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Need a bit of advice...Long sorry...


Team 1 all the way!
As you can see from my signature, I've been on SS for 13 wks, and have about 1stone and half to go to get to my personal target.
The last few days, I haven't felt 100%, have just started a new pill, and whether it's just a co-incidence, I don't know, but I have been feeling queasy and yucky ever since.
This morning I woke and felt yuck, so just had a pint of water and a coffee. Then we went to try on some bridal dresses, and had to go for a coffee while the woman in the shop steamed the creases out of one.
Well, there, my daughter (3yrs) had a choc crispy cake. It got everywhere and so I ended up with it all over my fingers and then licked it all off. That ended with me eating half. :wave_cry:
After buying my beautiful wedding dress, I went home and had a porridge, which made me feel even more sick, so I just had half.
I haven't managed to eat any cambridge meals today, but have had some chicken and stupidly a very small slice of pizza.:break_diet:
I still feel yuck and now have a sore throat, red cheeks and that horrible heady feeling you get just before a cold.
My CDC is on hols til Thurs. I have 2 tetras, 4 bars and the rest is porridge for the week. Even the word porridge is turning me.
I will force it down and be back on track tomorrow- I feel stupid as this should have been such a lovely day, but I spoilt it. This is my first cheat in 13 wks. :(
I am starting to think I need to go up the plans...maybe to 810. I think I need to vary what I'm eating.
Has anyone moved up the plans with 1 or more stones to lose? Would you advise it? Will I still lose?
My wedding isn't til Aug 4th, and I will be off plan for hen party end of May.
Sorry this is so long and now I'm waffling!
Any advice/words of wisdom welcome! xxx
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Team 1 all the way!
Yeah I was going to do it last week, but then my CDC said she was going on hols and I thought it would be better to wait til she came home for on hand advice etc. I think I've had an entire week's worth of 810 in one day today! :(
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Hey hun, im sorry you arent feeling well and hope ur better soon. Did you do your add a meal week for week 13? Id advise you go up to 810 asap until you feel strong enough to continue to SS again. Good luck xx
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I am notthere but I think you need to listen to your own body. maybe even a week on ss+ would help you.


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I have no advice as to whether cd will still give you good losses by moving up. But it sounds like you are coming down with something. Everyone bar me has a raging cold in my house. My 2 babies & my dp. So you probably feel alot worse about things because you are a bit under the weather....
Forget the half a crispy & slice of pizza, it has gone now. Plus it won't be detrimental to the diet.
You've done really well not to have anything for 13 weeks. Maybe you just need a change of shakes?
My advice would be to get some Benylin 4 flu, they are amazing for when you feel a heady cold coming on! Get yourself right & speak to your cdc about how you are feeling when she is back.... x


Team 1 all the way!
Yeah I am thinking 810 may be the way to go. I'll try to finish this week with SS. Then see CDC on Thurs and start 810 indefinitely. I feel so yucky, but for once in 13 wks, I have warm hands!!!
Thanks for the replies ladies! xx


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Catts, I have been doing 810 for a couple of months and so far have lost over a stone on it, just 4lbs more to go now. Your losses may slow a little, but you should still get to goal in plenty of time for August. Good luck... and as someone pointed out, you NEED to do 810 now after 12 weeks on SSor SS+.

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Hi, I moved up to the 810 plan this week as I've had a cold. Been doing it since Tuesday and already lost 4 pounds. This is my 11th Week so just doing the 810 a week early.

Been having chicken pieces with Chicken tikka spice on on a skewer with either courgette and mushrooms or a bit of salad. The amount of chicken you have is loads and very filling. Had Tuna and salad another night and fish with cabbage and cauli another night.

Keep up the good work catssseyes you're doing great. Keep thinking about how fantastic you're gonna look on your wedding day!!! GOOD LUCK!!


Team 1 all the way!
Ah thanks ladies! I'm still in bed, generally feeling rubbish and have razor blades in my throat. So far I've had a coffee, pint of water and a choc tetra.
Will see this week through on SS, and then move to 810 and beyond for the rest of my journey on CD!
You are all stars xxxx


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glad you are feeling a wee bit better honey. look after yourself!!

i have done 810 and the losses are still good. after all, it's still only 810 cals a day!! losses do slow slightly but if it helps your sanity and helps you stay on track then i would go for it.

abz xx

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