getting into the nail and helps them recover.