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Need a shake up!!


Violet is shrinking
So i had a really good loss week 1,i ate within the rules, was under the allowances all the time,never cheated.

this week,had a loss of 2lbs...no way near as good as last week,but i didnt expect it to be.ive done the same,ate within the rules etc...but im hoping that my body isnt getting used to dieting so...

instead of making myself have a little breakfast like ive done before,if im not that hungry for it i'll have a measure up shake (like slim fast) the same will apply for lunch time..if i want something in between i'll have banana or ww yoghurt etc..then have my dinner later on.. i wont do this every day,just when i dont feel like eating (never ate breakie or lunch before xenical)

will i be ok doing this do you think? ive also noticed that im having rice (approx 3gs) and a pasta meal nearly everyday for dinner...do you think i could be having too much pasta, cos of the carbs?

i know how maay calories i need to just function as if i was sat down all day, how many calories do i need to eat to loose weight? (cant find that on fitness pal)

how much carbs should we have per day?
going to do another week as said above, then if im having a small loss im think im going to go total food replacement for main meals...

i want to loose a lot of weight quite quickly at first, ( have to loose a bit of weight before i can get my joints, especially my knee investigated properly)

right,less chat...more exercise :D
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To be honest, and I don't mean this to sound harsh - 2lbs is a healthy, realistic weight loss, especially after your fantastic first week, and I think it's way too soon to be worrying that things are slowing down, or that you need to drastically shake things up.
Obviously, a VCLD would give you more dramatic results, but Xenical is more about the jouney, and about re-training your eating habits for life, rather than getting results VERY quickly.
Obviously, there are people on here (Kiira is one of them) who've lost weight very quickly on Xenical, but those people tend to be very strict with themselves, and exercise like crazy.

My advice would be to give it another week, and then see how you feel. Second weeks have always been a bit weird for me on any diet I've done - almost like my body is balancing out after losing so much in the first week.

I think the slim-fast type thing sounds fine if you don't feel like eating, I know Kes has done it before with Xenical and had good results. It's just about finding a routine that suits your way of life really.

Good luck for next week :)
I would concentrate on calories. I have been doing this. Struggled for a few weeks with 1/2lbs etc and found out after expermenting that i was only having between 900-1000 cals, at a push!! I never realised that i was eating that little. And to make it worse, each week i didnt lose much, i was more strict. Now i eat between 1300-1500 cals. First weeks of doing that i lost 4 and this week and 3lb.
My doctor told me to eat 1000 cals, but according to My Fitness Pal, i need to eat at least 1200, so thats why i eat 1300-1500. Thats enough to keep me full up.

By the way, if you dont do My Fitness Pal, then its worth looking at. I fill it in after every meal and it makes me more careful about what i eat.


Violet is shrinking
Hi Alex,i totally agree that 2lbs is a healthy weight loss, but when youve got so much weight to loose it seems like nothing...if i loose like 2lb here or 1lb here and there i know its just going to dishearten me,because ive got a lot to loose,where as someone who hasnt got as much to loose it would be a fabulous loss for them,i'd be happy for them.

like everyone else i want to acheive goals.i know what you mean about changing my habits for life,but at the moment (even though im doing that with what im eating) its not so much about the journey yet,i just want a lot of weight gone quite quick, my joints hurt (being tested for different arthritis,bone profiles etc) especially my knee (they think its cartlidge) but they wont do anything agressive until ive lost a lot of weight, so this is my problem. i know if i lost a lot of weight quickly,that i would feel great about that,i'd know i would be moving forward and would be happy to slow down.

i dont eat chocs,sweets,cakes,biscuits,dont drink i just dont cheat.i think i am strict with myself but not in a unhealthy way..if im hungry i will eat a banana or yoghurt i wont starve myself. exercise is hard cos of my knee,so this week im doing my best to have some sort of routine there.its a vicious circle :rolleyes:

thanks for your help,i will try to feel more positive about myself :)


Violet is shrinking
Hi wants to be slim....my doctor told me to eat low fat,didnt mention calories etc..she gave me a diet sheet with lists of good things,bad things,and occassional treats.most of the good things are things i dont eat,i dont eat meat,fish,seafood so its quite difficult when you dont eat those things...ive been thinking about it im eating a lot of carbs..:confused:

ive been on my fitness pal,i dont fill it in cos i keep a track of what im eating and do a diary here,i never go over 5gs per 100g and 15gs per meal..im always under..
i might start filling that in...i had a look at the tools there,i did a calorie things on there,that tells you (think bmr) how many calories my body needs to function as if i never got out of bed...but couldnt find anything to tell me how many calories i need to be eating,to loose weight..cos it just told me how many i needed to maintain my current weight,definitely dont wanna be doing that lol!

