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NatashaGabrielle CD Diary!!

WEEK 1: 19/11/2011

Started CD today after a very long time being over weight! I feel this time i have the power inside to carry this through! This is no longer a thing about me wanting to look nice at 25 in clothes anymore, but i need to lose weight if i ever want to have kids. If i ever want to look nice on my wedding day (he needs to ask me first but still) Also my health, being so over weight is not going to make me live any longer.... but i think i will die soon if i dont do something about this... yes its THAT bad!

Mini Goals

  1. Get through day 1
  2. lose half a stone
  3. lose a stone
  4. Do 2weeks 100% SS

I dont think that there that much to aim for, but for me right now there mini targets that if i complete i will feel good about myself... silly i know haha!! I will change these mini goals as time goes on as i reach/complete them. I will be using these mini goals aiming to get to my long terms goals.

Long Terms Goals

  1. Get into a healthy BMI
  2. Go to gym and swimming
  3. fit in an airplane seat like a normal person
  4. be able to shop in normal persons shops
  5. feel happy about myself again

They are on no order. When i start completing these goals i will be so happy in every way! I think i will be a better person slim, as strange as that sounds! Day 1 is nearly over now and i do admit i cant stop thinking about food!! I hope that will go in time as my mind gets use to not eating! Been going to the toilet about every 15mins too... hope that calms down haha!

Anyway this is a start and i hope to keep at it! Will post back when i feel like i want to! :)
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Good morning I also felt the same when I was at my heaviest, but it's great you are determined to feel better about yourself. I did CD in 2008 and lost four stone. I didn't go up the plans and now im back on exante to lose 1.5 stones I've gained. The diet does get easier honestly, I'm a water queen at the moment which I find helps me alot.

Keep smiling and good luck :) Danii x
Aw thank Danii and Shanny :)

Well i got through day one and i am feeling quite proud of myself. I'm noticing that i am thinking about the future to much tho i am sat here thinking... will i get to April on this CD i wonder when pople will start to notice.... will i make it to goal i hope i do ect ect i think i need to put all them thoughts a side and just get on and take one day at a time very hard tho!
It's good to think about the future stick with it as you know CD works ;) once you get the first few weeks over with it gets easier.

I thought about clothes shopping alot, smaller clothes .x
You are on a difficult (though it gets easier), life-changing journey - it's completely normal to think about what's going to happen when you get to the end.

well done for making a great start. when times get tempting, remember why you want this.
I am now on the end of Day two and i am actually finding it ok! Day one was hard because i wanted to eat and start the diet the next day... and that's how i normally fail on this diet 'put it off until tomorrow'. I am now nearly on day 3 and i am feeling quite proud of myself lol. If i get get through the first week i will be feeling amazing! :)

Are you excited about starting... i think i read and replied to one of your threads... do you have around the same amount of weight as me to lose? xxx
Hey sounds like your doing a fab job! Well done you for starting . I know it's gonna be very hard to stick to :-/ but I'm so determined to be slimmer by next summer! Ive not weighed myself for a while, but i know A few months ago I was weighing in at 10 stn heavier than i was 10 years ago :-( even though i was 16 then , I felt a lot happier and healthier back then. I'm quite tall around 5 7" 1/2 so around 11 stone is good for me. It's just so annoying that it's so damn easy to put on, but a nightmare to get off! But positive thinking and hopefully next year will be a good one!! :)
welldone for completing the first few days chick . i've completed 12 days so far and although its hard , anti-social and restrictive I keep hold of the thought of feeling healthier , wearing clothes that make me happy and feel confident in myself . you have done amazing to have started .

this site is brilliant for inspiration and motivation, to know others feel the same as you provides me with a lot of strength . :)


week 1 -8.5 lbs :D


i will be a yummy mummy
well said kirsty totally agreee,off to bed now to start day 1 in the morning of ss :) fill you in on day 1 tomorrow x
hey loiuseb78

good luck starting your first day tomorrow . welldone for starting also .
look forward to hearing how your getting on.

kirsty xx
thanks NatashaGabrielle I was over the moon with it . weigh in on tuesday , hoping for a good weight loss . I will keep you updated . :)

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