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Need a hug

Hi All

I feel I need a hug from you guys today; I'm extremely tired and that's when I usually reach for the chocolate and my will power heads out the door...

I had to take a two week break due to mega stress at work, but I've been back on the soups since Sunday and have losts the few pounds I put on during those two weeks.

Expect I will SSS tomorrow at my weigh in, which doesn't worry me too much. Lost 17lbs in the 5 weeks before the break so am fully committed. Just a little down today.


PS Does anyone ache on this programme? I can feel every muscle in my body ache; I didn't have this when I went off the programme for two weeks but have every other week. My CDC thinks it's a 'virus' but I reckon it's the diet. A small side affect which doesn't usually bother me as the results far out weigh any minor side affect. Just wondered.
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Sending hugs as requested.

I used to ache sometimes on the diet, but if I upped my water during the day I found it helped x


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Sending you a group hug. Hope you are feeling better.

I don't really ache on this diet but always seem to feel really tired on it. How people exercise while doing SS is beyond me as I can barely walk up the stairs at the tube station without feeling exhausted.

You have lost a lot and are doing really well, keep it up!


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dude bear. Sorry your not feeling ace today. I had to have last w/end off as got really sick, not thats eased a bit back on diet and I guess its like week 1 again. I'm tired and cold (no aches though).
This is the tough time and remember it does pass. You are hour by hour getting closer to getting nearer your weight loss goal. I felt a bit the same yesturday and my hubby said, its like swiiming out to a boat in the sea, waves will come but just put a little more effort in at those times so you can keep going to the boat. Don't let one little wave (day) push you nearer to shore. I laughed lots but I guess its a fair way to explain it. One wave at a time. Hugs your way.


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Big old hugs for you! I used to ache as well, as well as feeling extremely tired all the time. But now my energy levels seem to be back to normal :D xx

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Yeap i ache all the time. Day 18 and still aching, especially my back. It's pretty annoying but apart from that I'm loving CD.

Well done for starting up again and good luck.

Sending a big hug your way xxx

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