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Need a kick up the butt please!


Winning a losing battle!
Afternoon all

I'm in need of a kick up the butt so thought I'd start this thread so you can all keep me on the straight and narrow.

A little bit of background, did cd last year and lost over 5 stone but never got to goal. Put on about 2 stone so started back on cd in September. Had been doing ok but have had my birthday and my sisters 40th over the last 2 weekends so been off plan and gained 3lbs which I'm fine with and amazed it's not more!

I'm now back on ss and need to be 100% from now on. I know i can do it but those gremlins just won't shut up!!

Any support will be appreciated!!
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Hi Lizzylocket,

Sounds like your motivated to do it this time,you have done amazingly well so far so CONGRATULATIONS!! How u gettin on? I would have put about a stone on if id av come off plan,lol, u will have that 3 pound off in no time. YOU CAN DO IT!!
Its the worst feelin in the world when those gremlins appear. Sometimes when i get like that i feel like cryin but u just have to do what you can to get thru it and im always back to normal the day after.


Slowly but surely x
shaking my pom poms for you x


Winning a losing battle!
Thanks for the support guys and the pom poms rumbly!

Gave in and had some chicken in the end yesterday as was craving something savoury, could have been a lot worse so happy that I went for chicken.

Had a busy day at work today so 2 choc mint shakes and 2 litres of water down so far, may just make a 100% day at last!

Plan on doing some housework and then spending the evening on here before an early night with Lord Sugar!

Hope everyones having a good day....
you CAN do this - I was struggling with the gremlins but back on straight and narrow so we'll keep you going !!! I couldn't do this without this forum :) x

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