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Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by minxie_minx, 17 June 2014.

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    I just love the NAKD products, when I wasn't doing SW, I would enjoy these as part of a healthy diet!
    The raisins infused with -orange/cherry/cola/lime are AMAZING & if you haven't tried them already, taste like sweets! I have always disliked raisins - but these are great!! One quick question..

    I can't find the syn values for the Nakd Cocoa Delight BITS - NOT the bar, the bag of bits! I know the 35g bar comes up as 6.5syns - the bag however is 130g & no, I'm not planning on eating the whole thing, at a time because they are so rich you can only have 1-3 pieces! Am I going to have to weigh them out? *Annoying* I know the SW consultants say to weigh/measure things but I have never done this.. I've never really had to as I hardly use ANY (skimmed) milk, today I'm using none. So, anyway, back to the bits.. if anyone knows the syns for these it would be great! Thanks!
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  3. The page to which you give a link gives the calorie values - for 100g (386 calories) and 35g (135 calories).

    Using the 1 syn per 20 calories rule for things with no free food allowance, this is just over 19 syns for 100g and almost 7 syns for 35g. The whole packet of 130g would be 25 syns.

    And yes, I would say that you are going to have to weigh them out. It's easy enough - not sure why you would find it annoying?
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    It's not that it's annoying I guess.. It's just it makes you feel more aware you're on a "diet" if you get me? Thanks for the info! I did used to eat a whole bag of these at one point! Haha - not anymore! X
  5. Weighing and measuring is just second nature to me, I don't even think of it. Can't cook without it!

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