definitely going to be looking at my calories and carbs though..seems serious dieting isnt as easy as what i thought,its about numbers lol :D

Bunny, i think what might work you is only weighing yourself monthly. Because the total will be higher than a weekly one. It worked for me. I am only just starting to weigh in weekly as i have began to faulter on my journey, mainly because monthly it sounded like i had lost loads. I had but as the weight comes of the loss is less so i have started to do it weekly,although i don't really know my body still. Its my time of the month and i have put on a pound this week. Nothing to bad really,i know i was good last week so no need for me to get worried but had i done it monthly i wouldn't have known i had gained a pound this week.there for i wouldn't have been on such a downer, but typing this makes me realise its a pound ,not a stone,lol.

Keep the good work up,you know you can do it !xx
Just to put it in perspective 2 pounds a week is over 7 stone in a year. Suits me!
If you join my fitness pal properly there is a section where you set your goals (the most they let you plan to lose, by the way, is 2 pounds in a week) Once you have set your goals then it will tell you how many calories you should eat to achieve that.



Violet is shrinking
Thanks downsizeme...i'll check that out :D

Hi Kitty,thanks for the help and i agree with what you said, that 2lb a week is healthy loss,and over a year its definitely something to be proud of!!

what im trying to say is,that at the moment i need to loose more than 2 pound a week so i can get my knee sorted..by the new year/end of Jan i need to loose 5 stone min...
ive set myself doing by Jan cos i want to start a new year getting help with my knee.once ive done this,they will treat my knee, i can see the knee specialist and get help with that and life will be a lot less painful for me...and once i get there if i loose 2 pound a week i would be so happy to do that,to settle down that way..

getting my knee sorted means a lot,i cant kneel on the floor with the kids to do a puzzle,i cant jump on the trampoline cos of my knee....this isnt justy about the weight,its about my kids too :)

Bunny I really hate to say this but 5 stones by the end of Jan is unrealistic. That's only 17 weeks away. 2lbs per week would mean 34lbs which is about 2 1/2 stones which would still be a fantastic weightloss!
I agree - 5 stone in 17 weeks would mean losing just over 4lbs every single week.
With the best will in the world, I don't think that Xenical will give you that kind of result. I'm really sorry to sound negative, but I don't want you to be dissapointed if you don't lose weight at that rate.

I really hope you do though!
^^What they all said. Like it or not, this weight didn't go on that fast and it isn't coming off that fast either. Your goals need to be achievable or you'll only get downhearted. I'd half that target if I were you and if you get any more than that count it as a bonus.

KB x
Bunny, go do the My Fitness Pal. When your set up, you can set goals etc. Then when you have filled each days worth of calories in, it will tell you what you would weigh in 5 weeks if you kept going following a day like today. Mine is something like a stone in 5 weeks. I know its not healthy to lose more than 2lb a week, but i am so overweight that it is more dangerous for me to stay at this weight than to lose it quick - words of my dr.

As for what your Dr gave you to follow. All mine said was to avoid fat. I have learnt everything else from here. Seriously look at your calories. if you dont eat at least 1200 a day then your body goes into starvation mode and wont lose weight. I was shocked by how little i was eating calorie wise so wasn't suprised that i wasnt losing more than 0.5-1lb a week!

Also, with my dr on Friday, we searched the net ( i was her last patient so she spent lots of time with me) to find out how many calories equalled 1lb of fat. Its about 3000 per lb of fat. So to lose 1lb, you need a 3000 calorie deficit per week. But that said, you shouldn't go below 1200. This is why there is normally a huge weight loss in your first week. You'll have spent weeks eating lots of calories to have it cut by at least 3000 over the week.

I really think your answer is calorie counting. Try it for a week and see what happens. You can see my weight and i have 1300-1500, but i do quite a bit of exercise too.


Violet is shrinking
Give or take a pound ive loast a stone,so its 4 stone by the end of jan,but because of the way the week falls,its 18weeks...which works out at 3.1lbs per week, which i think could be achieved...:rolleyes:

thanks wants to be slim...what your doctor said to you, is pretty much what mine said to me,definitely going to watch the calories like you said, maybe im just not eating enough :rolleyes:

thanks everyone :)

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