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Need Advice From Runners


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Hiya I'm hoping someone out there can give me some advice. Ive got a couple of problems.

I'm about to start the Couch 2 5K training. I can run on a treadmill easily for 10 minutes but any longer and I get a crippling stitch in my right side. I have tried all sorts to get rid of it. But its so bad I can't run through it :( can anyone tell me what I can do to ease it but keep running and dies it eventually go or is it something I'm lumbered with?

The other thing is a puzzle to me. Like I said I can happily run on the treadmill no probs but as I intend to do the C25K outside I went out for a run tonight. I could barely run for 3 minutes :eek: I was running on the flat and totally lost my breath :( now I'm home it's been an hour since I ran and I've got a tickle cough and a bit of a wheeze. I'm not asthmatic or have breathing difficulties otherwise. When I run on the treadmill it's the stitch that stops me not my breathing. I know running outside is harder but I didn't expect this!!!

My fitness isnt what it used to be as I tore my calf muscle in January and it's been a long recovery but the physio had me running for 10 mins on the treadmill and it was no bother!

I really want to do this because I've set my mind to it but I'd love some advice or even just reassurance that it gets better. Thanks x
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C25k starts you on intervals of just 60 seconds, so if you start following that you'll find that the stitch doesn't plague you as often in no time!

I tend to get a stitch if I a) haven't left enough time between eating and running b) have a belly ache anyway or c) if I'm running too fast. So follow the plan to the letter, don't run too fast and experiment with what you can and can't eat beforehand. This programme really works so instead of going out trying to run as long as possible, just get started on it. Repeating weeks if you need to. I've done c25k countless times as I go back to it everytime I have a period off of the running, usually through injury or illness.

So good luck, and don't plan to start it, ACTUALLY start the programme on your very next attempt at running!


Laugh in the face of food
S: 17st11lb C: 14st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 3st2lb(17.67%)
Thanks for the advice Runnerbean!! I appreciate it! My first run was more to just test my leg rather than my endurance, I'm Couch 2 5King it from now on!
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could someone please tell me where the C25k site is please? or where i can get the information from?
I did race for Life this year and i power walked 5k, but next year i would love to run it or even just half of it.
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Just Goggle C25K. That's what I did.. You can also download on app if you have a smart phone or an iPhone :)
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thank you, i have a smartphone so will have a look for the app :)


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If I run outside, downhill, I still can't run for as long compared to the same distance with no incline on a treadmill.

Treadmills just are easier. They are also much kinder on the joints.

C25K is a great way to start and you'll probably find that doing it your body will get used to the outside run and you won't get a stitch on the treadmill.
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Hi there

I've never suffered (touch wood) with stitch even when doing some huge mileage in the past, but my pilates teacher (also a physio) is a runner and took me through this, and in her lesson we do belly breathing and breathing 'into muscles' which is weird but works.

a stitch is cramp of the diaphram. all your organs in your belly hang from ligaments and these attach to your diaphram. the diaphram is a plate like muscle between chest and abdomen. now your organs weigh quite a bit and with impact the organs move down but at the same time your diaphram moves up for a breath and once out of synch you can get a cramp in the diaphram. now you probably feel this on one side more than anywhere and thats because your liver is a large single organ and stresses on that side. in pilates the diaphram is the top of what we call the tin can, your pelvic floor the bottom, transverse abdominal the front and erector spinae the back and we work these as a core which helps avoid stitches

Now you also talk about getting breathless quickly on outdoor runs. Strikes me that the solution to your stitch and this breathlessness is the same.


1. do some core conditioning. yoga or pilates are excellent but swiss ball also works but there are plenty of exercises that strentghen the core without the need for gyms or kit
2. keep your upper body warm. invest in a compression shirt or coldgear (coldgear is a shirt for keeping warm, made by companies like under armour) - I wear either a Skins long sleeve or a Addidas compression shirt, under a t shirt they fit very tight and are soooo comfy like silk
3. leave longer gap after eating - try more than 3 hrs min avoid slow digesting foods like pork or foods that might irritate or cause bloating
4. learn abdominal breathing - its quite relaxing, easy to do and works. Try here Abdominal Breathing

Let me know if I can expand more on the above for you but these are common issues and easily overcome

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