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nasty tongue...

hi ... i seem to have developed dark spots on my tongue ...:eek: i can brush them off .. and was wondering has this happened to any one? i use listerine strips i wondered if it was the blue off them ?? .. but i cant see that some how cos its more a browny colour.. like i say they brush off but then reappear in another or same place day after.... or is it something more sinister ... i am a bit worried that it may be the diet affecting my health ... had no problems in this area before nice pink healthy tongue.. well unless i had had a few red wines!:rolleyes: i hope not cos i feel fine so far .. any advice would be gratefully recieved .... :sign0009:
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You will get a good answer from TracyJ as she is really good at oral issues due to been a dental nurse that is.
On the news there was a vet that told Michael Murphy the farmer that his cows had blue tongue, Mr Murphy said that he didnt even know they had a mobile :D


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lol no pressure garry!!
To be honest Shaz i dont have the perfect answer but the fact they brush off is a good thing. Firstly having a dry mouth can cause some spots on your tongue so i would maybe try increasing your water intake!

Ive said before that chewing increases your saliva, it may be that you have these spots normally but your chewing and the normally higher saliva levels may wash them away?

When your mouth has less saliva, it is more likely that you will have some plaque lying around as its not washed away so it could be little specs of plaque in which case brushing is the best thing. I personally brush my tongue everytime i brush my teeth anyway just in case.

Hope this helps and gives you a few ideas, if in doubt see your dentist hun xxx
:eek:... thanks tracey... they have gone ... i think i just had a bit of a health panic cos i had never seen anything like that before ... i have read that too much mineral content in your system can cause them?? and i do take vits and minerals and a couple of herbal supplements .. pharmacist said was ok to but maybe i have overloaded eh?? i have always been very very good with oral hygiene.. so thats why it worried me... oh and tha water thing... oh my god i could sink a ship with the ammount i am drinking:rolleyes:... but going back to the begining and the fact they had dissapeared!... i had done the brushing thing .. something i did anyway pre diet.. and everything was fine ... then just out of curiosity i let one of those listerine strips melt away on my tongue.. and looked a bit later and there was some residue now maybe its that .. and like you say if not eating or for a little time not drinking maybe it just stains your tongue!.... so panic over! i hope !! i suppose being on such a drastic diet .. you do have slight niggles re whether it will affect your health?

anyhooo.... dont think i have the dreaded lurgy or anything eh... hope the re feeding bit is going good tracy i am looking forward to that stage ..i have seen questions re having to stay on lipotrim indefinatly in some shape or form ?? i hope that would not be the case .. i want to finish the programme properly then just eat properly ... i have not seen any posts to say this is what would happen .. but i suppose if you aint on lipotrim anymore you probably dont post eh?;)

oh and fattothin....hee hee ... just had that joke this am on me mobile .. good one... bye for now folks ... from sharon ... the one with the nice pink healthy tongue!!:Dxx


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Lol glad you're all better hun, My refeeding is going great thanks. You dont have to stay on LT forever hun its just that if you lose lots of weight it can be use to use maintenance bars for a while to control your calories xxxx

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