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Need a boost!


Slowly but surely!
Hi All

Have been using slimfast since beginning of November and for the first 2 months it was great and I kept at it and lost 22lbs, but I havent lost anything since beginning of Jan and I think its to do with the evening food fairy! Every evening this little fairy tells me im hungry and I nibble constantly. I dont know how to stop and I feel now im being good all day for nothing! I have been trying to do my wii fit for at least half hour a day so I know if I just stop the nibbling in the evening I can get back on track. I have 3lbs to loose to get to the 16st mark and I havent weighed that since I was a teenager, please help me get back on track!
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I find that if the nibble fairy comes along a nice long bath with a good book helps get rid of her (I think she is afraid of water!)

Hope it helps

Vicky x
I know this sounds horrible, but the only way I get rid of her is to NOT have anything to nibble in the house. No biscuits, crisps, nibbly cheese, no, just nothing but meals. It works!


Slowly but surely!
I have thought of having empty cupboards but I have 2 small children and im trying to still let them have their treats lol
If you need to nibble on sweet things there is a website called "a quarter of" and they sell lots of sugar free sweets which taste exactly the same as the full sugar versions so you wouldn't be doing so much damage if you had them (better for the little ones teeth too!).

The have lots of old fashioned sweets too so are great for original presents for people and I can honestly say everything I have ever ordered from them (and I have ordered alot) has been really tasty - you would never know they were sugar free and the prices are quite reasonable too.
have drink, and nibble on grapes istead, i do this all the time and the hunger passes.
Yes, it's difficult if you have young children but can you wean them onto healthy treats that won't add extra calories to you or them?
My children liked quite disgusting things like prawn cocktail crisps which I never liked so I was lucky! They've grown up now.
I think the problem for alot of people is if its there you will eat it. If its not there it doesnt play on your mind so much - and as its cold and rainy outside you are less likely to pop to the shops for naughty food.

Also maybe start playing soduko to keep your hands and your mind busy. Or an online card game. I try and go to the gym in the evenings so Im not sat around bored. The busier I am the less I eat. I think boredom is probably a major issue - maybe even have one room to clean each night?


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