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Naomi Restart Diary!!!

Hi all
Thought i would make a diary for my restart as i have been finding it quite difficult to get back into ss.
Today is day 2 and i am still sick, when i cough it hurts and there is no one here to take care of me:needhug: lol.
In a way its a good thing though, because i really dont want anything to eat as i have lost my appetite so i should get through another day or rather I WILL get through another day without any problems.
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Well done sis

:party0019: Well done Nay, ur doin rlly well, dunno if u've seen but im gonna give JUDDDD a try :wave_cry:u no wot im like! I love my food my :eat: and always battle with not having food on cd it drives me mad :banghead: So after reading so much about JUDDDD I no this is the right 1 4 me:bliss:
Well so far so good today, im feeling confident in myself again where this diet is concerned. :) :)
Have finished day 2 and have claimed my 2nd star :) I feel as though i am going into ketosis, hopefully i will be fully in keto by saturday morning as the weekends are the most difficult for me.


a bit different everyday
well done nay you are doing great
its not easy but will get better the more days you do
hope you feel better soon xx
Hi thanks for the words of encouragement guys.
I have woke up this morning feeling quite good, even though its raining and looks awful outside.


Not feeling to good right now. Can feel my stomach doing the usual gurgling and feel like i wanna be sick:sick0019:
Definately did not feel like this when i originally started cd, wish i had just stayed on it now and got to my goal before coming off.

Well time for a shake now so hopefully that will make me feel better, cos i cant stomach any more water right now already had about 4 litres.
Yesterday was rough for me felt a bit sick but i got through. Hopefully today will be better i am not in ketosis grrrr dont know why but i better be in by tomorrow. Am going to the cinema today to watch Shrek so i hope i can stay away from the popcorn cos i really like the sweet one :(


Gold Member
Hope your feelin better hun....wat did you think of Shrek??? I saw it last week, thought it was ace..oviously not as good as the first one though!
Hope your feelin better hun....wat did you think of Shrek??? I saw it last week, thought it was ace..oviously not as good as the first one though!
DAY 2 (again):sigh:
Feeling much better thanks, although i am back on day 2 again lol. Thought shrek was ok kinda boring compared to the others probably why i gave in to the popcorn:sigh: Oh well its a whole new day, yesterday went very well and so far so good today. I'm feeling very positive hope to be in ketosis tomorrow.
Am of to college tomorrow to do a test for a access to nursing course. If i pass the test i will be offered a place on the course to start in September, so i am looking forward to that:D
Good luck for the test tomorrow hun......!
Hi thanks Sonkie
Well the test went great :D:D:D:D:D:D I am very pleased with my result and i have to go back on 17th July to enrol and meet the tutor so i must say i am very excited.
As for the diet i feel as though i am finally back in ketosis but i will check tomorrow morning. Hope to earn my 3rd star tonight:D:D:D:D
Well feeling good this morning, still not in ketosis though :( Hopefully will be in tomorrow. Just having my first 1.5litres of water and then let the housework commence. :)


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Hello Naomi I really enjoy reading your journal. you are trying so hard even while you are sick. You are doing great. How much weight are you trying to lose. and good work on the test

Hey naomi,

How are things - noticed you havent posted for a few days. Hope things are ok.
You have done such a great job losing 3 stone - Well done!!!

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