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  1. pattipen

    pattipen Full Member

    I started my attempt to lose weight just over a year ago. Things went well at first, losing slowly and steadily until Christmas. Since then my weight has hovered around the same level - up a pound, down a half pound, up a pound, down two pounds, up again..........

    i have have been having herbalife shakes, I started with two shakes a day and currently I am still having one shake for breakfast and varying between a second shake or a light lunch and a normal (calorie counted, lower carb) evening meal. Lots of salads at the moment!

    I didn't use to have breakfasts, so I have found that having the breakfast shake has helped me to eat less snacks throughout the day, which is what I believe has helped the weight loss.

    i need to look at alternatives to the herbalife shake as my distributor has decided not to continue, I think that this makes a good time to look at a change. I don't want a total meal replacement plan as I like to be able to eat normally with the family in the evenings, lunch has to be something that can be packed easily for work (no canteen - only a kettle at work) and I think if I had to spend a lot of time sorting a breakfast I would go back into my bad habits of only a cup of coffee then filling up with junk at lunchtime.

    I hope that something will get me going again.
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  3. pattipen

    pattipen Full Member

    I have got a starter pack of Optislim shakes - variety of flavours, there are also meal bars (had a sample of one of those) and a few varieties of soup to try out.

    I can get weighed and advice at the pharmacy where I bought the shakes if I wish, so they will be able to advise me if the weight does not start to move.
  4. libby41854

    libby41854 Full Member

    Good luck, I hope it helps kick start the weight loss :)
  5. apico04

    apico04 Full Member

    Dont settle and find something that works for you. It might take a few trials but I am sure you will find it as long as you do not settle for the circumstances. I believe that you will find your kick start....good luck!
  6. Glenn88

    Glenn88 New Member

    Green smoothies (if you have a blender) are always a good start to the day - can be very alkaline and filling due to their fiber content. They are quick to prepare (5mins - once you get used to it) and takes around 3mins for clean up. I like 1/3 of a cucumber (peeled and cut into small pieces), a green apple, a lemon (cut rind off), a small cube of ginger, a handful of baby spinach and 250 mls of water (or can be coconut water). I would also be looking at what you are drinking coffee, colas, energy drinks etc and making sure you get enough water each day. Finally looking at your why or purpose for your weight loss goal -as if this is strong enough it will keep you focussed when you are tempted or tired to keep away from the junk food.
  7. pattipen

    pattipen Full Member

    Well at the moment having tried a different variety of shakes, am now having porridge made with almond milk for breakfast, salad at lunch and meal with family at tea time ( away from home with relatives at the moment. So not normal meals for me)
    i am wondering whether I need the structure of a weekly support group and so there are both weight watchers and slimming world to consider as both have convenient groups near me.
    i am going to the gym two or three times a week from next week when I get back to normal.

    how to decide?????

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