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Need 2 weeks strict regime to deflate!

Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, I am usually in the Lipotrim forum... I lost over two stone on LT last year and in the last 2 months I've gained about half a stone but it's like a big girdle round my middle, just sitting there... :D

I've tried to go back on Lipotrim but just can't seem to crack it, you need a good four days to get into the regime and for some reason my willpower has vanished.

I absolutely KNOW I can shed weight so I want to introduce myself here and be able to talk about what I have eaten and get some support. I'm thinking about having a good two weeks without booze, fats, sugars and anything naughty but I can't starve myself.

I've had nothing so far today (yes, I know it's only 10.45) but I'm at work and this is the time I start craving stuff. I've got porridge in the kitchen at work, semi skimmed milk, I've a weightwatchers wholemeal loaf and some ham and watercress so I could have a sandwich for lunch. My coffee has been black since I did the LT diet.

So that's me, hello, if anyone would like to say hi to me and tell me to go for it, stay off the biccies and out of the restaurants for a fortnight, please feel free to kick my ass.

Thanks everyone.

Zayna :wave_cry:
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I thought the forum might be a bit quicker than this... never mind, I'll blog, it will keep me going.

Just eaten my sandwich. Whoopee, it didn't touch the sides. I'm washing it down with a big glass of water though, that might fill me up a bit. :(


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Just wanted to hay a quick hello, and a very big congrats on your loss last year, im sure you can lose what you have gained by eating the right foods if you cant manage to get back into LT.

Oh and yes stay of those biccies or i will :asskick: but having said that you might have to :asskick: mine lol, yesterday i had a really good day on my Slimfast diet but those ginger biccies kept calling me from the kitchen untill i had 5 ( so im just as bad ) but good luck.

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