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Need a little pick me up

I'm so frustrated at the moment.
I only lost 2.2lbs in week 2, and so far, on day 3 I've only lost 100 grams. That's not even near half a pound!!!
I know it's my TOTM (eventhough my damn period doesn't seem to come through) and I feel very bloated, but 2 weeks of practically no weight loss?

I'm going to the cinema tonight which I never do without munching. And I was so set on not eating anything, but with the way it's going now, I don't see the point of it anymore.

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Hi its more than likely the TOTM that has caused this as well as making you feel like this, at the end of the day if you were doing any other diet I doubt you would lose 10.5 lbs in 2 wks a tip I have heard of on here is to put 10.5lb of potatoes etc in a bag and try carrying it then you will realsie how well you have done, I know its not easy it really plays mind games with you but honestly it is worth it when you try clothes on and you can hold your jeans etc out with a 2" plus gap in them, keep it up you can so do it!!!
oh yes also take it daily weekly as if you think about how long you may have to do this it can make you feel very negative!!
Thanks for the encouragement.

On a little (maybe too much info) note, I just got my period :p
So that's an incentive for me to keep it up and see if it really does make a difference!
i am like dat aswell for 2 weeks near totm crap weight loose well for lt but you will see the results soon and dont forget sometimes it comes off in inches aswell so maybe get some to measure you and take it from there eitherbest of luck and chin up


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yes it will make difference but remember we are not all the same. I remember losing only 4.5 on the first week 4 the next week and then 2 pounds for several weeks and then one week lost seven, so it comes off differently for everyone keep going.
Hey hun,

Don't give up you are doing great, it is definitley your period preventing the weight loss and I bet you will be over the moon at your next weigh in!
I go to the cinema a lot, its so annoying with the smell of the popcorn and the pick'n'mix...it was horrible the first few times but what I do instead is buy a bottle of sparkling and sip it...it sounds boring but it is something!!! Another tip is to look at the slim actresses and imagine it being you so slim in no time!
Let us know how you do at your next weigh in xxx
Update: Just got back from the cinema and I didn't eat :D
I am proud of myself, though all I can think about at the moment is that belgian chocolate lying in my fridge :p
Which is why I'm going to do the sensible thing and go to bed!

Fingers crossed the next weigh in is good!


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Good on you hun!! You should be really proud of yourself for being so committed. Fingers crossed for next weigh in. Bet you get a pleasant surprise!

Niamh xxx
Well done!!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Good for you for staying strong. You will be so pleased with yourself. Your weightloss will balance over the weeks. Don't stress over it, just keep at it.
Just keep drinking the water hun, it helps with water retention that us ladies get with their periods. You're doing great xxx


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Well done for not eating at the cinema ...

Look at the bigger picture; you have lost 10lbs in 2 weeks. What other diet would give you that?

Oh, and another thing, dont weigh yourself untill your actual weigh in!!!!! Our weight constantly fluctuates so stick to one day, same time, same clothes and weigh in. :)

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