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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Sarah_P, 22 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Sarah_P

    Sarah_P Happy to be slim at last

    I just wanted to share my before and after pics to keep people believing that it can be done.

    Pictures are in my signature.

    Minimins has been a life saver for me whilst going through my journey and I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has helped and supported me. I will be hanging around here for sure!

    I started Exante mid January this year and within 4 months, I had lost 5 stones. I am still doing the healthy / simple solution to lose my last 11lbs, but I don't mind how long that takes me, as I already feel SOOOO much better for having shed the weight.

    I was lucky enough to have an "after" photo shoot with exante, as i am going to be used as a case study. It was great fun.

    I know that VLCDs are not for everyone, but I have to say that it has been so good for me because it's fast and safe.

    There is no going back for me now!

    Good luck everyone whatever diet you are doing. You can do it!!!
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  3. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Absolutely cracking Sarah, what lovely photo's and you look so good and pretty, no wonder you are thrilled. I would be. What a great example and inspiration!!
  4. Sarah_P

    Sarah_P Happy to be slim at last

    Thanks Jim. You have been an immense inspiration and support to me through this. You are walking proof that it is possible to shed the pounds, however high the mountain seems when you start.

    Will be back to the Atkins board when I finally hit target, as I have been looking at Atkins maintenance and that's about the level of carbs that I am having now. So still think that it will be the plan for me long term, as I know that I still can't be trusted around lots of carbs.
  5. Petal01

    Petal01 Still Climbing That Hill!

    You look fabulous well done!!
  6. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    be good to see you Sarah!

  7. findyfums

    findyfums Member

    Well done:D thats amazing you look great!
  8. Yvonne1989

    Yvonne1989 Needs to stop eating!!

    Absolutely beautiful.I love the black dress pic....well doen on your fantastic weight loss.
  9. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    How are you doing now Sarah? You must have lost some more by now love. :D
  10. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    well done you x
  11. Sarah_P

    Sarah_P Happy to be slim at last

    Hi Jim, thanks for your message. Been losing it slowly the last few weeks, but think i have had a good one this week. I am about 6lbs from target now!
  12. Naturalblue

    Naturalblue Just keep swimming

    Hi Sarah.....not long now. You have been such an looking forward to you reaching target. We are all rooting for you on the Exante board.
  13. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    You look great in that LBD Sarah, fantastic love. Well done.
  14. Sarah_P

    Sarah_P Happy to be slim at last

    Thanks Jim and NB!
  15. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    well it's the truth Sarah. :D
  16. Iris

    Iris Full Member

    Many congratulations, Sarah, you look absolutely stunning!
  17. missymissy

    missymissy Member

    hello can you tell me what exante vlcd diet is you look amazing
  18. Jen1189

    Jen1189 Member

    You look absolutely amazing! Well done on a fantastic weight loss. I'm just starting exante today and feeling very inspired/motivated after seeing this! Xx
  19. Sallybear

    Sallybear Member

    Fantastic well done, what a wonderful inspiration to us all, thanks for posting keep on going.

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