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Need a bit of help to get back on track

I was doing pretty ok until today (i'm on week 4) when I got up and had all 3 packs quite quickly and close together and then quite a bit of food. What a disaster! It was all protein-y but I doubt that matters.

I'm struggling with spacing my shakes and bars out in the day. I'm not hungry - I just have an urge to eat - and it doesn't help that I'm on my holidays from college so my days are not filled with much.

I really want to get back on track. I weigh in on Tuesday and am panicking a lot.

Any advice, encouragement or a kick up the bum?
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Girl on a mission
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As Epiphany says it's all about keeping yourself busy...When you feel the urge to eat maybe have a bath, do your nails, read a book or just come on minimins to distract yourself, the feeling does go and just wanted to say you are doing so well, maybe have set times for your packs too:)

You can do this:D
Thank you both, all good points! I may just have to join you with the cleaning!

I'm feeling a wee bit better about it and more confident about tomorrow. :)
I have a huge problem with this in the evenings. I went all day having nothing at all because I was busy... no packs or anything :( Then around 9PM I ended up being so hungry that I ordered takeaway. I must give myself credit though.. I only ate half and then put the rest away. Realistically I don't even think I am over my calories for the day since I didn't eat a thing before that. I have found that splitting all my packs in 2 does help with this. I guess I have the opposite problem to you... I am really busy all the time and so I end up getting way too hungry, to the point that packs don't really appeal. Then I lose my willpower. :( I guess what I need to do is just accept that I am gonna be hungry, and that if I am not that pleased about having a pack, oh well! I had lots of nice food over the years to get me to this weight, I can go a while without any!

I don't know how it is for you, but I've found that once I have a pack, I am hungry 2 hours later, or at least having food cravings. Not sure what it is about that 2 hour mark.
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it's a slippery slope once you start eating. my blip has lasted 2 weeks and i ended up putting 9lbs back on (shocking!)
just try and keep up with the water and like dappymare said try and have set times or make sure you leave like 4 hours in between each one. then it's more like a meal time.

hope you get back on track ok x

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