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Need a hug


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Like many people I suppose ive been on the 'diet' rollercoaster on and off for many years. I did CD a couple of years ago and nearly got to my target weight and since then I have put back on a stone which i have been trying to lose it seems FOREVER!!! I really would love to get that stone off again and I'd be happy at that weight as I felt fab but I just CANNOT shift this weight!!!

I tried SW for a couple of weeks recently and stuck to it rigidly (I swear!!). I consciously was careful about what I ate, did some exercise. I had a night out but was straight back to it the next day. At the end of the 2 weeks I had put ON a half pound!!! Grrr!

So now I'm back to WW and doing the new plan on 29 pp. Have only used 3-4 points of my weekly 49 but I am SO anxious that I won't lose this weight. Had a sneaky peek at the scales this morning 4 days in and am actually half pound heavier than I was last week :-(

I dont know if this is just an never ending plateau or there's some other unknown issue but it's driving me nuts!!! Is there anyone else out there having the same difficulties losing weight!?? This is just sooo depressing when I'm trying so hard.
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I only weigh once a week... your weight fluctuates throughout the week. Are you drinking enough water? Or is it the time of the month. Half a pound could easily be water retention... don't give up. 4 days really isn't any indication of how its going just hang in there and you might surprise yourself next week! Keep tracking your food as well

Good luck!


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Don't worry huif this doesn't work I personally think you should try the old points system. I was in the same situation I was Cambridge I lost it I put all of it bck and now am doing Ww and am losing slowly but steadily. Don't weigh urself before weigh day your weight will always fluctuate in that time trust me iv done it many times and was alway demotivated

Big hugs
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i'd say give it 2 or 3 weeks and dont weight urself inbetween and u should see some results...if not then have u seen the wendie plan?

On the old ww plan if you were on 18pts per day you would do something like

19 points Thursday
16 points Friday
28 points Saturday
14 points Sunday
19 points Monday
16 points Tuesday
14 points Wednesday

So you basically fluctuate ur points so u body is not used to the point intake u were having before and you plan for a high pointed day. (doesnt need to be the exact days as above tho) Dont know how that wud work on the new plan but its an idea if nothing else works i know its worked for a lot of ppl that are plateuing x


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Do not panic! Just have hope :)

I had a sneaky peak yesterday and the scales had shown I'd increased a little from last week... then today 4lb off.


Just stick to it and don't panic about using your allowance, it's what it's there for!
Hi swapping plans and on off healthy eating your bidys getting confused I expect.
I lost 3 stone on ww in 5 months since then 4 months onwards it's been just 10lbs and I've been 100% most of the time. I exercise alot so have lost lots of inches.
Keep at it I know if I don't I'll end up 7-8 stone over wright again.
If we don't eat enough drink enough we hold on to weight try sticking to pp for 4 weeks then go on dp if it's not working. I tbh stopped weighing and measuring a while a go so I think looking at my porridge weighed I was having double *blush* lol

Gooduck xx


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Thanks Ladies, I'm just feeling very down about it all:cry:. I just seem to be getting nowhere.
I think you may be right size102b, My body doesn't know what's going on!!! LOL!!

I don't intend to give up as the only way is "up" if i do. At least i'm maintaining my weight at the minute and not gaining!!

Hopefully I'll jump on the scales one of these days and see a couple of pounds have vanished. At least then i won't think there's something wrong with me!!! :rolleyes:

By the way i'm doing WW online so i've been weighing, measuring and tracking everything!
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Helllooo Jaxie!!
So good to see a familiar face again on here! I too have been on the rollercoaster of weight gainage and boy have I gained over the 2 years!!! I've put on nearly two stones eek! So just this week I've decided to get back on the old diet and get back on minimins (was such a great motivator last time!)

Like you Jaxie I am a bit anxious about how slowly it might come off this time! Im just sticking to the old weight watchers plan, worked last time! I've got first weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed I've lost something.

Anyway hope things are good with you and try to stay positive with new plan (no sneaky peeking either! its so demotivating sometimes!)
Spk soon, Joanne x


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Hiya Jo!!;);)
So nice to hear from you again!! it's so difficult to keep the weight off isn't it??:mad: But if you go at it anything like you did the last time then the weight will fly off!!!

I've been full circle with about a zillion diets and once again i'm back to WW hoping that the new propoints plan will get me to where i wanna be:cry:

I've been stuck at 12 st 7lbs for about 1.5 years give or take a few pounds. I just can't seem to get below it despite having been so good the past few weeks:confused:

i'm heading off to New York in a couple of weeks time and wanted to get rid of a half stone before then but that doesn't look likely now!!!

I live in hope that i'll the scales will start moving shortly

Good luck with your new campaign. We can keep each other motivated like last time:)
S: 12st5lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 2st2lb(17.34%)
Wow, New York!!! So jealous, you'll have a fab time regardless of what weight you are!! Will be interesting to see how the new plan goes for you, I just can't be bothered changing over to the new plan, I'm so familiar with the old system and it makes it so much easier to keep on track with everything I'm eating!

Yup we'll definately keep each other motivated, and I have every confidence you'll shift that half a stone for New York:)

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