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My nails have not changed, there still bendy weak and Kakka poo poo lol
Mine are still bitten to *******!! lol x x

My idea is : If i can't eat food i will munch my hands!! pmsl x x
I have gels......they're a lovely sparkly purple this week, to match the dress that I'm going to wear on Saturday night!
I have my own nails, Which are quite long. Can't say I've noticed a change with them from the diet. They are still quite thick, not really bendy and grow quickly.

I tend to cut them when they get a certain length, it seems to make them grow stronger each time. lol
Mine became very week! They were just coming off in layers. I cut them really short. Bought Sally hansen - triple strong nail polish and it made a huge difference!!


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I hate to say it, but I had lovely, long nails before this diet, and now they are short and flakey :( I can't seem to get them back no matter what I do. You'd think with 100% nutrition they'd grow beautifully, but maybe the body is so low on cals that it's reserving what it has for other stuff and hair, nails, etc. can go jump for now! lol. Small price to pay for losing weight though. Nails will grow back in time, and for now there's always falsies :) xx

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