nearly there!!!!!

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Eeeeee how excited must you be - someones going to have a fantastic weekend - WELL DONE.

:0clapper: :0clapper: :0clapper: :0clapper:


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Wow you're so close! Congratulations on everything you've lost so far! Good luck for next week - and for the future! Let us know how maintenance goes! :)

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woo hoo!!! brilliant news! 2 more mesely little pounds you'll have them off no bother!! x


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Thats fantastic! Well done :) All your hard work has paid off! Woohoo!

I can't wait to know what that feels like!



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Thats fantastic!!! well done :)


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another lb gone this week! so 1 to go...eeeeeek never thought i would actually get there!


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i can only imagine how your feeling:) well done you must be super excited:D


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Well done!! :)